Dining Sets

Why mix and match when you can have a gorgeous dining ensemble that delivers timeless style and impressive functionality? Your home deserves a dining set that stands tall when it comes to design, functionality and looks. That’s exactly what we have got you!

Artiss dining sets make a warm addition to your dining room to enjoy mealtimes for years to come. Our dining sets come in sophisticated styles to suit your desired aesthetic and are suitable for big families, little families, or a compact apartment.

The Artiss Astra dining set is designed to handle anything from weeknight family meals to hosting dinner parties. This piece is all about fine contemporary dining with convenience and comfort at its best.

For a relaxed, coastal dining experience, try our Natu bench dining set. It is on-trend and helps save space without compromising on the looks. Our Machal dining set makes a perfect ensemble for two. It boasts a beautiful industrial design and has an elegant feel to it, and its intriguing mix of materials makes it a must-have for dining in comfort and style.

We also have Santorini-inspired Artiss replica 4-seater round-shaped dining table and chairs. It’s sleek, rustic, and chic all in one, bringing the fresh, bright, and airy vibe of the Greek Islands that you will love.

Our dining sets feature calm palettes with neutral colours. Go with white for a calming feel, choose brown and natural wood tones for a more earthy and natural vibe, and black will make the perfect accent piece.

Artiss dining sets will impress you with their expert craftsmanship, premium upholstery, and sturdy build. Our exquisite pieces are designed to last and can be delivered to your door promptly at an affordable price.

The simplest way to make your dining area look perfectly pulled together. Shop our dining sets right away!

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    7 products

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