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For those looking to transform any dull, unwelcoming spaces, Artiss floor rugs won’t disappoint. They make a warm addition and a beautiful centrepiece to any bedroom, living room, dining room or study. Rugs are also useful hall runners in high-traffic areas of the home.

Artiss rugs come in a range of patterns, colours, and textures. Our collection is carefully curated, with a range of different styles in soft colours to suit any area, from your living area to your dining area. Shop online for rugs that will sit in harmony with your space, or go for an accent piece to add an element of surprise.

Accessorise with modern rugs from Artiss

Accessorise your home with the Artiss Oblo abstract-inspired pattern rug and enjoy a piece of timeless symmetry. The short pile rug comes in two sizes (160x230 and 200x290) and is perfectly suited to interior styles that value geometric shapes and clean lines like contemporary, modern, and minimalist.

If you're looking to make a statement, the Artiss Tria rug is a bright and bold statement piece. It's the perfect size to create a living room focal point, fashion as a comfortable children's bedroom rug, and also makes a comfortable dining room rug. It takes inspiration from geometric patterns and suits modern and contemporary homes with equally bold colours and shapes.

If you're looking for more traditional rugs, Artiss Gasper and Fafi rugs are ideal. Their exotic, Persian-inspired pattern will make you gasp in awe. These beautiful rugs feature designs perfect for a rustic, coastal or provincial home. Soft colours combined with a traditional pattern brings a subtle warm and cosy touch to any living space. The patterns emulate traditional, intricate rug design, giving you the feel of a high price designer rug at an affordable price.

Durable and comfortable traditional rugs online

When you're looking for a new rug in your style, Artiss is the online store for you.

Artiss floor rugs are made from 100% polyester in a short pile that gives them a beautiful velvety soft feel. These are perfect rugs for sore feet after a long day, or crawling knees as they explore the home. The fibres are expertly stitched to prevent shedding even with constant use, making them ideal for homes with high foot traffic. They are water repellant, fade-resistant and dust mite resistant, so you can maintain the perfect rug no matter where you put it.

Our rugs features a non-slip granule backing that ensures it stays in one place, avoiding common slips, trips and falls. They can be easily rolled for storage, and they are easily cleaned by quickly beating out the rug and running it over with a brush or vacuum. With such simple after-care, you'll wonder why you didn't get an Artiss rug sooner.

Buy floor rugs online with Artiss

Artiss has partnered with reputable online retailers so you can shop for our premium products from the comfort of your home. Find our range of modern rugs online and rest assured knowing our order will be at your doorstep promptly and affordably no matter where you live in Australia. Our great range of beautiful rugs will be in your home ASAP thanks to our reliable partnered couriers and Australia-based customer service teams. Say goodbye to bare floors, and hello to our cosy rugs to warm your feet every morning, every day!

Floor rug FAQs

What rug should I buy for my home?

There are many reasons you might choose to buy a rug. For starters, a rug pulls the whole look of the room together. There's also the clear benefit of having a warmer surface to walk on, particularly if you have hardwood or tile flooring. A rug has a huge impact on the room you put it in, so you'll want to get the look, feel and style right the first time.

According to experts, the best time to buy a rug is before or after you're fully furnished. Start with the rug and build the space around it, or use the rug as a supporting element.

If your space is already filled with tons of colours and patterns, you're better off choosing a neutral shade or solid colour that complements your other pieces. If the rug is your focal point, you can go all out with patterns and colours - just make sure they don't clash!

Another thing to take into consideration is pile height. The "pile" refers to the material tufts that make up the surface of most rugs, and is measured from the visible top to bottom of the pile, not including the backing. A high pile produces a highly sound absorbent, durable and comfortable rug, whether you choose synthetic or natural fibres.

Low pile rugs measure below 1/4 inch or 60mm. These rugs are easier to keep clean because they accumulate less debris. They are perfect for high-traffic areas or areas that may get damp, as they are quick drying. Medium pile rugs measure between 1/4 and 1/2 inch, with a max of 120mm. They are warmer than low pile but easier to maintain than high pile and are well suited to places where you need a little more comfort, like the bedroom or living room. High pile rugs include anything over 1/2 inch or 120mm. These shaggy rugs are great for warmth and luxury, but are most likely to trap dirt and dust. You can use these where you want a touch of comfort, but you may want to avoid high-traffic areas unless you're dedicated to deep cleaning. High pile carpets are also more likely to trap allergens, so they might not be suitable for allergy sufferers even if using a hypoallergenic material.

