Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Sit on the high seat. Perch your feet. Swivel around. Against your breakfast bar, kitchen island, counter or window, bar stools are beautiful addition to every home. Temporary seating or permanent fixtures, these classy chairs are perfect for a wide variety of activities and easily stored away for another day....

Working with the space you have

No longer just for the local bar or café, bar stools are rapidly becoming a staple in modern homes due to their functional nature. They flawlessly fuse with any décor and serve as a sophisticated yet compact seat. Better still, compact designs make them easy to move and store, perfect for saving on space!

Make your kitchen more versatile with breakfast bar stools

Do you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen? Whether you're an entertainer or home cook, when you add Artiss counter stools to your kitchen, you can make sure that you stay part of the action.

Compact and lightweight, Artiss kitchen counter stools are a quick and easy addition that turns your kitchen from a solo experience into a social event. Never miss another dining room conversation again!

Enjoy your family's company while cooking - kids and partners alike can come and unwind after a long day, and you can take a much-needed coffee break without having to move far from the stove. For a busy family eating breakfast together before rushing off to work or school, bar stools quickly become the go-to piece of furniture.

Bar stools to complement your living space

A bar stool doesn't need to be relegated to the kitchen. With so many designs, materials and features, a bar stool can suit any room of the house: living room, dining room, entertaining space, wherever you need a spot of comfort!

Do you often run out of seating when entertaining? A bar stool should make the perfect solution, with its relatively small footprint and ease of storage. No matter the event, you can make it work with a bar stool.

Living in a small space with barely any seating at all? A bar stool is multi-functional. You can use them as counter stools, lounge chairs, dining chairs, office chairs, or whatever the occasion calls for. You can even use your stool as a side table, whether in your living room or bedroom. In the living room, these work best situated next to armchairs.

Why not try Artiss in the great outdoors? A handy bar stool can quickly become the host's bestfriend at a summer BBQ when you find you have more guests on your hands than your outdoor setting can handle.

Shop a massive range of quality bar stools online

Artiss offers an extensive range of bar stools. Whether you’re shopping for style or function, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in our comprehensive online catalogue.

If you’re looking for elegance, the velvet and steely undertones of our Audrey bar stools are designed to look and feel good. Featuring a tufted rich velvet fabric seat with a supportive contoured backrest, this chair is ideal for entertaining indoors. We use generous thick foam padding in all our cushioned chairs, delivering the best in comfort.

Artiss PU leather stools give the impression of real leather, without the price tag. Your guests will feel on top of the world, and you’ll be impressed by the comfort and ease of maintenance. Great in your home office or contemporary entertainment area.

Our wood bar stools come in a variety of quality woods including elm, beech, pine and plywood. A solution for every occasion and budget, these wood stools come in every style, blending into every type of decor, whether you’re veering towards rustic or industrial. They make the ideal counter stool in the modern Australian home.

Our adjustable stools feature SGS-tested gas lift levers that are smooth, durable, and safe for every height.

You'll be impressed by the wide range of quality bar stools available online from Artiss. Among our hottest-selling products, our bar stools feature delectable designs, premium upholstery and incredible quality that speaks for itself. Purchase your stools in sets of 2 or 4, or mix and match across rooms.

Modern-style counter stools to match your style

Your home is a reflection of you, all the way down to your bar stools.

You'll be impressed by the wide range of quality furniture available online from Artiss. Among our hottest-selling products, our bar stools feature delectable designs, premium upholstery and incredible quality that speaks for itself. With our wide range and guidance on how to choose the best bar stool, you can achieve the perfect look for your home, whether that's sleek, chic, modern or classic.

Love the coastal bohemian vibe? You might enjoy the simplicity of our beech wood backless white bar stools, or the elegance of these PU leather swivel bar stools. White bar stools are well suited to all white rooms, or to balance out darker colours.

Prefer modern or contemporary? The sophisticated look of our walnut wood bar stools will look equally elegant in front of a counter or a bookcase. Or you may prefer the more artistic look of these steel fabric bar stools. Both options come with perfectly padded foam seating with curved backrests for the ultimate in comfort.

Or maybe your heart belongs to rustic or traditional, in which case you'll love our backless Elm wood stools and natural beech wood bar stools. Made from quality materials that stand the test of time, you'll be using these stools for years to come.

You will find our bar stools in solid and neutral hues and unlimited designs such as metal bar stools, wooden bar stools, rattan, upholstered and more. For your main seating, you'll want stools that are well padded with a solid backrest for long-term sitting. You'll find bar stools that are fixed height or adjustable height for the discerning guest. Purchase your stools in sets of 2 or 4, or mix and match across rooms.

Experience the best of customer service

Delivering reliable and consistent customer service is always our priority. We believe in quick problem resolution and support when you buy online with Artiss. Discover endless styling possibilities with our quality bar stool collection.

Use our 3D and AR technology services to view products from all angles and check the product's build quality, design, material, and texture in real-time. Purchasing is easy. You can purchase direct from our website or shop with one of our trusted marketplace partners or many other retailers. Enjoy friendly and prompt Australia-based customer service, fast delivery and effortless set-up with our handy instructions.

Feeling inspired? Shop our range of modern and stylish bar stools at Artiss. Take your kitchen or bar to the next level when you shop online today.

Bar stools FAQ

What's the best material for bar stools?

Your ideal match will depend on both function and your desired style. We offer a range of different materials at Artiss.

Wooden bar stools are durable and hardworking, while also being easy to move and maintain. If you expect your stools to work hard, whether at a cafe or at home with the kids, wood counter stools might be the choice for you. Stools with a natural wood grain finish are perfect for home decor styles including modern, rustic and coastal.

Rattan bar stools, most popular in the 1960s and 1970s, have come back into vogue in recent years. You can stylish rattan bar stools at affordable prices on most major marketplaces, especially during summer. Rattan bar stools tend to suit more relaxed or coastal interior styles. An added benefit, rattan is water resistant and lightweight, doing double duty indoors and outdoors.

Metal bar stools are perfect for busy kitchens, both home and commercial. They are often stackable, which is great for storage, but they are not always the most comfortable without an added cushion. These stools are at home in industrial, rustic and style homes.

Plastic stools have the durability of wood and metal with a lower price tag. Also usually stackable, these chairs come in the most variety of shapes, sizes and colours. With added moisture, rust and pest resistance, these are perfect for the family on a budget. Suitable for modern, nordic and contemporary styles.

Fabric stools come in all kinds of colours and materials, from velvet to linen, and put comfort above all else. You can sit on these stools for longer periods, and they are well suited to entertaining spaces where they can avoid stains and spills. These are great for contemporary and traditional styles, or you can go wild on the upholstery, even getting the stools reupholstered over time, for a more eclectic vibe.

Leather stools can add a touch of class to a modern or industrial bar, kitchen island or home office. You can fork out for real leather, or save your money with PU leather.

How high should my bar stools be?

The standard bench height in Australia is 90cms, while bars generally come in a little higher at 100-120cms. The optimum bar stool height will be between 65-85cms depending on if you have a bench or a bar. For the most accurate measurement, measure from your floor to the bottom of your countertop and minus 25-30cm for your legs (or even better, buy adjustable stools)

How many bar stools do I need?

Ideally, you want enough space between stools for people to pull them out and sit down about 15cm. If your bar stools swivel, this will need to be larger, up to 30cm or more. The rest will depend on the width of the stools.

A general rule of thumb, there is a rule of three in interior design which holds true for bar stools, too. Position three bar stools in a row along the kitchen counter to achieve a harmonious look in your home.

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    28 products