The right bar stools

Are you looking for brand new, stylish bar stools to fill out your space? Whether you’re constructing your own indoor bar or sprucing up your existing island, Artiss has the bar stool of your dreams. But with such an extensive catalogue, how should you choose the right stool for your space?

Measure twice, buy once

The first thing you should be doing is measuring the space you want to put the stools. If they’re going under a bench, measure its depth, length and height. These measurements will tell you:

  1. Your maximum stool height (you should leave at least 30cm from the top of the bench to the top of the stool seat).
  2. The number of stools you should purchase (keep plenty of space between them to avoid feeling crowded).
  3. How deep your stool should be. The average depth is 40cm (add 5-10cm for a backrest) so you’ll need to position they strategically in high traffic areas.

Back or backless?

This depends on your personal style! If you prefer the casual look of a backless stool, go ahead! A backrest suits your laid-back style? Even better! They are some added benefits to a backrest to consider though: if you have to sit at the bench of a long time it will be better for your back, if you have kids it might be better for safety, but you’ll sacrifice space.

Swivel or static?

Swivel chairs bring a little frivolity to every room. They’re fun and flexible, and they can also come with height adjustment, which is perfect if your family and friends are all different heights. Unfortunately, they also come with the risk of banging knees and potential scuffs to walls and benches, plus most swivel chairs come in metal. Stationary chairs are more stable and come in a wider variety of materials, but are by nature less flexible.

Materials for durability

Kitchens are high traffic areas, so your furniture should be prepared for consistent use. Get solid wood or steel frames with quality, easy to maintain upholstery. You may also want to invest in floor protectors.

Matching style

Of course, the most important element, you’ll want to get a stool that fits your vision! Are you trying a new kind of style, or adding to your existing décor? Your style choices will dictate the kinds of materials, colours and designs you’re looking for…check out our guide to find out what style suits you!

Take your kitchen or bar to the next level with stylish bar stools from Artiss. Feeling inspired? Explore our latest range of modern and stylish bar stools for sale and buy online today!