Wine Racks

Whether you're a fine wine collector, connoisseur or casual drinker, a wine rack can be a beautiful and practical way to keep treasured wine bottles at hand. It's a great investment to store alcohol-based keepsakes and preserve the wine’s texture, quality and taste. A wine rack will help to preserve the wine's original flavour by keeping it undisturbed, and depending where it's stored, at the optimum temperature....

But it's not just the practicality that makes a wine rack desirable. You also get to showcase your wine collection and keep it elegantly organised. Wine racks are affordable, easy to use and can be assembled within minutes, so you can install and fill your display on the same day. It's like a mini cellar for your wines in the dining room. To cultivate the ultimate cellar-like experience, spend your money on a new wine rack from Artiss.

Wine racks for every space

Whether shopping for your home, shop, restaurant or custom home cellar, Artiss has the perfect modern wine rack for your wine collection. Our modular wine racks are meticulously designed to pair with your home decor and keep your precious wine collection safe. Featuring a practical and secure interlocking design, our wine racks are easy to assemble with a handy manual, so you can organise your wine bottles as soon as the wine rack arrives.

Depending on your selection, Artiss’ wooden wine racks have ample space to hold 42, 72 or 110 wine bottles, perfect for showing off your wine collection. A great product made from pine wood and a steel frame, the safe locking design ensures the wine rack is easy to assemble and will stand the test of time. You can even pair up different-sized wine racks, positioning them side by side, to create a true cellar atmosphere in your home, shop or bar.

Our modern wooden wine racks come in natural timber and black shades, blending with home décor in residential settings, as well as most bars and restaurants. Place your wine rack in the kitchen or put it on display in the corner of your home bar. Wherever you place your wooden wine rack, it will serve the purpose of holding your wine stash, while helping you elevate any room or space.

Quality-made wine storage racks

Our wooden wine racks are made to impress with expert craftsmanship. A sturdy and modern build, they are constructed from sustainably sourced pine wood and heavy-duty steel. This combination of materials makes Artiss wine racks durable, sturdy, and long-lasting, perfect for a collector's cellar. The pine wood we use goes through an extended drying process resulting in insect and rot resistance. Artiss wine racks also have rubber protectors attached along the rows of steel to protect the necks of your wine bottles. Best of all, they are easily assembled so you can get to storing your collection as soon as your package arrives, with no hassles.

Purchase wine racks online with Artiss

Shopping online has never been so effortless with Artiss. Spend a minute browsing your favourite online marketplace in Australia and you can find and purchase our highly recommended wine racks. Not only are our stylish wine racks good value for money, but you can also experience great service and quick delivery Australia-wide through our reliable courier partners.

Artiss products come well-packed, providing better protection and preventing any damage while they are on their way to you. We get your delivery to your door in a timely manner, whether you're ordering from Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. For any enquiries, you can easily contact our Australia-based customer service team who will assist you promptly while offering excellent service. The many 5-star reviews from customers speak for themselves on marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Catch and MyDeal.

Raise a toast to keeping your wine collection organised, safe and easy to access with Artiss wine racks. Don't wait, shop our stylish wine racks online today!

Wine rack FAQ

Should wine be stored flat or upright?

There are various factors that influence wine storage, but there are two that will greatly influence your choice of wine racks - the cork and the storage angle.

Corks are used to prevent oxygen and bacteria from entering the bottle and causing chemical changes to the wine. When wine bottles are stored upright and in a dry climate, the cork may dry out and deteriorate, crumble or work itself loose. When you store wine bottles flat or at a slight downward angle, the wine is constantly touching the cork, which keeps it wet and swollen. This keeps the seal intact, preserving both the wine and the longevity of the cork.

If the bottle is newly opened, storing upright in the fridge is just fine. If you're serving a bottle you've stored horizontally for a while, you may even want to let it stand upright for a short time to let sediment slide to the bottom and/or prepare it for decanting.

Why are wine racks horizontal?

While there are many kinds of wine racks, the horizontal rack is possibly the most common. The horizontal rack is an ideal way to store your wine bottles, as it keeps the cork in contact with the wine. Sediment is allowed to settle at the bottom, making it easier to decant out when you eventually pour it. They are also just a stylish way to organise your cellar, as many horizontal racks are positioned so that the labels face outward. Horizontal racks are simple, easy to customise, cost-effective and space efficient.

Should a wine rack be tilted?

Some say that tilting the bottle is the proper, traditional way to store wine, as it provides the most wine-to-cork contact. However, leaning the bottle too far forward means that sediment might collect at the neck of the bottle, gathering around the cork and later leaking into your wine glass. While sediment isn't harmful, it may change the flavour of the wine. That's why experts recommend storing at an angle of no more than 10 degrees.

For the average person, storing wine bottles on a tilt won't matter. If you're planning to age a collection as an investment, then you may want to consider it. In any case, horizontal is preferred over vertical.

What material should I choose for my wine rack?

Most wine racks are made out of either metal or wood. Both are very stylish options that suit any home décor, but you'll want to take into account your local climate. Wood wine racks are perfect for a rustic, traditional or provincial look, but temperature and humidity will affect the wood by causing it to contract and expand, which might cause the rack to crack or collapse.

Metal wine racks are perfect for modern cellars and are very sleek and durable, but metal racks may warm the bottles in hot climates due to heat conduction.

You can combat these issues by keeping your wine in a temperature-controlled room/cellar and keeping your bottles away from sunlight.

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