Entertainment Units

A TV without an entertainment unit is like a bed without a mattress! Even in the era of wall-mount televisions, the supremacy of the entertainment unit still prevails...

Whether you enjoy bingeing on the latest shows or playing video games and anything in between, a TV unit is a must-have for a great viewing experience. Artiss entertainment units make a chic home for your TV and a clever solution to add character, personality, and function to your living room.

Our TV units will fit your space perfectly, no matter how big or small your home is. It comes with smart design elements - cable holes to hide unsightly cables, ample space to keep remote controls, gaming accessories and media devices, and an impressive low-line design befitting Australian living.

You will be surprised at the variety we offer in entertainment units. They vary in colour, designs, styles, and finishes. Our TV units are black, white, or wooden tones and feature timber, high gloss, metal, woodgrain, and lacquered finishes.

Furthermore, you will find them in French-inspired, retro, rustic distressed, sleek minimalist, and Hamptons styles to match your interior. We are sure to have what you want.

Combining style and functionality, our Scandinavian TV unit has ample space for your DVDs, books and more! For an epic statement piece, our LED entertainment units stand out in design and construction. They come with an SAA-approved adapter and feature customisable lighting, easy assembly, and a sleek modern design.

Artiss entertainment units will win you over when it comes to carefully chosen materials, right fittings, and quality finishes. The products you receive will meet your requirements in looks and quality. You can also see our products from all angles with our 3D and AR technology and get Australia-wide shipping from all our online retail partners.

Ready, steady, go steal the show with the Artiss entertainment unit!

    35 products

    35 products

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    Artiss 140cm High-gloss Entertainment Unit - Black

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    Artiss TV Cabinet Entertainment Unit Stand RGB ...