Display Shelves

Books, CDs, pot plants, souvenirs. Anything that needs to be stored or showcased will find a welcome and supportive home at Artiss. We have wall shelves, pipe shelves and more for every type of display, whether you're showing off your jewellery collection, gaming accessories, band merchandise, pop culture icons, or simply your favourite home decor. ....


With shelving units in all shapes, sizes and styles, you'll find something perfect for the bedroom, living room, shop, learning centre, cafe or restaurant. No matter the items, we will help you cultivate the perfect display space within your budget.

Buy display shelves for your home or business

Do you want to show off your unique collection at home? Or are you looking for a brand new display shelf for your business? Whatever your storage goals, we have a shelving solution for you.

When choosing storage for your home, embrace your personal style. Looking for a mid-century modern piece? You'll find plenty of vintage, replica, and inspired pieces. These tiered display shelves are artistic, playful, and full of life - will you make it yours?

Prefer a little more natural? We have eco-friendly bamboo shelves that give rustic, boho or minimalist vibes while also providing ample ventilation. It is split and mould resistant and comes with extra back braces to fully support your lifestyle, whether you're a plant parent or a sentimental traveller.

Finding ideal shop fittings at great prices can be difficult. Not so with Artiss. Need functional but stylish storage for your salon, makeup bar, tea room or coffee lounge? This storage laden shelving unit is perfect for showing off your wares while also keeping the essentials handy. Is your waiting room table bending under the weight of magazines? Our handy tree bookshelf can hold an array of reading materials for every occasion. Need a sleek free-standing display unit for your merchandise? Get creative with our open zig-zag shelving units. Let your customers view your products from any angle and watch your stock fly off the shelves. If you feel like your store is running out of space, take it as a sign to come shop with Artiss.

Styling display shelving units

Your collection is special and deserves to be treated as such. With Artiss, it's easy to create the perfect display in your style.

The first step to styling your shelves is to look at what you're putting on them. Are there any areas where you can cut back? The best home displays are the ones that have personal meaning to you and are not bogged down with excess accessories and trinkets. You may also have items that you don't want on display in the open, due to sun or dust exposure, which you can store in drawers or closed cabinets.

Not sure what to display? Choose your items carefully and deliberately. Things that have personal meaning to you. You can build a display using art, books, photos, travel souvenirs, jewellery, or whatever suits your taste.

When putting your display together, it's best to start with heavy objects or storage bins on the bottom. You'll want to balance out your display by spreading different colours, shapes and sizes, but keeping the heaviest pieces on the bottom will also help keep the shelving unit stable and upright.

Don't be afraid to leave negative space on a shelf. You don't need to fill every part of the shelf to the edge. You don't want it to be too overfilled or too sparse.

Types of display shelves

Standard bookshelves

Traditional bookshelves are made of multiple compartments that you can adjust for the perfect display. They are great for most homes or shop fittings and can be fitted with cabinets, drawers, doors, and more.

Ladders or leaning shelves

Ladders or leaning shelves start with a wide base and end with a narrow top. They are a nice artistic addition to the home and take up very little space, perfect for displaying smaller collections.

Corner shelves

Have an empty corner that could use a little love? Corner shelves are designed to fit right in and make the most of your space. Large or small, you'll be amazed at what you can fit into these helpful units.

Cube shelves

Popularised for their versatility, cube shelves comprise evenly spaced, standard-sized ‘cube’ shelving that can be used on their own or with drawer inserts. These shelves are perfect for all kinds of items, and can be repurposed on a whim to go from home office to showroom.

Geometric shelves

Want something a little different? Geometric shelving units are designed with aesthetics in mind and come in a wide range of shapes and styles to suit your personal interior style. They may be asymmetrical, set on an angle, or simply a non-conventional shape.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are attached to the wall and give the illusion of free-standing storage. If you are displaying multiple heavy objects, this shelving is not for you. For everything else, they make an easy, flexible option for everyday displays.


Cabinets are perfect if you want a display that can be completely locked, kept away from certain conditions (like sun exposure) or simply kept dust free. You can buy cabinets with cabinet doors that are clear or opaque, and they can be fully or partially closed.

Find a quality display shelf with Artiss

With a wide range of quality materials, Artiss display shelves are the innovative pieces you need to show off your accessories. We use premium particle board, powder-coated metal, eco-friendly bamboo and heavy duty fixings to make our pieces durable as well as affordable. Each shelving unit is designed with user-friendly features in mind, and our pieces are easy to assemble with our included fittings and easy-to-understand assembly manual. Anti-scratch feet, safe edges and sturdy bases keep your shelves strong, and our shelves have smooth surfaces that are easy to maintain.

Get great service when you shop at Artiss. Check out our online store for a hassle-free shopping experience, or check out one of our valued retail partners such as Catch, Kogan or MyDeal. As a leading online furniture brand, we pride ourselves on great service, prompt delivery, and great deals. We deliver all over Australia and use dedicated partnered couriers to get your delivery to you right on time. Our Australia-based customer service team is here to help with any issue right from the purchase date and beyond, so you can shop with confidence. Shop our range of furniture and plan your perfect display shelf today.

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    Artiss Bookshelf 6 Tiers - RIVA White

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    Artiss Tree Bookshelf 7 Tiers - ECHO White

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    Artiss Tree Bookshelf 9 Tiers - ECHO Oak

    Artiss Display Shelf 9-Shelf Tree Bookshelf Book Storage Rack Bookcase White - Artiss
    Artiss Tree Bookshelf 9 Tiers - ECHO White

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    Artiss Bookshelf CD Storage Rack - BERT Black