17 Popular Interior Design Styles For Your Home

Do you have a clear vision of what you want in a home? When you decorate, is it easy for you to execute this vision? Or do you struggle to bring the whole picture together?

When designing your home, one of the biggest hurdles can be describing what you’re looking for. Unless you’re passionate about design or an experienced decorator, you might not have the vocabulary to describe what you want or the colour sense to put it together. Luckily, you can become fluent in the language of design just by reading!

Your preferred decorating style may include minimalist, modern design, or it may not follow one particular style at all.

Cultivating style is a lifelong process, but you can make it easier by becoming familiar with common design styles and principles. Once you know what you like, you can start matching your space to bring about your dream home. Become your own interior designer! At Artiss, we’ve put together a list of 17 popular interior styles to steer you in the right direction. Who knows, you might even find some new favourite pieces along the way!

Art Deco

A response to the despair of World War I, Art Deco interior design emerged in the roaring 20s and later became one of the most influential design styles of the 20th century. The roots of Art Deco style are as diverse as the applications. The style was partially influenced by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, which led to a resurgence in interest in ancient cultures. It also drew from modern African artworks and the past influences of Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism and Art Nouveau. This marked a period of technological advances that not only sparked imaginations but also produced more affordable materials for appliances and decor, such as Bakelite. With its use of organic shapes, metallic finishes, and bright, sometimes clashing colours, Art Deco interior design can make your home bold and beautiful.

Art deco style may feature curved furniture, liberal use of metal and gemstones, and bold colours and patterns. An Artiss modern crystal clock with an ornate peacock-style design.A set of Artiss Clamshell velvet armchairs in green, blue, white and pink.


What’s the best way to describe boho? The words unconventional, artistic and lawless may come to mind. One of the more playful styles, this eclectic interior design blends elements from a variety of cultures and eras, bringing them together in a melting pot of colour and life. While the name originally referred to the country Bohemia, it has always described people who live unconventionally. Furnishings made from natural materials like wood, rattan and cotton are staples in bohemian decor, but there are no real rules if you’re designing a boho home. Fill your couch with mismatched cushions in bold patterns and your shelves with your beloved knick-knacks from your travels. For all your storage needs, grab one of our fan-favourite rattan sideboards and put your favourite things on display with our cleverly designed folding cabinet

A bohemian style room features many natural elements and neutral colour palettes.A set of Artiss rattan furniture including sideboard, console table, cabinet and two entertainment units.


With coastal interior design style, you can live your life in a state of permanent rest and relaxation, taking inspiration from the sea and sand and breaking the boundaries between the great outdoors and the furtive indoors. Everything in coastal style is light (especially white), breezy, and comfortable in your personal oasis. Coastal-style materials include wicker, seagrass, jute, straw, rattan and light wood. Your unique interpretation of coastal interior design style may be nautical, vintage or modern, and can include as much or as little natural seascape as you like. At the end of a long day enjoying the sun and surf, store all your beach shoes away in this charismatic shoe storage rack before getting ready to entertain with the casual yet stylish Natu dining table.

Coastal design elements include lots of clean white surfaces, natural light, and natural fibres.An Artiss wooden console table in white.An Artiss wooden sideboard, in white.


Contemporary interior design is the style ‘of the moment’, but its heritage dates back to the 1970s. It is often hard to define because it takes inspiration from many other styles, including modernism, traditional, art deco, post-modernism and minimalism. Contemporary interior design style evolves alongside new construction and manufacturing techniques and tends to highlight inorganic materials. As manufacturing processes are refined, contemporary designers invent new ways of using common materials. Plastic, acrylic, resin and other new materials are heavily featured in contemporary design. It comprises experimental shapes and playful textures, ultimately creating a bold aesthetic statement. The Artiss Tres coffee table makes a great addition to a contemporary living room, or you might enjoy the added drama of our RGB LED high-gloss pieces.

The Louise Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck, a contemporary design icon.An Artiss RGB LED contemporary style bedside table.


