Floor Lamps

The floor lamp, the go-to source for ambient lighting, blurs the lines between day and night. They bring an unparalleled sense of charm to a living space and make a timeless pieces of furniture. For the fashionable homeowner, lighting can make or break a space. Give your home the best chance to shine with Artiss....

Shining a light on modern floor lamps

Delivering a soft, warm glow, a floor lamp can help create a relaxed and laidback vibe and beautifully illuminate your space. If you're looking to update your lighting, you'll find elegant, decorative, and practical floor lamps at Artiss.

Artiss tall-standing floor lamps with 3-tier open shelves are highly sought-after décor pieces that also make for functional storage. A traditional floor lamp, these showpieces will add a sophisticated touch to your home and make the perfect accent piece that will keep your guests talking. You can style our tall floor lamps anywhere: next to a reading chair in the living room, as a bedside table, in your study room, dining room, and more! Light up the room with Artiss.

Stylish design at your fingertips

Artiss floor lamps feature an open-box structure with chic detailing. Tastefully crafted, we offer a range of designs, from mid-century modern to rustic farmhouse and minimalist industrial. With a simple pull chain, it's easy and hassle-free to switch Artiss floor lamps on and off. The subtle cable holder secures any cords neatly and firmly.

Our no frills floor lamp works well in a minimalist setting, bringing a warm, ambient glow to your reading corner. This lamp suits a simple space with an open floor plan.

If you're style more aligned with mid-century modern, you may prefer this Artiss lamp which is similar in nature, albeit with a lampshade bordered by a wooden frame. With its clean, bold lines, the light has presence and style in spades, and doubles in providing shelves for your best collectables. Functional and practical, it will fit with most existing décor, especially if your interior has black or dark wood accents.

Our Artiss vintage style floor lamps are the right choice for a more retro look. The interesting geometric design makes it the perfect focal point for any room, especially combined with your favourite display. Make a statement while enjoying the cosy glow of your best task lighting.

For all Artiss floor lamps, our shelves have a maximum 2kg weight capacity, and offer ample space to show off your favourite collectibles, photo frames, or flower arrangements. Our lamps are built to last with an NC lacquer paint finish for a smooth feel and enhanced durability. The stylish dark wood grain blends in with most interior styles, so you don't have to worry about finding the right fit. With a polyester-cotton blend fabric for the shade material, Artiss lamps are flame-resistant and durable, and the plastic panel gives you brighter, more evenly distributed illumination. You can use the lamp with any LED or regular 60W bulb - whichever works for your space.

Buy floor lamps online with Artiss

Artiss is committed to providing you with modern furniture pieces to keep your interior looking on trend and stylish. You can shop our top-quality products from our online store or any of Australia's most popular marketplaces and enjoy hassle-free, Australia-wide shipping, whether you're buying from New South Wales or the Western Territory. The perfect lamp at the perfect price is waiting for you! Give our tall-standing floor lamps a try and browse our online store today.

Floor lamps FAQ

Why should I buy a floor lamp?

A floor lamp is ideal for task lighting. Task lighting is when you use a specific light for a specific purpose, such as a reading light. Floor lamps can provide soft overhead lighting for all your armchair activities like reading, sewing or working from home. If your room is naturally dark, a floor lamp is an affordable way to infuse light into the home compared to installing more overhead lighting. Floor lamps also work as cafe lighting, shop lights, and anywhere else that requires atmospheric lighting. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your needs, floor lamps are a great last-minute addition that requires little installation while delivering a lot of character.

A floor lamp can also be used to add character to a room in an instant. In terms of furniture and décor pieces, a floor lamp will typically skew on the more affordable end of the spectrum for their size and show-stopping nature.

Finally, many floor lamps also provide additional storage or shelving, so you get the benefit of a multifunctional piece. This makes the floor lamp a particularly attractive item to buyers looking to furnish space-constrained homes. Add it to your household wish list today.

How can I decorate my space with a floor lamp?

It all starts with finding your ideal lamp shape and size, from stand to shade. Your ideal lamp will take into account a combination of the intended task and matching aesthetic.

A floor lamp is a functional decor item that helps to create a calm environment. A floor lamp can enable you to read at night, shine a light on your new artwork, properly illuminate your workspace or vanity, or simply brighten up dark corners of the home. A floor lamp can also help uplift your mood by brightening up your home in areas where natural light might not easily reach.

Now that you know where a floor lamp should go, it's time to choose your style!

Modern floor lamps typically have a wood, flat base, a straight neck and an exaggerated fabric lampshade. The shades usually come in monochromatic or neutral colours such as grey, black or beige. The streamlined design fits contemporary and modern homes, but different materials will lend themselves to different styles, such as metal for industrial homes. This style also saves on space.

Arc floor lamps make a statement by creating a dramatic silhouette. An arc floor lamp is perfect for task lighting when fixed over a couch or armchair, and look right at home in retro or eclectic décor.

Tripod floor lamps are a popular category for Australian homes, as the tripod design makes them both a practical and modern lighting solution. Tripod floor lamps blend into almost any décor and create soft, ambient lighting that will illuminate the room in a natural way. Tripod floor lamps have a sleek and portable design that captures the eye but is also stable and easy to install.

With a wide range of floor lamps at your disposal, you'll be sure to find the perfect match for your style and individual needs. For more tips, browse our Artiss buying guide, Chic Ways to Decorate your Space with Floor Lamps.

Is an LED floor lamp better than a regular floor lamp?

The three most common types of lightbulbs are incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), and LEDs. Incandescent bulbs are the most affordable from the outset, but they cost more to run over time due to poor energy efficiency and a short lifespan. CFLs have a longer warmup time, limited colour temperatures, and contain mercury which makes them harder to dispose of. LEDs are the most expensive upfront, but in the long run, they tend to be more energy efficient and last longer than other bulb types. The bulb in an LED floor lamp is thought to last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Bulbs for LED floor lamps can also operate at a dimmed capacity and come in a wider variety of temperatures so you can cultivate the perfect atmosphere. If you're looking to purchase from Artiss, our floor lamps will work with any 60W bulb or equivalent LED.

How do I choose the perfect lampshade?

The ideal lampshade will make your task lighting all the easier. For starters, the lampshade should be the same shape as the lamp base. Secondly, the shade should be about 2/3 the height of your lamp and double the width of the lamp base: the key is keeping it in proportion.

The best material for your shade depends on what you want the light for. Translucent material is best for adding ambient light, while opaque material will direct light in defined directions. The material might be smooth for a uniform, contemporary look, or it may be pleated for a more rustic, classic look. You can also find lamp shades that are decorated with amazing fabric or embroidery for an artistic addition to your home.

    13 products

    13 products

    Artiss Floor Lamp 3 Tier Shelf Storage LED Ligh...

    Artiss Floor Lamp 3 Tier Shelf Storage LED Ligh...

    Artiss Floor Lamp 3 Tier Shelf Shelf Storage LE...

    Artiss Floor Lamp 3 Tier Shelf Storage LED Ligh...