Chests of Drawers

It can be hard finding enough room to store all of your clothes. Whether you're starved for space or looking to hide your clutter, a chest of drawers is a stylish solution to make your space serene, tidy and totally organised....

No matter where you place it, you will have more storage and a beautifully furnished space in one.

An Artiss chest of drawers is an ideal addition to any bedroom, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a big family home. They boast the perfect mix of style and function, so you don't have to sacrifice your style to get a piece of bedroom furniture that works for you.

We have a great collection of drawers, chests and dressers, ranging from space-efficient lowboys to six-drawer tallboys. Whatever style you're looking for - a tall chest, wooden chest, white chest or blue chest - we've got the right chest of drawers that suits all kinds of bedrooms.

Stylish drawers for every home

A chest of drawers is one of the most important pieces of bedroom storage and furniture you can buy. As well as giving you easy access to your clothes, they take up less floor space than wardrobes and can be used to store almost anything, anywhere in the bedroom or home.

Our Scandi-inspired 6-drawer oak cabinet pairs beautifully with modern and natural decor. Air gap handles allow for proper air circulation and your purchase includes wall mount brackets for safety.

Go sleek and chic with our simple 6-drawer white lowboy. Six generous drawers have all the space you need, and the stylish space-saving design suits a wide range of styles.

If you're hooked on bringing natural texture and feel into your home then our rattan chest of drawers is an absolute must. With its genuine rattan facade, your chest not only looks great but provides excellent airflow and adds classic charm to your space. Best of all, you can compare our entire collection of matching rattan storage pieces and create a cohesive aesthetic across the home.

Bedroom furniture at an affordable price

Whether you're after a dressing table, mirror vanity, sideboard, buffet, bed frame or chest of drawers, we have the bedroom furniture you're looking for. We have pieces for children and adults in all shapes, styles and sizes to fit all your favourite clothes, linens, socks, underwear, sleepwear and accessories.

Our pieces are made from quality materials and suit all kinds of bedroom decor from contemporary to rustic. But we don't just specialise in bedroom furniture - we have tables, sofas, bookcases and other furniture in a range of sleek contemporary and traditional styles. Not sure where to start? With our advanced 3D and AR technology you can compare how our pieces will work in your home before purchase. It eliminates the guesswork of online shopping, so you can feel safe and secure in your decision. With additional support from our reliable couriers and friendly Australia-based customer service team, you'll be glad you made Artiss a part of your home. Shop our range of styles and check out our blog for advice on finding the perfect tallboy today.

Chest of drawers and tallboy FAQ

What is the difference between a dresser, a tallboy and a chest of drawers?

The main difference between these three types of bedroom storage is their size. Tallboys are taller than chests of drawers and take up the least floor space thanks to their narrow shape. A chest of drawers is shorter than a tallboy but has a similar construction: multiple drawers stacked in a column. Dressers are the widest and shortest models and can also come with cabinets. Some dressers even come with mirrors to help you get ready for the day. Each of these units is flexible and will suit any room you put them in, able to store a range of objects from clothes to bedding, toys, and even crockery.

What holds more, a dresser or chest?

Traditionally, dressers tend to hold more than chests of drawers, as they are wider units with deeper, larger drawers. The best way to determine if a dresser or chest of drawers is right for you is to check the dimensions before purchase and get a unit with plenty of drawers to suit your clothing and storage needs.

How to decorate a tallboy dresser?

Decorating a tallboy, chest of drawers or dresser is simple. The first step is to clear the top of your dressers of any stray accessories or other clutter. Next, choose something large (about half the width of the dresser) to put on the wall above it such as a mirror or your favourite artwork. Follow up with a tall piece of decor like a vase, candle or basket. Add other accent pieces for balance, such as a trinket tray you can fill with accessories, and you have a perfectly curated dresser. For lower dressers you can add small drawers, flexible mirrors or makeup caddies for an improvised dressing table. For other decorating tips, check out our blog 9 Tips for Styling a Coffee Table for Any Shape.

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    17 products

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