For more tips on choosing the perfect piece, check out our guide on how to pick the perfect floor rug for your space.

What is the best material for my rug?

The material you choose will depend on the traffic volume and how the space is going to be used. Whether you choose synthetic or natural fibres will also depend on the level of comfort you're looking for, your budget, your existing style, and how messy you expect the carpet to get.

The most common material used is wool thanks to its insulating properties and stain repellency. It's a great quality choice for any room that needs a soft touch, but it is not suitable for damp places and may fade over time.

Cotton is easy to clean and affordable but may not last as long as other materials. They are great for high-traffic spaces and casual use, such as in children's spaces, dining spaces, or as runner rugs.

Silk is a luxury natural fibre that is adored for its shine and softness. It can show off a lot finer details than other materials, but requires professional cleaning and will stain easily. Silk rugs are best used in low-traffic areas as a decorative fabric.

Seagrass, jute, hemp or other natural grass fibres have a neutral, earthy palette and are strong and durable, as well as renewable. Unfortunately, they're also coarse and can be difficult to clean depending on the weave. Despite not being the most comfortable, they make for a beautiful rug to line your hallway, entryway, or kitchen. These are perfect for coastal or rustic styles, and they also make great outdoor rugs for undercover balconies or patios.

Synthetic fibres are possibly the most flexible. They are easy to clean, strong, and resistant to stains or fading, making them great indoor and outdoor rugs. Synthetic materials come in a wide range of styles, piles and textures, but are less luxurious than natural rugs. These are suitable for all kinds of living spaces.

Finally, you should rugs with a non-slip backing, especially if the carpet is on a slippery surface like tiles. This prevents accidental slipping and will be a lifesaver if you live in a fast-paced home. You can also purchase non-slip carpet underlays for any existing rugs.

A high-quality rug is just around the corner with a huge range of rugs available online.

What size rug should I buy for my home?

When choosing a new rug for your living spaces, go big! One of the top mistakes rug buyers make is choosing a rug that is too small - it can make the space feel small and disconnected.

Your size may also be determined by your ideal placement. There are several styles of rug placement:

  • All furniture legs are on the rug. This defines the space and gives furniture a coherent look. Leave a roughly 30cm gap between the edge of the rug and your furniture, and avoid putting the rug against the wall.

  • Front legs on the rug/partial coverage: This style puts only part of your furniture on the rug, which helps connect two spaces and give a sense of retreat.

  • Fully off: gives a more formal look and feel, making the rug a focal point.

Bedroom rugs should be placed underfoot, so wherever you get out of bed you'll feel the soft, plush pile of your perfect rug.

How do I get rid of stains from my Artiss rug?

Artiss rugs are water repellant and fade resistant, but we know that accidents happen. The first step is to remove as much excess liquid or solids as possible. Always blot, never rub! Rubbing a stain will just push it further into the carpet, making it potentially worse.

If the stain is caused by candle wax, gum or chocolate, you can cover the stain with an ice pack to harden the substance before gently breaking it up and vacuuming.

Next, you can use a variety of different cleaners to tackle the stain:

  • A mix of warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

  • A solution that is 1 part vinegar and 1 part water.

  • Commercial stain remover - check the instructions before applying.

  • Sprinkle the stain with baking soda, lightly spritz with warm water, and leave at least a few hours or overnight.

  • For stains caused by pets, especially urine, you may want to invest in a specialised enzyme cleaner.

Blot from the outside and work your way in until the stain is gone!

For regular maintenance, simply shake out the rug before going over it with a regular brush or vacuum. With shaggy rugs, you'll need to dust regularly, and you may want to consider brushing it with a soft brush to remove dirt and debris as well as re-fluffing the pile. We recommend deep cleaning your rugs at least once a year. With proper care and maintenance, it will look good as new for years to come!

As shoes complement a gorgeous outfit, likewise a rug complement our home! With chic hues and subtle detailing, it brings tranquillity, adds sophistication, hides imperfections, and lends the ultimate finishing touch to any home interior in just one fell swoop...


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