Dining Table

New Year celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries, family dinners, Christmas...

What do all these events have in common? They’re all special times when friends and family gather, eat, and have meaningful conversations at a dining table.

The dining table plays a significant role in our lives, so you need to find the perfect dining table to last through all the important moments. When looking for a new dining table, look no further than Artiss, where creativity, design, and comfort meet. As each home is different, we bring carefully selected dining tables for every style. Whether round, square, rectangle, glass, wood, metal, big or small, our dining tables will cater to your unique preferences.

A family favourite

Much of everyday life happens around the dining table, from celebrations to normal daily living, all of it beautiful and needing a durable, long-lasting dining table for the best support.

We have rustic chic, classic charm, industrial, sophisticated glamour, vintage-retro, Scandinavian or Santorini-inspired styles and everything in between. Precisely crafted to fit flawlessly in any space and enhance its overall look, our furniture collection is unique on its own.

For a simple, easy going and long-lasting table that fits four to six people, the Artiss Natu dining table is the perfect choice for you. Made from 15mm thick particle board, the dining table is thick and robust for the perfect multi-use surface. With a beautiful natural woodgrain finish, the solid and chunky style lends itself to Scandinavian, Hamptons, and contemporary styles. The anti-slip base and heavy-duty fixings keep the tale secure and steady, so you can be confident in the safety and reliability of your new table. For an even more delightful design style, pair it with the Natu dining bench for flexible comfort.

Short on space or just prefer a smaller piece? Enjoy the style and function of the 4-seater Replica DSW Eiffel dining table. Delightfully simplistic but timelessly fashionable, this table takes inspiration from the ground-breaking designs of Charles and Ray Eames. The piece gets its name from the signature X-shaped wire base that holds it together with expert craftsmanship. The beech wood legs are strong and impact resistant, while the steel wires have heavy-duty fixings to keep them stable and secure. The table has room for 4 seats, and with a 100cm diameter, there is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy meals with friends. Best of all, the smooth round edges mean no stubbed toes or bruised legs. You can pair with our DAW replica dining chairs for a vintage rustic look, or matching Artiss Lucho dining chairs for a more modern look. What more could you ask for from the ideal dining set?

Best for business

Starting a new business and need some tables for your new shop, café or restaurant? Then you’ll love our 6-seater wooden kitchen/café table. With a standout design, the dining table features a 50mm extra-thick hollow honeycomb board with a smooth melamine finish and beautiful black powder-coated steel tube legs. The heavy-duty fixings and rock-solid stance ensure the table will stay firmly in place for all those busy nights. With a clean and linear design, the table won’t look out of place in any décor, though it especially suits an industrial or contemporary setting. Pair with our replica Tolix chair range for a cohesive experience with the best durable furniture money can buy. Customers and guests can sit and enjoy their meal, while you can enjoy the pressure off your wallet.

For something a little taller and more space-saving, the Artiss Alex bar table is a great choice. The solid wood pine tabletop is great for a relaxed night of good food and wine. Don’t worry about spills – the reinforced steel frame is rust-proof and made to last. The T-shaped design, heavy-duty fixings and anti-slip feet will ensure the table stays firmly in place even with robust use.

With a huge range of dining tables perfectly suited to any environment, from your café to your dining room, it’s no wonder Artiss is one of the top brands for home furniture.

Customise your dining space

Do you like to customise your space? You can give your existing furniture a makeover or start completely from scratch with the Artiss range of industrial table legs. Sold in sets of 2, they come in a variety of elegant geometric shapes so you can enjoy the freedom of expression. Made from fully welded, matte black powder coated steel, the legs are rust-resistant, incredibly durable, and come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. With a 200kg weight capacity, you can use any kind of tabletop, from wood to glass. Have you always wanted to create an exquisite custom table, built to your exact specifications? These table legs from Artiss will help make that a reality. Perfect for the DIY genius in all of us.

Built for dining room storage

If you struggle to find space for a full dining table, Artiss has compact options perfectly suited to a flexible lifestyle.

The Artiss Gateleg extendable dining table receives a lot of compliments for its unique design and construction. It is an artful piece of furniture for modern homes where space is the concern. Its two storage drawers allow you to store your dining essentials nicely and out of the way, and the swinging under-frame support ensures stability. The table size can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate between 4-6 people, but also packs away nicely with flush storage and easy to move MDF frame.

Another contemporary option is the Artiss 3-level storage bar table that acts as both a bar table and stylish, open shelving for drinks and accessories. The three shelves are supported with metal tubes that can safely hold magazines, wine glasses, cocktail mixers, and anything you want to have on hand while you enjoy your meal. It’s even suitable as a kitchen island, and you’ll never have to worry about knocking a corner with those smooth edges. Pair with a couple of sleek and stylish Artiss PU leather bar stools and you have the perfect compact set up for a last-minute meeting, brainstorming, or simple afternoon tea.

Looking to buy dining tables online?

Shopping for dining tables online has never been easier with Artiss. We offer an expansive range of dining room furniture, so you can find the perfect pieces to suit your dining space. Made from high quality materials, but sold at an affordable price, you'll find the perfect modern dining setting without leaving your home.

Shopping online is easy with Artiss. Our products are available across all major Australian marketplaces, offering fast and easy Australia-wide delivery. And if you have any problems with your order, our friendly customer service team is available to help you ASAP. You can browse our collection easily online today.

Dining tables FAQ

What size dining table do I need?

You should allow for at least a metre clearance on each side of the dining table to move around and bring chairs in and out. This clearance, subtracted from the width and length of your room, will give you the maximum size a dining table should be in your dining room.

As for functionality, it depends on how many people you expect to host around your dining setting. You can choose an expanding table that stays compact from day to day, but can expand into a wide setting for gatherings and parties, or you can explore alternative shapes and configurations to completely transform your living space.

Does the shape of my dining table matter?

Is the rectangular table really the perfect shape? Dining tables come in a variety of shapes, from round dining tables to perfect square dining tables. Choosing the shape that works best for you will depend on the size and shape of your dining room.

For square-shaped rooms, square or round dining tables make the best of the space. Square tables provide a nice amount of intimacy for small groups, and can be combined to make a larger rectangle table as required. Round dining tables are great for gatherings, as everyone is facing one another, and they offer more space to move around the dining area. Oval dining tables appear to take up less space in a room, but they offer less surface area than a rectangle dining table.

Should I buy matching chairs?

Your style is unique to you, so if you don't want matching dining chairs, there's no reason you can't mix and match. However, you'll find that many dining tables will come in dining sets with their own chairs, making it cheaper to buy the set than it would be to buy individual chairs and tables.

If you prefer to purchase chairs separately, look for dining chairs that complement your existing table and décor, whether through style, materials, or colour. For example, if you have a concrete dining table, you may also like to choose concrete benches to accompany. Likewise, a concrete table may pair well with grey-washed timber chairs, as it's in keeping with the colour palette. Meanwhile, oak dining chairs may provide the perfect complement to a warm marble dining table. It all depends on your individual style.

How tall should my dining table be?

The standard height of dining room tables is approximately 76cm, while dining chairs are 46cm.

For the most comfortable dining experience, it’s recommended to have a space of 30cm between the bottom of the dining table top and the top of the seat. This leaves enough room to move your dining chair in and out of the dining set.

    26 products

    26 products

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