Bold or simple. Classic or contemporary. Occasional or frequent. The chair for every purpose, from reading romance novels to chatting with guests...

No matter how you use it, an armchair is a must have for your living space, bedroom or home office. Nothing else pulls a room together like a great armchair. At Artiss we have an extensive range of armchairs in store for you, with a variety of upholstery options to suit any interior style. With brand new products arriving all the time, you're bound to find your new favourite furniture when you shop with us.

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A must-have piece of furniture in every home, the armchair is an accent chair ideal for relaxing, reading, or taking a nap. Armchairs are cosy, inviting and on-trend, perfect for making a statement.

Look no further than Artiss armchairs for the chair that completes the look of your living space. These artistic masterpieces will leave your guests in awe and blend seamlessly in any home.

Artiss armchairs are upholstered in different materials like velvet, faux linen, polyester, and cotton and are available in dreamy colours. There are an array of styles to choose from, including the classic wing-back design, vintage-style scallop shellbacks, waterfall backs, and tufted button upholstery.

How do I find the right armchair?

There are many different reasons why you might want an armchair. For starters, you might not have the space for a full sofa.

If you live alone you might not feel you need any seating bigger than an armchair. You might want additional seating for your bedroom or office where you or your guests can take a break and relax.

You might be looking for an accent chair to round out the room. Finally, you may just want a seat for that you can fully claim as yours, no sharing allowed! You can buy an armchair that fully suits your exact needs, no ifs or buts, and rest assured the cushions will eventually mould to your exact shape.

There are all sorts of armchairs available for every type of room, body and comfort need, and we're going to walk you through some of the classics.

The wingback

A classic chair design that is easily recognised by its supportive side panels and tall back. Not only does its design help maintain good posture, it exudes a commanding presence perfect for academic settings or dedicated book nooks. The wingback means business while you mean relaxation.

The tub

Tub chairs are known for their comfort above all else. The deep seat helps you to unwind as you sink into it's cushions, and they look as luxurious as they feel. You can fit tub chairs just about anywhere, from the corner of your kitchen to the front of your favourite club. Your seating will never go out of style with a tub!

The club

Step into an 18th-century gentleman's club with the club armchair. Traditionally upholstered in leather for that exclusive appeal, modern-style club chairs are now upholstered in a huge range of materials for you to indulge in. Exclusive, executive elegance: that's the vibe of the club chair.

The occasional

What is an occasional chair? It's exactly what it sounds like - it's a chair you only use occasionally! Rather than being a place to sit and rest your feet after a long day, you may use an occasional chair as exclusive guest seating, a once-in-a-while vacation into a good book, or just an accent piece that fills a decorative void in your living space.

The slipper

A modern style chair for the modern home, a slipper chair is a high-back chair that has no arms and sits lower to the ground than other chairs. They're very easy to 'slip' into, but their name actually comes from the Victorian era, where they were used by high-class women to comfortably sit and put on their slippers. Now, they comfortably seat you and your guests instead!

The Bergere

Are you a lover of French provincial? Then you'll love a Bergere armchair! These chairs are typically made from a wood frame with upholstered arms and back, and a deep and wide tailored seat cushion. Combining classic design with modern luxury, your living room will be fit for a king with this gorgeous piece.

The right armchair materials

When choosing an armchair, you're focusing on the fabric used for the seat, the base, and the fill.

The base

When it comes to the base of your chair, the stronger the better. Wood, metal and plastic are the most common materials, and any one of them can be a good choice for your home. Each has certain key benefits: wood is stylish and long-lasting, metal is durable and gives the chair a high weight capacity, and plastic is lightweight and easy to clean (but not as robust).

If the style is important to you, solid wood is ideal. It can be ornate or minimalist, and a wood piece can be with you for a long time. A solid wood furniture purchase is a solid investment in your future.

If you're looking for a high-weight capacity or something that can be used outdoors, go for a metal armchair. Recliners also use metal as part of the reclining machinery.

If affordability is the main issue, go with plastic. Not only is it affordable, but it's stylistically flexible and comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours thanks to its malleability.

The padding

These days, most cushioning for armchairs is made from sculpted foam. High-density foam gives a firm, bouncy cushion that is easier to get out of for limited-mobility users. Memory foam is made from soft-form polyurethane that gradually contours to your body to evenly distribute weight across the chair and give you a luxurious sinking feeling. It is hypoallergenic and helps provide pressure relief.

Once the foam is chosen, batting is added to prevent slipping against the chair fabric, give it a smooth appearance, and add additional support. Batting can be made from cotton, wool, animal fibres, and more.

A chair might also be filled with synthetic fibres (think of the stuffing inside a stuffed animal), down filling or feathers, with the latter used for the most expensive luxury couches.

The fabric

Finally, there are many different types of upholstery that will influence your style and comfort.

Cotton is a common upholstery material for a good reason. It's a natural, hypoallergenic fibre that is breathable, anti-pilling, easy to wash and very soft. Unfortunately, it is also easy to wrinkle, easy to stain, and may fade and weaken under direct sunlight. It's a good all-around upholstery fabric for the home.

