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Console tables may not be the first piece of furniture that springs to mind, but they make a pleasing addition to your entrance or hallway. Great for keeping keys, wallets, stylish houseplants, photo frames, and works of art, this little piece of furniture can completely change a room, give you extra space to store your essentials, and refine your interior design taste. Check out what Artiss has to offer below, and we'll match you with a console table to suit any room at your ideal price.....

What is a console table?

Console tables have fast become a new staple for homes across Australia. Not only are they handy storage units but also classy accent pieces that can provide the final stylish touch to tie the room together. But what is a console table and what makes them different from any other piece of furniture?

A console table is about the same height as an average dining table or desk. It is wide but shallow and can feature drawers or multiple tiers. When placed behind a sofa, it is considered a sofa table. It is functionally similar to a buffet, sideboard or side table, except those tend to be wider, more functional and more storage-focused, whereas console tables bring functionality and style in equal measure. If you have an empty hallway that could use an accent piece or a living room that could use a little extra interior decoration, a console table is a perfect piece for you.

The hallway table of your dreams

When you're running out the door in the morning, it can be a great comfort to have all your essential items in one place. That's why a console table is a must-have piece for busy households. They take up less space than your average furniture with storage, but sometimes a little piece of furniture can make a big impact! Do you love to slough off your jacket and throw down your keys at the end of the day? Hallway tables with extra storage such as the Artiss 3-drawer white console table are a simple and sweet solution to decorate your entryway. Suitable for most interior styles, this console table is perfect for the bedroom, office, living room or hallway. Three generous drawers and a stable high-weight capacity tabletop provide ample storage space for knick-knacks, bowls, artwork, trinket trays, coffee mugs, and anything that you might need to grab at a moment's notice.

Looking for something more contemporary? You might enjoy our black and silver console table. Its 3-tier design, tough tempered glass shelves and stainless steel tub structure come together to give you a gorgeous glass console table to brighten your wall and fill with your favourite decorations.

Want something more rustic? Our rattan console table suits a traditional or rustic-style house, made from real rattan drawers and solid eucalyptus wood legs. Best of all, you can mix and match with our other rattan furniture pieces to create a complete, cohesive interior style.

If you don't see yourself in any of these styles, perhaps our mirror console table is more your style. With a crystal clear mirror surface, two generous drawers with crystal glass handles and a weight capacity of 50-100kg, your room will look larger than life. Turn this gorgeous piece into a vanity with our matching tri-fold mirror.

Console Tables for Sale

If you are looking for an elegant and modern console table to suit your home, rely on the Artiss range of console tables available for purchase online today! As one of the top online furniture brands, we bring you carefully chosen console tables in various colours, materials and designs you will love. Our console tables are crafted with great attention to detail for long-lasting use. They are highly functional and versatile and can be styled for various spaces from the office to the bedroom. Use it as a sleek dressing table, a modern sofa table, or as an accent piece to fill empty space on your wall. With their slim shape but strong shelves and tabletops, our console tables are perfect for small spaces or as a complementary piece for a larger room or sofa.

When it comes to furniture, it’s hard to beat the Artiss range on quality and price. We curate our collections to deliver the widest range of styles and materials, from wood to tempered glass, so you can find the best match for your home, store, or office space. Best of all, our Australia-based customer service team will ensure your product is delivered to your house promptly and at a reasonable price. Running out of home decoration ideas? With our 3D and AR technology, you can see the exact physical products on your screens and visualise what they will look like in your space before buying.

Do you have a hallway table-sized hole in your home? Take this as your sign to shop online now with Artiss, one of Australia's top furniture brands online.

Buy console tables online with Artiss

A well-crafted console table works wonders in the modern Australian home. Explore our range of console tables online and find the perfect fit for your space. See our range of contemporary console tables for sale below.

Console table FAQs

Should I buy a console table or a buffet/sideboard?

There are three reasons you may want to buy a console table over other furniture pieces. The first is the cost. A console table is a lot smaller, which will net you a better price. Secondly, you may not have the space for a full buffet or sideboard. Console tables are skinnier and more likely to fit in a small hallway or living room without sacrificing movement. Finally, you just might not need the same amount of storage - for some, three drawers is more than enough.

Should I buy a console table over a desk or entertainment unit?

It may be tempting to use a console table instead of the traditional home office desk, but stop to think before you purchase! Console tables are thinner than other pieces and have a lower weight capacity than a traditional desk, so they may not be suitable for your work, especially if you use a computer with monitors over a laptop. You will have the same problems using a console table to hold your television - modern TV screens are heavy and require a wide base for stability, so we do not recommend using a console table instead of a TV stand or entertainment unit. Don't worry - you'll find plenty of options for affordable furniture in similar styles by exploring our website!

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    14 products

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