Floor Lamps

Floor lamps, a gorgeous source of ambient lighting, blur the lines between day and night. They have an unparalleled charm of their own and make a timeless piece of furniture. For the stylish homeowner, lighting can make or break a space...

Delivering a soft, warm glow, a floor lamp can help create a relaxed and laid-back vibe and beautifully illuminate your space. When looking to update your lighting, shop elegant, decorative, and practical floor lamps at Artiss.

Artiss tall-standing floor lamps with 3-tier open shelves are the most sought-after décor pieces that also make for stylish storage. These elegant, classy showpieces will add a sophisticated touch to your home and make the perfect accent piece for your space that will keep your guests talking.

You can style them literally anywhere: next to a reading chair or couch, as a bedside table, in your study room, dining room, and more! Our floor lamps feature an open-box structure with chic detailing. They are tastefully crafted and boast attractive mid-century, rustic farmhouse, and minimalist looks.

With its pull-chain, you can switch on and off in the most hassle-free manner, and the cable holder secures the cables neatly and firmly. Each shelf has a maximum 2kg weight capacity, allowing you to show off your collectibles, photo frames and flower arrangements.

Furthermore, Artiss floor lamps are built to last with an NC lacquer paint finish for a smooth feel and enhanced durability. The use of polyester-cotton blend fabric as a shade material makes it flame-resistant and more durable, and the plastic panel emits brighter, even light.

Artiss is committed to providing you with advanced furniture pieces to keep your home looking on-trend and stylish. You can shop our top-quality products from several reliable online retailers and enjoy hassle-free, Australia-wide shipping.

Give our tall-standing floor lamps a try now! You are sure to come back for more!

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    5 products

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