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Need more storage but no more floor space? It's time to go vertical! Artiss has a wide range of high-quality wall shelves that will make an attractive addition to your home, no matter what your style. Store your favourite books, decorative pieces, art and other home décor wherever you can find the wall space.....

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Wall shelves may be less mobile than regular shelving units, but they are just as versatile. While you do need to commit to the installation, that's the only downside to these convenient, practical and stylish home additions.

There are many different kinds of shelves that you can buy for your home, each with a different style, weight capacity, price and installation style. Whether for your home or business, for convenience or style, mid-century modern to contemporary, Artiss has the best storage solutions for you.

Choosing the perfect wall shelf

Choosing the right storage at the best price can be difficult, but Artiss has you covered with our collection of styles, colours and materials for every room. No matter what you're using it for, whether you need more storage or something to tie the wall décor together, there's plenty of shelving ideas to help you create the perfect display.

Built-in shelves

For collectors of all treasures, built-in shelving is the best way to make the most of your walls. From the bedroom to the bathroom, these shelves can hold a wide variety of objects whether you're building a home library, souvenir display, home art gallery, or entertainment collection. Of course, built-in shelves require modifying the home to make them a permanent feature, so this style is best suited to homeowners with a clear view of how they want the room to look because once the shelves are installed they will be hard to move! Don't worry about the permanency though - with the right planning and care, built-in shelves will have lifetime appeal. You can get them customised especially for the room or pre-designed, but we recommend choosing adjustable shelving - you never know when you'll need to make a small adjustment!

Hanging shelves

Hanging wall shelves are exactly what they sound like - they are suspended from a fixed point, usually by hooks, on your wall or ceiling and hang down to hold your homewares. They can be suspended from ropes, chains, bars or other materials, and make a unique and stylish addition to your home. For these shelves, materials and space matter, as a hanging shelf suspended by rope may not have the same weight capacity as a mounted shelf, and there is always a risk of bumping into and toppling shelves that are only suspended and not entirely fixed. Ensure you're using the right hooks, strings and chains for the job. This type of shelving is distinct, versatile and beautiful, and with the right details, it will fit a boho, rustic or industrial house.

Floating wall shelves

Floating shelves are mounted with invisible anchors, giving the illusion of 'floating' above the floor. They are the perfect shelf for storing everyday objects while maintaining the look and feel of your decor. These shelves come in a wide range of materials and sizes, meaning you can find the right shelf for you at any price. The key to a sturdy, long-lasting floating shelf system is in the installation - make sure you have all the correct tools, screws and anchors for the job, and you'll be showing off your favourite homewares in no time. Don't love the look of floating wall shelves, or feel the need for more support? You can buy brackets separately and add them at any time.

Modular Shelving

The most flexible of shelving, modular shelves can be assembled to fit almost any space. Renter-friendly options are also available, so you have the convenience of endless storage options without worrying about permanent installation. Modular shelving gives you room to grow, so you can continue to fill your house with memories even as your space changes.

Corner shelves

Make the most of your space with a corner shelving unit. No matter if you have a small or large room, you can always find a corner to make your own. Small but with so much display potential, corner shelves are the ideal flexible option. These shelves can be floating, hanging, or freestanding, and come in right-angled, curved, or angular shapes.

Slotted shelves

For a flexible, stripped down storage option, these shelves are made of vertical rails, brackets and a shelf, usually made of metal. Once the rails are attached to the wall, L-shaped brackets are placed into the appropriate slots, and moved around as required. You may see these shelves often used in warehouses, but they will also suit a busy kitchen, bedroom or garage.


Whether your focus is beauty or function, you'll find exactly the right material for your wall shelves at Artiss.

Wood is probably the most common material and can be found in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and styles. You can buy solid wood or a wood composite, depending on the price and function you're after.

Metal such as iron, aluminium or brass makes great shelving if you want sleek storage with a high weight capacity. Of course, you'll have to take into account the weight of the shelving itself, particularly for hanging or floating wall shelves. Metal is also more expensive, but its beauty is worth the price. Metal shelves are also good for business - light metal shelving is often used in warehouses because they are sturdy, reliable, and versatile.

For a resistant and affordable material, plastic is the way to go. While the material is less likely to be long-lasting, it is extremely versatile, modern, and the perfect shelf for a busy home. They are waterproof, fade-resistant, smooth, and come in a rainbow of colours, making them the perfect kids' shelves, student shelves, bathroom shelves, or outdoor shelves.

For display purposes, glass is an excellent option. It can help a room feel larger and fits with most décor, and tempered glass has a high weight capacity and is resistant to scratches, scrapes, and shattering. Sturdy, safe and stylish, glass shelving will elevate your interior design to the next level.

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You deserve to celebrate your home decor with the perfect shelves. Shop with Artiss and you'll find a huge range of colours and styles at the right price. As one of the top brands for shopping online, we strive to make our services stress and hassle-free, from your first product search to the checkout. You'll enjoy prompt delivery Australia-wide from our partnered couriers, and our Australia-based customer service team will help you whenever the need arises. Make the most of your space and never suffer from empty walls again with wall shelves from Artiss - visit our online store today.

Wall shelves FAQ

Can I install wall shelves by myself?

Our shelves are easy to install within minutes using the included fittings. When drilling into walls, always check if there are hidden pipes or wires with a specialised stud finder or wall scanner. Always make sure you are using the correct fittings for your wall type. If you are concerned about any part of the installation process, especially when installing floating shelves, consult a professional.

How much weight can a floating shelf hold?

The weight capacity of your floating shelf will depend on the material used, the width and length, and how secure the installation is. A correctly fitted wall shelf can have a weight capacity between 20-30kg, but we don't recommend putting that to the test with your valuables! Always check the manufacturer's specifications and instructions, only install on a solid wall, and check with a professional if you're unsure. Remember, a sturdy shelf is a safe shelf!

Can I install shelves in a rental property?

In Australia, the law differs from state to state on whether you can install shelving in your rental property. For most states, you must receive permission from your landlord for any fixtures, even picture hooks. For Victorians, however, new laws were passed in 2021 that allows renters to make certain changes to the property without needing the rental provider's consent, including screws for wall mounts, shelves or brackets. Wherever you are, check your local laws before installing.

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    8 products

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