Laptop Desks

Laptops give you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, with convenience. Your desk should be able to do the same. With the Artiss range of laptop desks, you can work anywhere in your home - from your home office, from the living room, while watching the kids, even from the bedroom...

A laptop desk for every work style

Our laptop stands are designed to be flexible, durable and easy to adjust for every kind of working style. If you need an affordable desk that you can move at a moment's notice, our portable laptop desks have ample space to work efficiently without feeling cluttered. The U-shape design fits well with most furniture, so you can sit and work comfortably anywhere in the home. Lockable and detachable castor wheels make moving easy, while the round edges are safe for kids and adults alike. With a strong steel frame and 40kg weight capacity, your laptop will be safe and sound on this sturdy tabletop. Available in dark wood, black and white, the desk is sleek and stylish and will suit any décor.

For something more custom, our adjustable laptop table stand features 4 smooth castor wheels, 360-degree rotation, a plastic anti-slip bar allowing for adjustable tilting, a convenient cable slot and a USB fan to prevent overheating.

For a more heavy-duty model to fit all your office needs, our twin laptop desks are easily the right choice. With three independently adjustable surfaces and one detachable lower shelf, this desk has plenty of space to store and hold a laptop, monitor, CPU and other stationary, décor and supplies. The legs are made from premium carbon steel for a maximum weight capacity of 8okg.

Laptop stand and much more

Constructed from quality materials and available at an affordable price, you'll find Artiss Laptop Desks are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our versatile desks can be used for reading, writing, work or studying, and then instantly converted into a side table, bedside table, craft table or dining table. Imagine being able to work on your business or hobby in front of the television, while watching the children, or wrapped up in bed on a cold winter's day. Artiss gives you the space and freedom you need to work on your dreams, which is why we're one of the leading online furniture retailers in Australia.

Your next laptop table from Artiss

Purchases from Artiss come with a commitment to quality customer service and prompt delivery. Browse our collection today and let yourself work in total freedom, flexibility and comfort.

Having trouble deciding on the right desk? Visit our blog How to Find the Perfect Home Office Desk for more tips!

Laptop desk FAQs

Can I use my laptop on my lap?

Despite the name, laptops do not belong on your lap or any surface that is not flat, rigid and smooth.

A laptop's mainframe, exhaust fan and other mechanisms are often under the keyboard. Using a laptop on your lap or on fabric may cause skin irritation and burns. It may block the exhaust fan, destroying your laptop or creating a fire risk. Finally, having the laptop on your knees will cause you to hunch over, resulting in poor posture and possible back, neck and eye pain. It's best to use your laptop on clean, flat, heat-resistant surfaces such as specialised desks and tables.

Should I consider a vertical laptop stand?

Vertical laptop stands can help you optimise your tabletop space. They allow you to store your laptop in a vertical position, which has the dual benefits of exposing the ventilation system to air for more efficient cooling and freeing up space for other work essentials. Combined with an Artiss laptop desk, you'll be free to work from anywhere with ultimate efficiency.

How elevated should your laptop be?

To prevent neck and back strain and maintain good posture, your laptop should be raised slightly on your desk. Raise it to the point where the top of your screen sits at or just below eye level.

How far should you sit from a laptop screen?

Looking at a screen for long periods can cause eye strain and dryness. Try to keep your laptop screen at least 40cm away from your face, use easy to read fonts, and try to look away from your screen every 20 minutes.

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    16 products