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Stylish and functional, buffets and sideboards remain incredibly desirable furniture pieces for every home. They offer plenty of storage space, which helps keep your home tidy and presentable....

You may see the terms 'buffet' and 'sideboard' used interchangeably, and that's fine. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you put your furniture, but how you use it to create your ultimate comfortable and functional space. However, traditionally speaking, these furniture pieces serve particular purposes

What is a buffet?

Buffets (also known as buffet tables) are essentially small cupboards with drawers and cabinets for storing bar, kitchen and dining essentials, such as crockery, cutlery, glassware and linen. Buffets are sometimes paired with attachments called hutches that expand the storage space on top.

What is a sideboard?

A sideboard has the same basic features of a buffet, including the drawers, cabinets and storage space, but it's used to store a wider variety of items from around the home. A sideboard is the common term for an occasional piece of furniture that typically comes with a door to store behind miscellaneous household items including magazines, books, blankets and tech gadgets.

Storage space in any style

A buffet or sideboard should complement your existing furniture for a harmonious look. At Artiss, you will find a range of buffets and sideboards for sale that meet your style and storage needs. Our fashionable buffets and sideboards are much-loved for their design, versatility, and affordable price.

Tapping into interior design trends

For a French provincial home, something that's more traditional, or even a farmhouse kitchen vibe, the period-style Artiss Buffet and Sideboard is the obvious choice. The beautifully moulded doors and vintage-style porcelain handles exude charm and class, while pre-drilled cable management holes make it easy to insert household appliances without complaint.

For something a little more rustic or cottage style, you may prefer the charming look of the Berne Buffet Sideboard and Cupboard Unit. With elegant detailing, they will look right at home in a more traditional or Edwardian era kitchen or dining setting, commonly seen in period homes in Australia's major capital cities.

If you're after something more relaxed, coastal, or bohemian in style, the Artiss Rattan Buffet and Sideboard will fit in nicely, whether on display in your living space, bedroom or kitchen. With a real rattan weave, aluminium handles and adjustable shelves, this is a great furniture items to store everything from homewares to throws and cushions.

If you're styling a modern or industrial home, you may like to consider the Artiss Industrial Buffet Sideboard with its timeless appeal and industrial charm. Dark wood grain, metal handles and splayed metal legs set the mood in a modern, edgy home. It's an impressive statement piece that offers ample space for home essentials inside and out.

If you're styling a post-modern home, or prefer interiors that give a nod to the future, jump ahead to our Artiss LED High Gloss Buffet and Sideboard. One of our most popular categories, our range of built-in LED furniture is ideal for highlighting your best pieces, whether you are a media collector, souvenir hunter or budding librarian. With its contemporary and linear design, this piece will suit any room and décor.

Lastly, for the interior designer in you that likes to hark back to the mid-century era or incorporate pieces of times past, the Artiss Wooden 4-door Buffet and Sideboard is your go-to choice. Perfectly at home in a mid-century modern or Scandinavian-inspired home, the natural wood grain and handle-less design will blend seamlessly into the setting. Beautifully minimalist but full of features, this piece has timeless appeal and will last through the changing trends.

Buffets for the dining room and beyond

No matter what room of the house, a buffet or sideboard is a valuable piece of furniture. Coming in a variety of materials, from wood to metal and marble, you can use buffets and sideboards to store and display anything in your home – whether souvenirs, kitchen supplies, spare blankets or towels.

The Artiss Buffet Sideboard Cabinet with cable management holes is ideal for a kitchen with multiple appliances. Fit a microwave oven, air fryer, portable dishwasher, or any appliance that needs to be off the bench but still within reaching distance. Of course, those aren't the only electronics that you can fit in these spaces. Move to the lounge room and you can use it to show off consoles, sound systems, or other entertainment devices. Set up a shrine to scent and use it to display your electronic diffusers, candle collection, or incense burners. Or ignore the cable management altogether - put this piece in your bathroom and use the open shelves to store spare towels and other bathroom essentials so they're within reach at all times.

This Artiss 2-door Buffet Sideboard provides ample space for kitchen accessories, children's toys, blankets or cushions, and has ample space on top for displaying art, flowers, or other household items. The best feature is the slatted wood side panels that allow for great, gentle airflow, preventing all your items from getting musty. Perfect for living room entertainment or bathroom storage.

Showcase your flower arrangements and favourite artwork in your lounge room and style lamps and family photos in your bedroom, or keep extra cushions, couch covers, bedding essentials and loose items organised and out of the way.

Quality is key

The Artiss range of buffets and sideboards for sale come in a veritable cocktail of styles and colours, appealing to those who appreciate unique furniture designs. Moreover, our furniture is exquisitely crafted from a wide variety of non-toxic and durable materials. Our buffets and sideboards are fitted with anti-scratch padding to keep your floors pristine and scratch-free.

Buy stylish buffets and sideboards online

As one of the top brands online in Australia, Artiss has partnered with reliable courier services for efficient tracking and prompt and inexpensive delivery. You can contact our friendly customer service team if you have any questions and receive a prompt response and solution, no matter the purchase.

We're also seeking to provide the most benefits without compromising on price. Now, with our 3D and AR technology, you can even visualise our furniture pieces from all angles on your screen. Say goodbye to guesswork! Shop online and check how well your favourite piece suits your home.

Tired of living in clutter? This is your sign to check out the latest deals on sideboards and buffets from Artiss. You can connect with us on Instagram to see how other Aussies are styling their Artiss buffets and sideboards. Shop from our range of contemporary sideboards and buffet tables online and complete your home today today!

Buffet and sideboard FAQ

Should I buy a buffet or a sideboard?

Functionally, there is very little difference between a buffet and a sideboard. One was designed for kitchens, the other for various homewares, but you can use whichever you like. It's more important that you focus on the configuration of the piece, whether it matches your style, and how it will fit in your space.

How long until my delivery arrives?

Artiss packages are dispatched the next working day. We use a range of couriers to provide the best delivery options for you, including Australia Post, Aramex, Allied Express and Toll, which is just one of the reasons why we're a top furniture brand in Australia. With warehouses located just outside of Melbourne, customers in Victoria can typically expect to receive their package within 3-5 working days. Customers in NSW, SA and ACT can typically expect their packages within 4-8 working days., while customers in QLD, NT, WA and TAS should receive their packages in 7-10 working days. Visit our shipping policy for more information.

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    28 products