While very similar to rustic interior design, modern farmhouse style is slightly more refined and contemporary. Where rustic leans into the natural appearance of organic materials with minimal shaping, farmhouse style doesn't shy away from more extensive cutting, sanding and polishing to create the perfect aesthetic. Neutral color palettes help natural colours and textures to really stand out, which explains the popularity of whitewashed walls in these kinds of homes.

A farmhouse style home combines rustic style organic materials and a neutral color palette with a modern twist.A pair of Artiss brown faux leather bar stools.

French Provincial

This aesthetic combines the rustic countryside with the sophisticated Parisian styles of the 17th and 18th centuries. It was created by furniture makers in the South of France, who wanted to imitate the ornate pieces produced in Paris but with locally available materials. It became popular globally after World War I, largely thanks to returning soldiers talking about the country homes they’d seen while on tour. It has remained a popular interior style ever since. The style combines ornate carvings, gold accents, decorative mouldings and wrought iron with rustic features. In a French Provincial setting, you may find natural or reclaimed materials, distressed paint and exposed beams. Warm and welcoming, with an air of sophistication, this style will transport you directly to the Southern French countryside. If you’re a fan of European elegance, Artiss has a wide range of products that are French Provincial-inspired, from the timelessly elegant Marie dressing table to the alluring and comfortable Lorraine accent chair.

French provincial design elements include gold accents, ornate carvings, decorative mouldings and other ornamental embellishments.A set of Artiss French provincial style furniture including a bedside table, a six-drawer chest of drawers and a five-drawer chest of drawers.The Artiss Olivia dressing table set in white.

Hollywood Glam

Loud and proud, Hollywood Glam is a style of timeless indulgence. It dates all the way back to the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’, the 1930s. It is dramatic, luxurious, and larger than life. It will often lean into bold colours, geometric shapes and plenty of gold and silver accents. Think big and bold statements full of personality - that’s the key to turning your home into the next stop on the Hollywood star tour. Use evocative lighting, indulgent textures like velvet or silk,  bold accent pieces and plenty of mirrors to bring this style to life in your own home. Add a chaise lounge and your Hollywood Glam dream home would not be out of place in West Egg. If you’re getting starry-eyed, why not add some glam to your decor with one of Artiss’ gold-accented storage ottomans, the iconic Callista armchair, or the high-fashion full mirror dressing table.

This Hollywood glam style living room features metallic accents, dark furniture, dramatic lighting and black walls.The full set of Artiss gold accented velvet storage ottomans in green, blue, grey, white, beige and pink.A set of Artiss velvet accent chairs in green, blue, pink and grey.


At the core of industrial interior design style is the drive for innovation. It supposedly goes all the way back to the 1850s, with the publication of the Practical Draughtsman’s Book of Industrial Design by Jacques-Eugène Armengaud. The Industrial Revolution brought the need for designers to build machinery that was efficient, functional and standardised. Industrial interior design for homes came into its own as manufacturing became more efficient, older factories were abandoned, and those spaces were reclaimed as housing. This style is fuss-free and embraces all the elements at the foundations of the industrial revolution - metals, exposed pipes and beams, exposed brick and concrete. Salvaged and recycled materials sit alongside bare or stripped wood, brick and metal. It’s a simple style that puts function over form, yet still makes a bold statement with a unique mix of textures and finishes. For the ultimate in industrial design, you may like to check out our collection of artistic pipe shelves, which you can style in whatever configuration you like for the most impact. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, the mix of wood and powder-coated metal in our Artiss display shelves also works perfectly in an industrial-style setting.

An industrial interior design style home combines organic and modern elements to create a unique interior design style.An Artiss industrial style pipe shelf and industrial style coat rack and shoe storage.An Artiss industrial style wall clock with metal cogs and large roman numerals.

