Freestanding wardrobes are pieces that demand attention. Thinking of adding a better, more stylish wardrobe to your bedroom? Artiss has a gorgeous collection of freestanding wardrobes that act as space enhancers, creating the illusion of a larger room with crisp finishes and modern, practical designs.....

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Our highly sought-after multi-purpose cupboard with removable shelves is all about versatility and flexibility. They match most furniture pieces, creating a harmonious space suitable for children and adults alike. With quick and simple delivery all over Australia and easy installation options, Artiss is making your storage dreams come true one wardrobe at a time.

Plenty of hanging space for today's outfits

The Artiss 180cm White Wardrobe is a multipurpose cupboard designed to store everything from clothes to shoes and everything in between. The classic cupboard is made from particleboard and has a shiny white melamine finish. The slender shape takes up little floor space without sacrificing interior storage. It features heavy-duty hinges and fittings plus an anti-slip base, so you can rest assured the wardrobe will stay in place after installation. It has two doors with aluminium handles and ample storage space with four adjustable shelves so you can have full control over your shelving dimensions. The aluminium hanging rail is included to hang individual clothes and outfits. The wardrobe will suit any room, any décor type and any interior style: they are the perfect solution to all your space-saving issues in the bedroom, laundry, kitchen or other rooms.

Walk-in wardrobes, fitted wardrobe or free-standing: which is best for my space?

A walk-in wardrobe is its own separate room or corridor that can easily hold all of your outfits and accessories. Walk-in wardrobes may be every fashionista's dream, but they are not always easy to achieve. They take a lot of time, money and space, but they may be worth it for the clothes-obsessed home.

Built-in wardrobes or fitted wardrobes are often bespoke and are built to stay. With all the cupboards, drawers and closets you could want, you can enjoy floor to ceiling storage that fits your exact needs.

Free standing wardrobes come in a range of different styles. Unlike other wardrobes, they are able to be moved at a moment's notice, whether you need to redecorate or move home. You can find wardrobes with open storage to encourage air circulation, or closed cupboards to prevent dust build-up.

If you're struggling to choose the right wardrobe for your space, there are a few things to consider. What is your budget? Can you renovate your existing space? What size range are you after? Do you need flexible shelves, drawers or other amenities? Are you looking for closed or open shelving? Whatever solution you're after there's a wardrobe style and configuration for you.

Storage solutions from Artiss

No matter what new furniture you're shopping for, Artiss has the range, the size and the stock in store just for you. From bedroom to living room, we'll have your whole home furnished and full of functional storage for all your clothes, décor and other essential accessories.

When you order from Artiss, our reliable delivery partners will get your package to you quickly and consistently. If you have any trouble with your order, our Australia-based customer service team will be able to help with any enquiries, whether you're tracking your delivery or requesting spare parts. It's never been easier to create your dream bedroom - just check out our catalogue and shop online today.

Wardrobe FAQs

What is the difference between a closet and a wardrobe?

While these are often used interchangeably, a closet and a wardrobe are slightly different pieces. Wardrobes are large pieces that are built to hold a wide variety of clothing and accessories that you use on a daily basis. A closet is slightly smaller and can be used anywhere in the home for a wide variety of storage, not just clothes.

For more information on wardrobes, visit our blog How to Choose the Right Wardrobe for your Bedroom.

What can I buy instead of a wardrobe?

Don't feel like you have enough space for a wardrobe? Choose an open rack instead. These models are portable, easy to install and perfect for homes that need a little more flexibility. Open racks not only save space but also offer increased airflow and a closer look at your existing outfits. We have a wide range of racks to suit your storage needs, from small eco-friendly bamboo racks for the bathroom to large stainless steel racks for the dressing room.

How much should I budget for a wardrobe?

The cost of a new wardrobe will depend on the size, storage capacity and materials the wardrobes are made from. Average prices can range from $200 to upwards of $5,000.

Built-in wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes are going to be the most expensive, as they usually require customisation and professional installation. Solid wood and glass wardrobes will also be on the expensive side but will last you a very long time. However, you can find plenty of affordable wardrobes that are stylish and durable which are made from composite wood (such as particleboard and plywood), plastic, fabric or other materials. These pieces often have a variety of finishes so you can have a luxe-looking wardrobe without the price tag. If you're looking for temporary, portable, children's or simply lower-priced wardrobes, look for these materials.

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