Tolix Bar Stools

Tolix Bar Stools

Want chairs that are more than just stylish? Need bar stools that are hard working, heavy duty and long-lasting? Our replica Tolix bar stools and chairs are a perfect choice for you!....

Whether you enjoy the industrial aesthetic or need something sturdy but stylish for your café, the classic design and extra strength of replica Tolix stools means they're a fantastic addition to any space and will fit in nicely with existing décor.

What are Tolix stools?

A classic French icon, the Tolix chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934 as an all-weather indoor and outdoor use chair. The first Tolix chairs were immediately popular with restaurant and café owners, and their popularity only skyrocketed when they were redesigned to be slimmer and stackable in 1956.

The Tolix company is still alive and well today, a brand synonymous with French expertise and authenticity, and replica Tolix bar stools and chairs are available all over the world.

A typical Tolix-style chair is made from durable steel, features drainage holes to prevent rainfall pooling, and has X-shaped reinforcement bars underneath the seat. It is made for indoor and outdoor use, and is easily stackable for storage and handling.

Traditional bar stool styles, modern solutions

Artiss replica Tolix bar stools and chairs are incredibly versatile, the perfect piece for all kinds of spaces. The simple design has been reproduced in a wide variety of colours and styles, so you can find exactly what you want for any room in your house or office.

All-metal Tolix models are well suited to industrial design, but mixed media models made in a material such as wood or chrome will also suit a more modern setting.

If you're worried a replica Tolix bar stool or chair is not the right style for you, just visit your local high street shopping strip, and you will likely see a Tolix. A common fixture at pubs, cafes, restaurants - even school and libraries - the Tolix has stood the test of time against any style of décor. Chances are, wherever you go, a Tolix stool will be right there for you to admire. No matter what table, counter or bench, your Tolix bar stools will be right at home.

For the perfect counter seating, our Xavier bar stools in white feature the classic metal legs, X-shaped reinforcement and stackable design, as well as a natural twist with the solid, stylish bamboo seat. Heavy-duty footrests keep you and your guests/diners comfortable, while rubber feet prevent floor damage and sliding seating.

For the dining area, our Xavier dining chairs will bring beauty and character to your home interior. The heavy-duty metal steel structure suits the hustle and bustle of a busy dining area. Easy to clean and maintain, you'll never want to use any other chair. If you're worried about support, add cushions for extra padding and customisation.

Historically reliable

Our replica Tolix bar stools and chairs are made from quality steel treated with an anti-rust powder coating for all-weather use. With a classic design and X-shaped reinforcement below the seat, fixed with sturdy steel fixings, you can be rest assured the bar stool will stand up to the tests of time. That's why a Tolix stool is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Buy tolix bar stools online

You can buy replica Tolix bar stools and chairs online easily from Artiss. Shop, cafe, pub or home, Artiss is here to deliver quality furniture pieces Australia-wide. Order online today and enjoy our friendly Australia-based customer service, prompt delivery, and easy assembly so you can get straight to entertaining.

Tolix Bar Stool FAQs

Where can I use Tolix stools?

The construction of our replica Tolix bar stools makes them perfect for any setting that requires durable seating that is easy to store and maintain.

High-traffic areas such as restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and clubs are obvious choices, but these chairs will fit just as nicely at your breakfast bar, kitchen counter, dining room, patio or pop-up shop.

The strong steel makes even a replica Tolix bar stool resistant to scratches, rust, and breakage. A Tolix stool looks great underneath the breakfast bar in the house, as seating options paired with table wine barrels outdoors, even in a home office setting. These are stools that are suitable for all kinds of settings.

Are Tolix bar stools affordable?

The Tolix company is still operating to this day, producing original Tolix stools, chairs and other pieces. Original Tolix chairs are priced between €200-400 (roughly AUD$300-600, not including shipping and handling).

A replica Tolix bar stool will be more affordable to the average Australian, with a set of 2 Artiss Xavier bar stools costing a little over $200.

What about assembly?

Artiss replica Tolix stools come ready to go, with no assembly required.

What are my delivery options?

When you purchase from Artiss, we dispatch your order from Melbourne the very next working day. We then deliver your replica Tolix bar stool straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

If your delivery is anything other than a stress-free experience, you can contact our friendly Australia-based customer service team for a resolution.

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