Mid-century modern

A popular interior design style, mid-century modern has a rich history. Out of World War II, there was a worldwide shortage of materials. Designers had to make the most of materials that were easy to manufacture with what remained, and they were helped along thanks to advances in science and technology. Mid-century modern design took the clean lines of modernism and the influence of Scandinavian designers and architects to create a timeless, enduring style. The style is experiencing its own resurgence in 2023 as pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair become increasingly sought after, whether a true vintage piece or a convincing replica. Distinguishing features include function over form, the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, scientific influence, quirky fabrics and a mix of organic and geometric forms. At Artiss, we offer a wide range of mid-century modern replica furniture including eclectic DAW dining chairs, PU leather dining chairs, DSW dining tables and Eames-style office chairs.

Mid-century modern design features contrasting materials like wood and leather, and a mix of organic and geometric forms.A pair of Artiss Joyce bar stools, inspired by Eames style chairs, in white and black.An Artiss DAW replica dining chair with an eclectic-style fabric cover.


Minimalism began as an art movement post-World War II and has developed into not just a design style, but a lifestyle. Highly influenced by traditional Japanese design and architecture, minimalism seeks to strip down to the bare necessities and base elements in pursuit of simplifying design and life. It is more than just a personal style, it is a lifestyle. A minimalist interior design style home often has an open-plan layout with clean lines and a monochromatic palette. Colours may occasionally be used as accents. Embrace a minimalist interior with the Artiss minimalist handleless sideboard and the Toki gas lift bed frame. Both products no-frills pieces of furniture that offer plenty of storage to eliminate visual clutter.

A minimalist style home features functional furniture and minimal decoration. An Artiss 4-drawer minimalist style coffee table in black and white.


While contemporary interior design is considered the ever-evolving style of the now, modernism is paradoxically tied to a very specific period of time, beginning in the late 19th century and ending in the late 20th century. Modern interior design style is tied to the idea that form follows function, a term coined by architect Louis Sullivan, that states a building’s purpose should be the starting point for its design. At its essence, it is clean lines, block colours, and using traditional materials such as wood, metal and glass in a time when the artificial was taking the world by storm. It is somewhat minimalist in nature, in that it aims for simplicity in design and materials, but it also celebrates the inclusion of art, abstract shapes and popping colours. Decorate your modernist home with the Tria short pile rug, or get your favourite art pieces on display with this 26-piece photo frame set.

A modern style living room full of bright colours, abstract furniture and frames, and an Artiss Tria short pile rug.An Artiss 8-shelf cube display shelf with 4 shelf inserts.


Can’t get enough colour? Let your home decor truly ‘pop’ by embracing this joyful, playful, eclectic style. Emerging in the 1960s out of the Pop Art movement and followed the same principles, using bright colours, geometric shapes and unconventional designs. Modern or futuristic materials like plastic are used with prominence. The Pop interior style draws on clear and realistic representations of objects and sharp lines, and combines materials in a unique way. A classic example of a Pop mainstay is the inflatable Blow chair. Pop style embraces contemporary trends, no matter how short-lived, but the overall effect is timeless. At Artiss, our bold-coloured cupcake stools make for the perfect pop piece whether indoors or outdoors, or you’re purchasing for children or adults. If you’re a fan of Pop, you may also enjoy the bold colours and velvety softness of the Artiss Lois armchair.

Pop style embraces eclectic design with bold colours and patterns, uniquely shaped furniture styles and contemporary art.A set of Artiss velvet accent lounge chairs in green, blue, grey and pink.Two Artiss replica Boby trolleys in white and orange.


The motto of rustic design could be ‘make do with what you already have’. It’s rough, casual, and down-to-earth. It uses a lot of natural elements like stone, raw wood, and fabrics such as burlap and canvas. Rustic interior design is full of organic colours and shapes, and furniture is often handmade, antique, or recycled. A rustic home may be rough around the edges but it’s as warm and inviting as a book in front of the fire. While the style is anti-modernism, rustic can be combined with contemporary pieces to create a lighter, more open space while still retaining the earthy spirit of the style. It’s no wonder that many holiday goers prefer cabins in the woods to an inner-city hotel – unlike haute-couture city homes, rustic homes are anything but sterile. The Berne buffet/sideboard and kitchen cupboard are perfect for that country chic feel, or rest up and take off your shoes with a quaint Artiss shoe storage rack.

