Living Room

What would a living room be without furniture that exudes warmth, calm, and charm? The ultimate social place for family and friends, your living room should be comfortable, stylish, and functional...

That’s what Artiss has to offer, delightful furniture pieces for your space! You can make a statement, relax like a boss, create memories with your loved ones, and entertain your guests with our precisely designed furniture.

Artiss’ furniture will help you achieve your dream living room! We offer everything from plush sofas, tasteful entertainment units, comfy footstools and ottomans, statement coffee tables, uniquely designed bookshelves, relaxing recliner chairs, chic photo frames and more.

Our sofas are comfortable and functional, our gorgeous rugs feature attractive patterns and bold hues, floor lamps make for chic décor, DIY industrial wall shelves show off unique designs, and creative bookshelves help you to make a statement. Do not hesitate to explore our collection and find your perfect fit.

Our rattan console table brings natural textures to your space, and the Gaia rocking chair offers exceptional comfort and timeless appeal. Our Lifmore coffee table boasts extraordinary design and function, and our peacock-feather wall clock showcases artful style.

Artiss sells quality furniture that not just appeals to the eye but serves its purpose and outperforms in quality and comfort. Crafted from hard-wearing and quality materials, our pieces are long-lasting, resistant to rot and decay, easy to clean, aesthetically attractive, and most of all, comfortable!

Our products are available on multiple branded websites for sale. Whether regional or inner suburbs, we offer Australia-wide delivery at minimal costs. You can even virtually try our furniture with 3D and AR technology without worrying about wrong decisions, especially for big-ticket purchases.

Without further ado, style your living room with Artiss!

    106 products

    106 products

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