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Sit back and put your feet up after a hard day’s work with an Artiss lounge chair and ottoman set. The perfect combination of a plush chair and footstool for full-body relaxation. If you're looking for the lounge chair and ottoman set of your dreams, you've come to the right place....

Artiss has a wide range of lounge chairs and ottomans that you can mix and match, or you can purchase our complete sets for a consistent, cohesive look to suit your living space. Get ready to own your relaxation - shop stylish lounge chair and ottoman sets with one of the top brands online, Artiss.

Do I need a matching ottoman set?

We're probably biased, but the short answer is...yes!

The ottoman is a perfect, practical piece of furniture. It can function as a footstool, but it can also be used as a last-minute seat, a makeshift workspace, or an unconventional table...whatever you need it to be, it can be! There are tons of models that also have hidden storage, so you can keep your living room clutter under control. An ottoman is a great family-friendly piece of furniture, so it makes sense to include one in your living room setting. Regardless of age, style or taste, everyone can benefit from a comfortable ottoman. The only caveat - ottomans don't work well with recliners! But that's okay...with a footrest already built into your seat, you won't need one!

While you don't strictly need a matching ottoman, there are a lot of benefits to buying a set instead of individual pieces. You're guaranteed both pieces will match, which means you'll have a cohesive, consistent look in your living room. The ottoman will be perfectly sized to match the chair for extra comfort. You can also get a better deal on furniture sets, so it may save you money. Of course, if you're not sold on exact matches, you can pair any lounge chair and ottoman together, though we recommend trying to keep your pieces in the same style, material, or concept.

Choosing the right lounge chair and ottoman set

Finding the right lounge chair and ottoman set for the whole family can be a hard process. You have to take into account everyone's comfort levels, how much space you have, and the overall design of your home.


Traditional lounge chairs are designed to be lower and more recliner than other chair types, and need plenty of extra space to rock, roll and recline. You need to allow space around the chair, and you also need space around the ottoman - enough to comfortably walk around your living room but not so much that you can't put up your feet comfortably.


Lounge chairs come in a wide variety of shapes, from the modern wingback to the classic tub style. The ideal chair shape for you will depend on how you'll be using the chair: do you care more about how it looks, or whether it's comfortable? Are you using it in a casual or formal setting? Different chair moulds will also provide different support for your back, so you should get a vague idea of what chair shape is right for you before you purchase.


One of the most important parts of an armchair is what you choose for the upholstery will have a significant impact on your comfort throughout the life of the chair and ottoman. It's important to choose the right fabric for the job!

Cotton is a popular choice thanks to its natural hypoallergenic properties, pilling resistance and breathability in any climate. It is very soft and easy to wash, but it will also absorb stains and may fade under direct sunlight.

Linen is a sustainable and versatile fabric that is durable, breathable, and strong. It is hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant, and eco-friendly. Linen is the perfect choice for a chair and ottoman set that will have many uses, especially where children and pets are involved.

Wool is the perfect fabric for the customer looking for comfort first. It is incredibly robust, water-repellant and flame-resistant, but requires a little extra maintenance. For the ultimate in comfort, the payoff is worth it!

Velvet is a decadent, elegant choice for aesthetics and comfort alike. It is a densely tufted pile fabric that can be made from silk or synthetic fibres. It is hard to clean and attracts a lot of dust and dander, but a well-maintained velvet chair and ottoman set will last a lifetime.

Leather armchairs are well known for their luxurious look and matching price tag, but it's also an incredibly durable material that does not absorb stains or odours. A leather chair and ottoman will get better with age as it develops a soft sheen (the 'patina'). Leather can be prone to cracks and tears, but this can be avoided with proper care.

Faux leather/PU leather gives you the luxe look of leather without the high price. Of course, the drop in price comes with a drop in durability and longevity, and PU leather will never develop the coveted patina of real leather. Of course, at such an affordable price, that might not matter to you! Look after your faux leather chair and ottoman, and it will look after you!

Buy your lounge chair and ottoman set today

At Artiss, we carefully curate our furniture collections to bring you the utmost comfort at the most comfortable price.

Our Bentwood rocking armchair set pairs classic design with max relaxation. Gently rock yourself to sleep on a bed of 100% soft cotton fabric in the colour beige, supported by a durable birch plywood frame. The high-density foam allows you to truly sink into relaxation, while the easy-to-remove and clean cover mean no stress on laundry day. Perfect for the living room book nook or your bedroom relaxation space.

Want something a little more modern, a little bolder? The Ava armchair and ottoman set makes a statement with its solid black PU leather button-tufted upholstery, classic Chesterfield design, and black solid rubber wood legs with anti-slip bottoms. The barrel back wraps around your body to provide full support and comfort. The high-resistance foam is comfortable for your body and makes a solid surface for the ottoman. It's very easy to assemble, so you can take it from the package to the living room in no time.

A great combination of charm and chic, the Lansar armchair and ottoman set is perfect for your home. Its modern Scandinavian design with splayed, solid rubber wood legs and luxe tufted velvet upholstery adds extra comfort and elegance to your home. A stylish chair with a relaxing aura, you won't be able to resist settling down with a cup of coffee and a good book. Rest easy knowing your Lansar armchair and ottoman will be with you for your most relaxing private moments.

We at Artiss are dedicated to delivering quality pieces made from quality materials at an affordable price. No matter what you're looking for, we have lounge chairs and ottoman sets to suit your style. Shop the look by checking out our most popular categories. Looking for more? Create an account with us today and subscribe to our mailing list to see new products and special offers.

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It's time to put yourself in the hot seat. Your brand new lounge chair and ottoman set awaits: shop with us today!


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    7 products

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