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It's hard to stay motivated when working from home. If you're looking for the perfect home office desk, shop from Artiss' range of innovative computer desks designed for your comfort and productivity....

Our office desks will give your workspace, workstation or home office a complete makeover. They feature plenty of surface area for you to work, multiple storage drawers, open shelves and other compartments to keep your stationary, essential work-related files and other documents safe.

Office storage made easy

Create a productive and functional workspace with our beautifully constructed computer desks for studying, gaming, writing, or building your next online store.

If office storage is your priority, you'll love the versatility of our corner workstation. The large corner desk with hutch offers five tiers of spacious shelving, while the main desk also contains a stationery drawer and space for your PC. Its specialised layout is designed to fit into any corner without feeling cramped, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere with everything at the ready.

Do you enjoy long hours of gaming, streaming or video editing? You'll love our specialised gaming computer desks. This gaming table is both stylish and practical and designed with avid gamers in mind. A monitor riser keeps your screen at the perfect level to avoid eye and neck strain. Three storage hooks, three baskets and a cup holder can hold your headphones, controllers, drinks and other accessories. A tablet holder allows you to use a second screen hands-free. Best of all, underneath the slick modern look is a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and thick MDF board with a 90kg capacity.

For something more compact try our foldable desk. This desk will fit seamlessly in any location and is ideal for a wide variety of tasks. Its space-saving design incorporates both a desk and a wall-mounted bookcase for all your study essentials, and it can be easily pulled down or folded away at a moment's notice. Easy to install and even easier to clean, having a desk within reach has never been easier.

Create your dream office space

A contemporary office needs a contemporary desk. Our rotary corner desk features a two-tier zigzag shelf that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect angle for work. It comes in both white and wood models, so you can find the right look for you.

Our industrial-style Kelvin computer desks are perfect for minimalists who want to study in style with minimum fuss. The black powder-coated frame keeps the desk sturdy while the smooth oak melamine finish adds a touch of class to your workstation. Use the extra hutch for study essentials, decor or other accessories - there's plenty of room for everything.

Maybe your dream office isn't an office at all, but the ability to work anywhere. Our portable laptop table is strong, lightweight and up to the task. The U-shaped design suits most furniture to work from your couch, bed, armchair or even standing up. The smooth castor wheels allow for 360-degree movement, or you can remove them for a more permanent fixture. Safe, round edges protect you and your kids or pets from accidental scrapes. With a generous tabletop that won't feel cluttered and a secure 40kg weight capacity, you can work sitting or standing anywhere.

The best office desks from Artiss

Purchase a computer desk or other office furniture from Artiss today and you'll see why we're one of the leading online furniture brands in Australia. With a wide collection of office chairs and monitor arms as well, we have everything you need to optimise your home office space. From our delightful customer service team to our reliable couriers, you'll be getting VIP treatment from click to collection.

Having trouble deciding on the right desk? Visit our blog How to Find the Perfect Home Office Desk for more tips!

Computer Desk FAQ

Should a computer desk face a window?

A window-facing computer desk has many benefits. You can take advantage of natural light to reduce eye strain, improve your mood, and soak in some vitamin D. An interesting view will also alleviate boredom throughout a long day. However, some people find their productivity suffers in front of a window due to distractions, privacy issues, or intrusive glare.

If you want your desk to face the window, you should minimise distractions and glare with curtains or shutters. For anywhere else, choose the position where you are less likely to catch glare.

Is it better to have your PC on the desk or floor?

Most PCs will benefit from being placed on a desk rather than the floor. Modern PCs allow for airflow under the case and have plenty of fans to regulate temperature. If you have a carpeted floor, this can interfere with this delicate system and cause a build-up of heat that is hazardous to both your home and your PC. Even without carpet, your PC is more likely to suck up and collect dirt and debris when on the floor and is vulnerable to accidental bumps and trips.

Keep your PC on the desk for optimal performance and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

    47 products

    47 products

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