Dining Sets

Dining Sets

The dining room is one of the busiest areas of the home. It makes sense that you would want this hub of activity to look its best, and that means choosing the right dining setting for you and your family. But finding a quality dining set can be hard on budget...

Your home deserves a dining set that stands tall when it comes to design, functionality and looks. Why mix and match when you can have a luxurious, complete dining table set that delivers timeless style and impressive functionality? That’s exactly what we have in store for you at Artiss.

Artiss dining sets make a warm addition to your dining room to enjoy mealtimes for years to come. Our dining sets combine the best of our dining tables and dining chairs, and match styles to suit your desired aesthetic. They are affordable and suitable for big families, little families, or compact apartments. No matter what space you have, we have a set for you in our collection.

Cohesive design

Do you love the sophisticated style of the modern design era? Or do you prefer the clean, laid-back Scandinavian or Nordic styles? No matter what goals you have for your home, Artiss has the ideas and dining set for you.

Our dining sets feature curated palettes with natural colours and tones. Choose a white dining set for a calming feel, brown and natural wood tones for a more natural and rustic vibe, and black makes the perfect accent piece.

For a relaxed, coastal dining experience, try our Natu bench dining set. At 120cm, the Natu dining table can seat up to 4-6 people, while the Natu dining bench makes seating a breeze. Made from 15mm particle board, the table is designed to be scratch resistant, water resistant, and eco-friendly. With heavy-duty fixings and an anti-slip base, the table will stay standing through your long nights of celebration, and guests will have no trouble getting in and out of the bench. Best of all, the benches can slide right under the table after use, so you can get them out of the way and have more room to move. It is on-trend and helps save space without compromising on the looks.

If you’re looking for something more sleek and impactful, choose the Artiss Astra 5- or 7-piece dining set. A distinctive design with an elegant finish, the Astra dining table set is a perfect centrepiece for the modern or contemporary dining room. The stunning tabletop features an 8mm black tempered glass top that perfectly reflects your taste, while the rust-resistant metal legs are built for durability, longevity, and strength. The glass tabletop is easy to clean and uses suction pads to keep the tabletop firmly in place. There’s no better kind of table for all your household and dining needs. The chairs have black matte finish PVC upholstery to perfectly complement the table, giving everyone a comfortable seat for a long night of fine dining. This set suits many styles from contemporary to industrial, so you can feel confident that the table will fit your décor needs.

For something a little more classic, you might enjoy our DAW Replica dining tables and DAW dining chairs. Inspired by the early designs of Eames DAW chairs, this replica collection will make the perfect addition to a mid-century modern home. The intimate 4-seater round dining table will seat guests comfortably, while the round design allows for easy flow of movement around the room. A scratch-proof matte PU lacquer finish makes it great for any household activity, while the durable fixings on the table and chairs make them sturdy and keep them in place. This dining table set provides the ultimate comfort and contemporary design at an affordable price, so you can own a piece of interior design history at home. Your friends will be talking about your modern interior style for weeks to come.

Artiss makes it easy to create your dream dining room at some of the lowest prices.

Intimate dining for two (or more)

Perhaps you’re looking for a dining room set that can host your entire extended family and more over Christmas, or maybe you just want an intimate setting for two. Regardless, we have you covered with our extensive range of luxurious dining table sets.

Our Machal dining set makes a perfect ensemble for two. It boasts a beautiful industrial design and has an elegant feel to it, highlighted by the intriguing mix of metal and dark wood materials. With durable particle board construction and a smooth melamine walnut finish, the table and chairs look stunning while also being easy to clean and maintain. This 3-piece set is perfect for apartment living but is also well suited for restaurants, pubs, and cafes. These pieces are hardworking, with their reinforced steel frame and powder-coated metal pipe legs – perfect for high-traffic areas.

The Artiss Astra dining set is designed to handle anything from casual family meals to fancy dinner parties with friends. Coming in a 5- or 7- piece set, this dining set is perfect for those big family gatherings.

Fair weather friend dining tables

Have a patio or backyard you want to turn into a functional dining space? Or do you have an outdoor space that needs decoration at your shop, café or restaurant? The Astra dining set, with its quality tempered glass top and water-resistant steel legs, makes an ideal temporary outdoor setting for the best summer dining money can buy. For something slightly smaller, you can pair our Alex Bar Table with a set of durable Artiss Tolix bar stools. Tolix stools boast modern style and are built to withstand harsher conditions, making them the perfect choice for the outdoors. Just don’t forget to cover your furniture or bring it inside during extreme weather!

Artiss brings style to your dining room

Artiss dining sets will impress you with their quality craftsmanship, premium upholstery, and sturdy build. Don’t worry about delivery – our prompt couriers will have your package at your door in no time, and our Australia-based customer service will help you with any issues you may come across.

Wish you could see your future dining suite in a showroom? You can take the guesswork out of online shopping with our AR technology. Shop online and virtually place your new piece in your own dining room to create the perfect look without leaving your home.

The simplest way to make your dining area look perfectly pulled together. Browse and shop our dining room furniture online today!

Dining Sets FAQ

Is it cheaper to buy a dining table set or mix and match?

Buying a dining set is not only a good way to ensure your furniture has a cohesive flow, but sets are often a little cheaper than buying a dining table and chairs separately. However, the benefits of styling your own dining room with separate tables and chairs may outweigh the cost difference, especially if you have a boho, rustic or eclectic style and value unique pieces.

If you're worried about losing out on a great deal, don't worry - chair sets are also available, so you can still get a bargain on multiple chairs. If you're keen to shop online, you should also keep an eye out for any special offers or limited-time deals.

How big should my dining table set be?

The standard height of dining room tables is approximately 76cm, while dining chairs are 46cm.

For the most comfortable dining experience, it’s recommended to have a space of 30cm between the bottom of the dining table top and the top of the seats. This leaves enough room to move your dining chair in and out of the dining set. You’ll also want to leave about 1 metre of clearance around the table and chairs, to give guests space to move furniture in and out and to maintain ease of movement and room flow around the table.

Does the shape of my dining table matter?

Choosing the shape that works best for you will depend on the size and shape of your dining room. For square-shaped rooms, square or round dining tables make the best of the space. Square tables provide a nice amount of intimacy for small groups and can be combined to make a larger rectangular table and accommodate more guests. Round dining tables are great for gatherings, as everyone is facing one another, and they offer more space to move around the dining area. Oval dining tables appear to take up less space in a room, but they offer less surface area than a rectangle dining table.

How to maintain dining table sets?

The level of maintenance your dining room set needs will depend on what materials you've chosen.

For wooden dining sets, avoid using harsh chemicals or too much water. Use a dry or slightly damp microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris. For heavier stains, regular dish soap or another gentle cleaner should be enough.

Glass tables usually only need a wipe with a clean microfibre cloth to be bright and smudge-free, like new. Particularly hard stains can be tackled with vinegar or a cleanser. Make sure your table is completely dried after cleaning to prevent smudges. This is easily achieved with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

For fabric seats, there are all kinds of products available to help you keep them clean, from specialised cleaners to upholstery steamers. Of course, like many stains, a good scrub with soap and water will do the trick. For velvet, you may want to gently refresh the fabric with a soft-bristled brush to maintain its distinct look and feel.

Leather furniture deserves a gentle treatment as well. Start with daily dusting and only use a small amount of water when starting to tackle a stain. You may also want to invest in leather wipes, polish and protectant. The same applies to PU leather, which can crack when exposed to excess dirt or body oils.

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    7 products

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