Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

When choosing furniture for a home, nothing's better than choosing pieces that serve dual purposes...

As a first order of business, when it comes to matters of the home, top of the list for practical, multi-purpose items of furniture should be the sofa bed. That's because when you purchase a sofa bed, you purchase a product with at least two purposes.

The sofa bed is a genius invention that's always prepared to park your last-minute overnight guest in minutes. Sofa beds are especially useful when friends and family surprise you with a knock at the front door. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind that you can always accommodate your guests.

Unlike traditional sofas, sofa beds pieces do double duty, especially for space-challenged homes, giving you the luxury of relaxed lounging and the extra room you occasionally may need for sleeping. Lounge and indulge on a cosy sofa by day, relax and sleep on a convenient foldout by night. Quite simply, living is easier with a sofa bed in your living room.

Transform any room with a sofa bed

Artiss’ oh-so-stylish yet comfy sofa bed has sitting and sleeping covered with its easy-to-use mechanism that transforms into a cosy bed.

Unlike traditional couches, sofa beds help create space - or at least create the illusion of space. With a multifunctional sofa bed, you don’t even need to have a spare bedroom for guests.

These 2-in-1 furniture pieces have been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Pull out beds help to create space and make a great addition to your living room, spare room, or rumpus area. Whether your tastes align with contemporary designs or Scandinavian aesthetics, we have a range of sofa beds and couches to match all interior styles.

Single sofa bed

A single sofa bed, sometimes referred to as a futon or day bed, is a versatile piece of furniture that's ideal for homes where space is limited. A compact sofa bed, it can be a convenient choice for the living room, study or bedroom, all the more so because of its unassuming nature. Slender and streamlined in design, a single sofa bed is often armless, making it easier to convert and serve other purposes.

At Artiss, our single sofa bed comes in a dark grey faux linen fabric, blending into the corner or backdrop of most Australian homes seamlessly. In its original form, the sofa is a single-seater couch with an upright backrest. Once converted, with the backrest laid flat, the sofa transforms into an ottoman or small day bed. And if you purchase two, you can even combine them together when guests come to stay to make an instant single bed. Not only is this an affordable way to style different zones of your home, but it's the perfect way to maximise space when guests come to stay. Never worry about rolling out the fold out and putting the folding bed away again!

Double sofa bed

If you need more space, or would like to upgrade your guests, you may consider purchasing a double sofa bed. Depending on your style, you may like to opt for a comfy sofa bed in faux linen or faux leather.

Artiss offers 3-seater sofa beds with built in storage and adjustable backrest options. They even have attached armrests that can serve a dual purpose as supportive head or neck cushions. Whether you're purchasing for the lounge room, rumpus room or home cinema, a 3-seater sofa will work with your needs. It has something for everyone. It's a solution for a big family with kids and couples on movie night, and will also cater to the surprise guest from time to time. Supporting up to 200kg in weight, an Artiss 3-seater sofa bed is larger than a standard single bed, making it the perfect spot in the house to sit back and relax with family and friends.

Purchase sofa beds online for convenience

At Artiss, our range of sofa beds in different styles and materials offer good value at a fair price. When you shop with Artiss, rest assured you'll receive products designed for both form and function. It's why we're a top brand in the Aussie market, with the reviews across local online marketplaces to show for it.

Worried about the delivery time frame when purchasing online? Artiss’ range of furniture pieces are delivered directly from our warehouses in Melbourne all around Australia in a fast, convenient way through reliable courier services.

Our sofa bed collection stands up against even the more popular brands on the top Australian marketplaces and come in at more affordable prices. With so much that Artiss has to offer, shop our range of sofa beds online today.

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    5 products