Bedside Tables

A bedroom should never be without bedside tables. Who doesn't love the extra storage space? Whether it's to store your books, place your glasses, hold your reading lamp or steady your alarm clock, a bedside table keeps everything within easy reach....

A bedside table is a must-have for any bedroom. With so many different styles to choose from, which range from modern to vintage and other styles like Scandi and art deco, you'll be able to keep things tidy while staying true to you and your interior style.

Artiss has a wide range of bedside tables for every bedroom style. We have small bedside tables for your everyday odds and ends, uniquely shaped side tables that hang over the bed for when you want to eat breakfast in bed or work from home, and even more storage options to accommodate extra cushions, custom lighting, and even more unique functionality.

Bedside tables to complement your bedroom decor

Create a cohesive look with our matching bed frames and nightstands. Our fabric bed frames such as the Tiyo and the Vila match perfectly with our fabric bedside tables like the Moda, making it ideal for your stylish modern bedroom.

Looking for something contemporary with a dramatic twist? Our Lume and Coley bedside tables feature in-built RGB LED strips that can light up every colour of the rainbow. These bedside display tables will complement everything from your bed frame to your wall art, and feature generous drawers for all your storage needs.

For a bedside table that is a little more traditional, our rustic and vintage style bedside tables are the perfect choice. These models exude timeless elegance right down to the vintage metal handles, as well as modern conveniences like the anti-scratch feet, non-toxic paint and safe, rounded corners.

Stylish storage options for the bedroom

Drawers, drawers and more drawers! When you need multifunctional bedroom furniture, Artiss is here to help.

Our replica Boby Trolley is just as at home next to your bed as it is your favourite chair or dining table. With up to four drawers, four storage compartments and a segmented top shelf, this trolley not only has it all, but it will store it all. It comes in a range of heights and colours so you can find your perfect match. From bedside lamps to changing stations, this little trolley can fit your whole room.

For something a little more streamlined, we have a chest bedside table that sets the bar in terms of quality and function. Easy to use and even easier to clean and maintain, this small bedside table features a top storage compartment and two spacious, deep drawers to hold all your essentials.

Shop bedroom furniture online with Artiss

At Artiss, we don't just deal in bedroom furniture. We have armchairs, ottomans, sofas, rugs and all kinds of pieces to furnish your entire home from top to bottom, no matter your interior style. Rest easy knowing you can find functional, matching pieces for every space. Shop our range of bedside tables and other bedroom furniture from anywhere: simply visit our online store today.

Bedside table FAQ

What is the difference between nightstand and bedside table?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is technically a difference between bedside tables and nightstands.

Nightstands tend to be higher, reaching the same height as your mattress or sleeping surface. They hold basic accessories and may or may not have an additional drawer or shelf, and will suit most beds and even some couches.

Bedside tables are lower and can be smaller than a nightstand, but they tend to have more storage options or a larger table top.

If you're furnishing a small space or don't need a lot of additional space, a nightstand with a single drawer might be the right fit for you, such as this provincial style piece. For a more practical storage piece, the Evermore bedside table is the way to go.

Should you have two bedside tables?

While many bedside tables are sold in pairs, whether you have two is up to you! When it comes to bedroom styles, most bedrooms look better with symmetry, making two tables ideal. If you sleep with a partner or have an extra large bed, you may also appreciate having storage on both sides. However, if you're lacking space or budget, one table is perfectly fine - just make sure it has plenty of room for your bedroom essentials.

How do I keep my bedside table neat?

The best way to avoid clutter on your bedside table is to start with plenty of storage! If you love reading the morning paper or enjoying some game time in bed, you'll want a bedside table with a wide tabletop, plenty of storage space and even a cord management system. If you don't have a lot to put away at the end of the day, a small nightstand is perfect for you.

For more tips on decluttering you should check out our blog, Guide to Decluttering and Organising your Home.

    86 products

    86 products

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    Artiss Bedside Table Side Unit RGB LED Lamp 3 D...

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