Is there something missing from your dream bedroom? Maybe it's all in your head...or at least, your headboards! Bed heads or headboards are decorative panels placed at the head of your bed. They can be used solely for decoration, for comfort and posture maintenance when sitting up in bed, or they can come with built-in storage.....

They can be as sparse as a simple timber, plywood or rattan bed head, or they can be as ornate as stylish upholstered bed heads in linen, velvet or synthetic fabrics.

Your bed doesn't need a built-in bed head for you to enjoy them. You can easily create your own faux bed head with easy-to-find materials, or you can buy a ready-made headboard from Artiss. We have a huge range of upholstered bedheads in multiple sizes so you can accessorise your single, double, queen or king bed and give them an on-trend upgrade.

Choose the right bed heads for your home


The first step to finding the right headboard for you is to look at the size of your bed. You want the bed head to be at least the width of your bed. As for height, tall headboards work best for large beds and rooms with tall ceilings. Most importantly, consider the scale of the room as well as the space taken up by bedside tables, shelving and other bedroom furniture. A bed head that is too large will make the bedroom feel small and cramped, while a too small bed head will make it feel sparse.


Headboards come in a variety of different shapes, each with a different name depending on the manufacturer or designer. Some common shapes include:

  • Arch: The headboard has a curved top shape.

  • Basic: A plain square or rectangle.

  • Bevel: The corners slope down as if cut out.

  • Camel/camelback: The headboard has a curved hump on the back, like the hump of a camel.

  • Round: A plain half-circle.

  • Triangle/peak: The headboard may be a whole triangle, or have straight edges that become a peak at the top.

  • Wing/wingback: Has a wider top that resembles two 'wings'.

Your ideal shape will depend on the shape of your bed frame and the style of your bedroom. A modern bedroom will benefit from a simple headboard with clean lines, while a more ornate shape will create a nice accent piece.


There are three main types of headboards you can buy: solid timber, metal and upholstered. Wood and metal are perfect if you're worried about durability, want a simple no-frills headboard, or have an interior style that favours organic materials such as industrial, modern or contemporary. For comfort, you may prefer an upholstered headboard. These can come in organic fabrics like cotton, bamboo or linen, or they can be made from synthetic fabrics like microfibre, faux linen or a blend. Upholstered bed heads are perfect for provincial, glam and boho homes. Ultimately, choose a material that best suits your style and comfort needs.

Bed heads to match your bed frame

If you don't want your new bed head to clash with your existing beds, there are a few things you should think about.

The easiest way to get a matching bedhead is to choose one with the same colours, shapes and materials as your main bed. If you have a coastal-style bed made from light wood, opt for a light-painted wood or rattan bed head. For a French provincial home, you may want to choose a more ornate or traditional headboard. A modern or contemporary room may benefit from an understated upholstered bed head with clean lines while a pop, glamour, traditional or maximalist room will love something plush, stylish and over the top.

Fabric beds pair well with fabric bed heads, such as the beautiful tufted fabric models featured at Artiss. Made from premium faux linen fabric material, the bed heads are richly padded with high-density foam for a soft, plush feel that will support your bed frame and your sleep.

A bed head for every personal style

With a king-sized collection of bed heads in a variety of sizes to suit any base, we'll match you to the perfect bed heads that you'll love no matter what your personal style and tastes. The best way to stay on trend is to stay true to yourself.

We have tufted bed heads in light and charcoal grey that will provide comfort and style for your modern bedroom. The neutral colours will easily suit your existing space and furniture, and the fabric upholstery will give your beautiful space the perfect warm touch. They work well as accent pieces to draw the eye and ensnare the senses, or they can blend into the background of the room and leave the showmanship to your other pieces.

Want your bed head to stand out? Choose colours that stand out against your bedroom wall. Opt for a dark-coloured bedhead against a light coloured wall, or a light-coloured bed head against a dark coloured wall. Some colour matches that will really elevate your style include grey with red or blue, black with white or dusty rose, light blue with yellow and pink, or orange with cream, brown or green. You may also want to consider mixing textures for that extra wow factor.

Do you enjoy watching tv from a comfortable bed? Your new bed head with its plush high-density foam padding will help you maintain good posture and stay cosy.

Shop bedroom furniture online with Artiss

Green, grey, blue, black, brown or white, we have bed heads in all kinds of stylish and comfortable designs that will not only help you unwind, but also tie together your space.

We don't just have bed heads to decorate your dream bedroom. We offer bedroom furniture of all kinds and in all styles, from contemporary bedside tables to traditional chests of drawers.

When you buy from Artiss, you're not just buying new furniture. We work together with reliable Australian couriers to get your packages to you as quickly as possible, and our Australia-based customer service team is available to help if you have any concerns.

Creating the perfect home has never been easier. View our collection and shop online today to create your personal paradise at home.

Bed head and headboard FAQ

What are the benefits of having bed heads/headboards?

There are numerous benefits to having a bed head to top off your bedroom. For starters, having a soft material at the head of your bed frame will give your head, neck and back additional support, especially if you enjoy sitting up in bed. As well as protecting your body, bed heads will protect your walls from your furniture or any stray remnants from breakfast in bed. Some bed heads can give you additional storage space, while others simply provide another decorative opportunity to create your ideal bedroom.

How do I choose the right size bed head?

The best way to determine the right size of headboard is to measure your bed frame. Your headboards should be roughly the same width as your bedframe, and the height should complement your bedroom composition. Try not to pair a tall bed head with a short, low bed, or a short bed head with a tall ceiling.

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    20 products

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