A more stylish and elegant solution, velvet is a densely tufted pile fabric that is traditionally made from silk, but can also come in synthetic fibres. It is soft to the touch, fade-resistant, and suits both modern and retro-style homes. It can attract dust and the pile makes it harder to clean, but with proper maintenance, a velvet armchair can last a lifetime.

Linen is a sustainable and versatile material that is hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant, and eco-friendly. Like cotton, it is susceptible to wrinkles, and it can be more expensive than other types of fabric. Linen is a great choice for families that need durable furniture to support growing children and pets.

Wool is the best choice for comfort, as long as you're willing to put a little extra effort into cleaning and maintenance. It is water-repellant and flame-resistant, as well as super cosy. It is unfortunately expensive to buy and to clean, as wool can often only be dry cleaned.

Synthetic fabrics like microfibre are perfect for busy and bustling homes. They are made to be resistant to most spills and can be an affordable alternative to natural fibres. Unfortunately, they don't tend to look as appealing, feel as comfortable, or last as long. But, like with most furniture, proper care will keep this chair in your life for as long as you need.

Leather is an obvious aesthetic choice, but it is also tough. It does not absorb stains or odours and it only gets better with age, as it develops a shiny patina. The material suits all kinds of home decor but it is very expensive upfront and must also be maintained with specialised cleaners to prevent cracking. You'll typically find these chairs in brown and black, but you can find them in many colours.

Synthetic leather, or PU leather, is an affordable alternative to real leather. It is not as durable and long-lasting, but it has all the other benefits of stain, water and odour resistance. If you want a luxury look at a fraction of the price, PU leather is the choice for you.

Modern style lounge chairs for sale online

Whatever interior styling ideas you have in mind, you can achieve it with Artiss armchairs. We have carefully designed armchairs to match your home decor, whether you want sleek and stylish, luxurious and royalty, chic Scandinavian, or French-style armchairs.

Apart from stylistic details, an armchair should also feel comfortable when relaxing in it. Artiss armchairs feature softer seats with high resilience, and high-density foam for a bouncier, more manageable seat. Feel the difference with the comfortable Lois and choose from a wide range of colours.

Looking to evoke the natural elegance of the French countryside? Try out the Lothair or Lorraine armchairs. These chairs are full of charm and character, taking inspiration from 18th-century French decor. The button tufted upholstry is both alluring and classic, while the ornate floor legs are solid and tipped with floor-friendly rubber bases to protect your floors.

For a little more relaxation, try our Gaia or Bentwood rocking chairs. Rocking has been shown to help alleviate stress and anxiety, no matter your age. The perfect place to relax for the whole family, add a rocking armchair to your living space today.

For minimalist or Scandinavian vibes, you may enjoy the likes of our Skane, Adora or Anne chairs. Upholstered in quality faux linen fabric and accented by a reinforced wood frame. These chairs will fit almost anywhere in the house and the wear-resistant, breathable, soft-to-touch fabric makes these chairs an easy purchase.

For even more great styling, you can pair our chairs with our range of ottomans for an even more relaxing time. Our ottomans are packed with storage space and come in a wide range of colours. Choose from luxury velvet, PU leather or faux linen fabric. You can even find our pieces in matching sets for a cohesive look.

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As a top online furniture brand in Australia, Artiss focuses on every detail and ensures that our stylish armchairs are solid and sturdy for long-lasting use. They are also fitted with anti-slip protectors to keep your floors scratch-free. On top of that, our furniture is competitively priced. You also get prompt fuss-free delivery, outstanding after-sales support, and great customer service when you buy online with us. Our Australia-based customer service team is here to help day or night, so you can rest assured your package will arrive in one piece. Create an account with us and you'll get exclusive access to sales, new products, and more! Shop directly from our website, or find us at our trusted partners eBay, Amazon, Catch, My Deal and Kogan.

Now enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience with our new 3D and AR technology. Digitally place your new piece directly in your room and see the difference. The tech allows you to rotate and view an armchair from any angle you desire and gives a better sense of our materials, designs, textures, fixings, and other details. Whether it’s for the living room, study or bedroom, couple comfort and style with the quality armchair range from Artiss.

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Armchair FAQ

Can I use an armchair as a desk chair?

The short answer is: yes! But there are some things you'll want to take into account.

There's a reason ergonomic chairs are so popular in offices. Sitting for long periods of time puts you at risk for a range of sitting diseases, and it can also lead to poor posture which then leads to back pain, headaches and other issues. To use an armchair for long-term seating, you should find one that is tall enough for your desk and your legs, keeps your back straight and prevents you from slouching. If you can tick all the health-related boxes, there's no reason you can't use an armchair as a desk chair. This is also a great solution for small spaces where the living room and home office are combined: turn your chair one way for work and flip it around for pleasure.

Should I get an armchair or a sofa?

It depends on the function of your living room! A sofa is a large piece because it's meant to be shared, whether with your family or friends. A great choice for socialising, but not for maintaining your personal space. Armchairs allow you to claim your own space without fuss

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