What would a living room be without a place to sit, snuggle, or recline? Sofas make a warm addition to any home, making your space feel cosier and inviting...

Shop sofas and couches for all occasions Australia-wide

Thinking about upgrading to a new sofa? Artiss fabric modular sofas bring life to any space. In timeless designs, our sofas are durable and versatile. You can customise them to match your room’s shape, style and seating needs.

Our sofas are suitable for both small and large spaces. The modular design gives you the flexibility to create an ideal setup while delivering the stylish appeal you desire.

Sofas for relaxation

Whether you want to create an entertaining space for movie nights in front of the TV, a cozy spot where the whole family can relax, or gather your guests around the sofa for special events, you can do it effortlessly with an Artiss chaise lounge, sofa chair, or sofa bed. With customisable furniture pieces, you don't even need to choose a style that suits your space.

Get a chaise lounge for convenience

Artiss 4-seater and 5-seater modular sofas with reversible chaise are highly sought-after family furniture pieces offering utmost comfort after a long day. You can configure them into four different seating arrangements to give your space an instant and affordable makeover. You can reinvent your style on the turn of a dollar or dime with Artiss.

Easy care materials with a sturdy frame

Our 4-seater and 5-seater modular couches are convenient furniture pieces made from a wood frame, featuring a hoop and loop method with heavy-duty metal fixings. They also come with removable backrest upholstered fabric cushion covers to make it easier to clean the cushions, which works particularly well for a family with young children. With a wood frame, covered in easy care quality fabric, they're the perfect sofa for the whole family to enjoy at any age.

Why a solid wooden frame matters more

Looks aren't everything, particularly when it comes to furniture. Your couch shouldn't just fill a room, but instead be an investment in your future. While a plush couch makes a difference to comfort, it's important that you also purchase a couch with a durable, quality frame. This will determine the comfort level of your couch and its ability to retain its shape and stability for many years to come into the future.

If you want more tips, check out this Artiss guide on choosing the perfect sofa, including frame choice, before adding a couch to your shopping basket. 

The perfect sofa for homes across Australia

Artiss sofas come in a modern neutral colour palette so you can design your home, your way. Consider Artiss your blank canvas. Whether you have leather interiors, a taste for luxury decor, or assorted premium fabrics throughout your living space, our furniture range will work with your personal style to help you complete your look and bring your visions to life. Even better, with Artiss, you can do it on a limited budget.

Sofa services on demand

Wondering what Artiss furniture looks like when you truly bring it to life? You can get full access to our 3D and AR viewing technology for free, which offers a smooth and enhanced view across a range of Artiss products.

This is a way to quickly bring an Artiss chaise lounge, sofa, sofa bed, or sofa chair into your 3D world. The furniture leaps out from the website on your computer or phone straight into your living space. There's no longer a need to shop in store, with 3D and AR modelling taking the guesswork out of online furniture shopping. It's the most exciting innovation in online furniture shopping to date, and Artiss is leading the way in Australia. The future of online shopping has arrived.

Fantastic service and fast delivery Australia-wide

Our collection of quality home furniture is available on all leading marketplaces in Australia and boutique furniture websites at affordable prices. If you're looking for a sign to purchase a new couch, chaise lounge or sofa chair, this is it. We deliver Australia-wide.

Whether you're in Melbourne or Mackay, Sydney or Scarborough, and you want a sofa for entertaining or chaise for relaxation, you can shop our range from anywhere in Australia and get fast, no fuss delivery, with excellent service. For further information, see our FAQs with all the details you need to know about order, payment, delivery, warranty, and a whole lot more.

Design a multi-purpose, modern living room with Artiss. Check out the rest of the Artiss website to purchase across our full range today.


    6 products

    6 products

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