Pipe Shelves

It’s no wonder that pipe shelves are creating a buzz all over the internet! Thanks to their sleek, stylish, practical design, they make your home even more beautiful, and your guests will appreciate your furniture choices...

Pipe shelves make a great addition to any space and are totally worth the hype. Those who don’t have them yet, go ahead and purchase Artiss’ simple, chic DIY pipe shelves for your home. They will effortlessly enhance the look of your space without blowing your budget.

Our pipe shelves make for versatile storage in any room. You can add them to an empty wall, create fun storage for your home office and bathroom, or infuse a rustic charm to a kitchen and outdoor BBQ area. These industrial pipe shelves will bring a vintage and an urban-farmhouse vibe to your home interior.

If that isn’t your style, you can still have these shelves in your home. Artiss DIY pipe shelves complement all styles. They give you the flexibility to style and match the decor you’re going for. To get a one-of-a-kind look, try using them in multiple configurations until you come up with a look you absolutely love.

Artiss’ 6-tier pipe shelf, rotatable plank with paper holder, and rustic floating wall pipe shelf are the most sought-after pieces. Our coat hanger with shelves is also quite popular. They come with heavy-duty metal pipes and moisture-resistant pinewood storage shelves. Plus, they have a good storage holding capacity. You can also quickly and easily install them with mounting hardware and a handy manual.

Our pipe shelves are available on Australia’s favourite online marketplaces, where quality products are at the best prices. No matter how big or small, you will get your parcels delivered all over Australia cost-effectively and reliably through our delivery partners.

Purchase our trendy DIY pipe shelves to get that raw, edgy look!

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    14 products