A rustic style dining room and kitchen with exposed beams, wood grain cabinets, a wood dining set and a stone kitchen island.The Artiss Natu dining table and bench set in natural wood grain.An Artiss metal wall clock in black.


You may be familiar with this style thanks to Ikea, but Scandinavian interior design style has permeated our culture far beyond a single furniture brand. It extends into architecture, product design, and even organisational and design philosophies. The style originated from the Danish Selskabet for Dekorativ Kunst in 1914, further developed in the 1930s when famous Scandinavian designers began working and planting the seeds of inspiration across the world, and finally received global recognition and popularity in the 1950s. Rooms in the Scandinavian style may use white walls to emphasise natural light and highlight neutral tones, natural textures like wood and stone, and the occasional pop of colour. Cotton, wool, and other cosy natural fabrics feature heavily in this type of design. This style celebrates the beauty in everyday objects (especially indoor plants), which lends to its timeless appeal. At Artiss, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of pieces to suit a Scandinavian interior design style home, from entertainment units to display shelves.

The Artiss 2-drawer computer desk in white fits Scandinavian interior design perfectly.An Artiss white 2-drawer desk, ideal for Scandinavian styles. A set of Artiss wood nesting coffee tables.

Shabby Chic

If you’re a lover of antiques and upcycling, then shabby chic design is for you. The most prominent element of this style is the use of aged and/or distressed furnishings. It’s a vintage look that combines various eras into a thrifter’s dream. You would be forgiven for confusing the style with boho or French provincial – it’s a little of both, though the real emphasis is on form as a historical artifact and not as an opulent decoration or personally/spiritually significant piece. A shabby chic style palette includes white, beige, and pastels for a soft, comfortable, distinctly feminine space.

A shabby chic interior design style may feature distressed vintage pieces, lots of pastels and whites. A set of Artiss vintage shabby chic style bedside tables in distressed grey.An Artiss Lorraine armchair in white.


If contemporary is the design of the moment, then traditional design is the cherished design of the past. It combines several eras of design to create a warm and inviting space filled with deep colours, rich wood tones, symmetrical lines and plush furniture. It features the curved lines and decorative moulding of classic English and French design, but with less elaborate detailing. The traditional style is focused on symmetry and classic use of space and tends to feature darker wood finishes than other styles. Traditional design decor may include reproductions of classic pieces such as the Chippendale highboy, or modern pieces with a classic twist. A traditional interior design home is familiar, cosy, family-friendly, and above all, timeless. If you’re trying to design in the traditional style, try our elegant tufted storage ottoman, luxurious Andrew armchair, decadent Pier bed frame or the stylish Bisset bedside table.

Traditional interior design features plenty of warm tones, plush furniture, and symmetrical lines.An Artiss traditional style PU-leather tub chair and ottoman set in black.A pair of Artiss Tiyo PU-leather bed frames in white and black.


Also known as Asian or Japanese Zen, this interior design style emphasises tranquillity, balance, harmony and simplicity in your home. Homes inspired by this style often feature natural materials, large windows and wide-open floors for maximum natural light, as well as nature-inspired shades. The decoration is minimal and streamlined, and Marie-Kondo-style decluttering is encouraged. You may choose to incorporate Feng Shui into your furniture placement and decoration, or you might simply choose what relaxes you the most. Our multi-panel room dividers can help create the perfect meditative zone, while our range of bamboo furniture matches well with Eastern aesthetics.

A Zen style home borrows decorating styles from Asia to create a balanced home with minimal decoration.Two Artiss bamboo room dividers, one 4-panel and one 6-panel.Two Artiss black frame room dividers, one 3-panel and one 4-panel.

Be your own interior designer

If you see yourself in any of these styles, you’re guaranteed to find something you love at Artiss. Or you might like to combine different interior design styles to create your own ideal home. Purchase from our website and enjoy prompt, hassle-free shipping from our dedicated courier partners. Check out our range today or continue reading our Blog for more styling tips and tricks!

A contemporary interior design style living room.