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What better way to keep your clothes from become scrunched and shapeless than by displaying them neatly on your brand new Artiss clothes rack or stand. Our range of portable and standing clothes racks and stands make a great addition to any bedroom thanks to their contemporary, stylish and practical design.....

Clothing racks for sale online

Our garment racks are are space efficient storage solution to keep all your garments neat and easily accessible. They're also incredibly versatile, allowing you to show off your branded garments and store your accessories such as purses, scarves, shoes, hats and other fashion items.

Our clothing racks are available in a variety of designs, styles and finishes to help keep your clothes neat and tidy. We have adjustable hangers and frames with wheels, lightweight clothing airers for your laundry needs, and compact storage shelves and hooks that will easily fit your entryway. Choose from a variety of rails, shelves and hangers in multiple heights, shapes, sizes and materials. You'll find the perfect storage rack for sale in our online store to display your favourite outfits, and keep them looking good as new too.

Clothes racks for healthier garments

There are many benefits to using an open wardrobe or clothes rack over a traditional style closed wardrobe. The most obvious is their space-saving qualities, as most clothes racks take up a lot less floor space and are designed with vertical storage in mind. Clothes stands are also made from more lightweight materials, making them easy to set up not just in the bedroom, but just about anywhere - perfect for renters, salons, retailers or costumers. Some storage racks, like these metal stands, are not only the perfect height to hang everyday clothing, stock and stage costumes, but can be wheeled around wherever you need to be. Portable clothes for on-the-go fashionistas, what could be better?

Need inspiration at the last minute? Keeping your outfits on an easy-to-see clothes rail is the best way to organise your entire look for the day, including those extra items like jewellery and bags. Place each day's entire outfit on display for a complete view of your wardrobe. Let your stock hang alongside the perfect accessories and decor, ensuring your next sale is equipped with everything they need for the right look. See all your clothing at once and find your style gaps - need to add more black? More pants? More matching shirts? You've got it all covered.

Finally, open wardrobes allow for complete air circulation, which is great for your clothing. Have you suffered from mildew, pests or other issues with stuffy clothes? Store your favourite pieces on an Artiss clothing rack and let them hang in the open air. Proper air circulation will help to prevent bacteria, dust and mould build-up. Best of all, portable garment racks will allow you to move the shelves from room to room so you can always be in the room with the most sunlight, purest air or perfect temperature.

Visit our blogs Open racks vs closets and How to choose the right wardrobe for your bedroom for more info.

A clothing rack for every home

Our clothes racks are made of quality materials to ensure they have the ideal size, length, width, height, weight capacity and durability to store all your favourite clothes.

Our adjustable steel hanger stands are the perfect size for not only the bedroom but backstage, showrooms, or your brick-and-mortar store. Use them to organise your outfits or hang them out to dry. The strong metal material is corrosion-resistant, smooth to the touch and collapsible for easy storage. With 360-degree rotatable castor wheels (two of them lockable), two lower bars for additional storage space and four plastic cups to prevent wall and floor damage, these racks are designed to be the ultimate display.

Our white and wood garment rack is ideal for fashion and interior decoration lovers alike. Its stylish contemporary design suits most home styles, which means it will fit perfectly well in any bedroom, store or backroom you place it. Its sturdy powder-coated metal frame is strong and durable, and the eco-friendly MDF board shelving is reliable and supported by heavy-duty fixings and a U-shaped frame. The shelving can store accessories such as hats, scarves, bags and jewellery, while the anti-slip bar will keep your clothes neat, upright and wrinkle-free.

For an effortlessly zen look, our bamboo clothes rack set exudes natural class and style. The polished and burr-free frame is meticulously finished and makes for the perfect furniture piece in your bedroom, bathroom or spa. The rack can hold up to 10kg in weight with each tier, and 2.5kg on each of the 4 hooks. The shelves use mould and split-resistant bamboo with a waterproof varnish and heavy steel fixings, plus four reliable 360-degree rotatable and lockable castors. The shelves split design helps air circulate through your clothes to prevent mould, dust and bacteria build-up. Best of all, the middle shelf is adjustable and the whole ensemble is easy to assemble.

Buy your new clothes rack from Artiss

We have the right clothes racks for you to rearrange your wardrobe at Artiss. Find the perfect height, width, weight and length with our flexible, adjustable, easy-to-use garment hangers and clothing racks on sale online now.

Your joyful shopping experience doesn't just end after you add to cart. Our courier partners are prompt and reliable, and you can contact our friendly Australia-based customer service team at any time for troubleshooting, updates or other queries. With new items added to the store every day and new stock becoming available, we have everything you need to hang, store, view and organise not only your garments but all your favourite accessories and décor. So what are you waiting for? Shop with Artiss today!

Clothes racks and stands FAQ

Are open and portable clothes racks better for clothing than wardrobes?

Do your clothes often smell like mildew, or do you have issues with insects such as moths? The issue may be your storage space. In humid homes, wardrobes can trap moisture which then attaches to your clothes, helping them collect bacteria, mould and dust. Open hanging storage helps allow air to circulate through your clothes, preventing nasty build-up and also preventing static cling and wrinkles. Open wardrobes are also easier to organise, giving your more space to arrange your clothing and allowing you to see your entire collection at once. No more guessing which outfits you have - get all you need to know at a glance.

Closed storage such as wardrobes are perfect if you're a minimalist who hates visual clutter, as it will keep the chaos of your closet out of sight. It also means less dusting since your clothes aren't exposed to open air, and closet doors can be repurposed to hold baskets, a mirror, whiteboards, corkboards, and all kinds of storage solutions. If you're worried about mildew but you have a closed wardrobe, you can regularly air out the closet by opening the doors and using a dehumidifier or air purifier regularly.

How big should my wardrobe be?

What are you storing in your wardrobe? Do you own a lot of tall dresses and suits, or are you a jeans and a t-shirt kind of person? Do you need more shelves or more hanger space? It's important that you choose a rack that is the right height, width and length for your clothes to avoid overcrowding, which can prevent air circulation and stress your hangers. If you're worried about space, think vertically - go for height instead of depth or width when it comes to your perfect shelf. For the ultimate space-saving rack, choose an adjustable clothes rack that you can customise to your exact clothing storage needs.

How far should a clothes rack be from the wall?

When building a closed wardrobe, the minimum depth recommended for hanging adult clothes is about 24 inches (61cm) with hanging rods placed at about 11.5 inches (30cm). These are the minimum distances your open clothes rack should be from your wall, though we recommend adding 2-5cm to allow for proper airflow. You don't want your clothes touching the wall - in the worst-case scenario, colour might transfer from your pieces to your paint.

What's the best material for storing clothes?

The right material for your clothes rack will depend on the climate inside your home, how many clothes you own, and your budget. Wood is a common and affordable material, metal is the most durable and sturdy, while plastic and fabric wardrobes can be effortlessly portable. A wood wardrobe with a resistant finish and durable metal fittings will be suitable for most homes.

Does it save more space to hang clothes or fold them?

Expert organisers agree that folding clothes saves more space than hanging them. However, not all clothes should be folded. Delicate, wrinkle-prone fabrics, blazers, suits and anything treated with starch should be hung to preserve the garments, while stretchy materials, t-shirts, jeans and sweaters should be folded. The method that works best for you will depend on what clothes you own. If you're after more folding room for your clothes, check out our range of chests of drawers.

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