Your books are here to stay forever, so your bookshelves should be too! A core piece of every home, the bookshelf is just the thing you need to store not only books but your favourite souvenirs, art, toys, and other curios from your fascinating life....

Artiss has many different types of bookshelves in a wide range of styles, materials, shapes and colours, so you can create and decorate your dream library. But don't take our word for it: decide for yourself by checking out our collection below.

Stylish bookshelves for sale online

Bookshelves are indisputably conversational furniture pieces that serve as icebreakers and encourage meaningful conversations. Every bookshelf has a different story to tell, and Artiss brings you a massive collection of bookshelves available online that will tell your unique story. With our bookshelves, your friends and family can get a glimpse of your personality, interests and hobbies. Additionally, you can keep your books displayed in a tidy manner, making them easily accessible without needing to shuffle or shift.

No matter your space or budget restrictions, we have you covered with a bookcase crafted to suit your needs.

What do I need in a bookshelf?

There are several things to consider when buying a new bookshelf for the home. Making such a large purchase can seem daunting, but the perfect bookcases will blend seamlessly into your lifestyle and help tie your interior together.

When most people think of bookcases, they probably see the traditional tall, dark, wooden bookcases of established universities and talented scholars. But the bookcase has come a long way from academia, and now you can find shelves for every type of storage, traditional or modern.

Depending on what you'll be displaying, you may want a shelving unit with adjustable shelves to quickly and easily customise your shelves to your exact needs. For delicate or expensive collections, you may want a shelving unit that comes with doors to keep out sticky fingers or curious pets. Open shelves are great for collections that need proper air circulation such as books or plants. If you are on the short side, or you are displaying various heavy decorative items, low bookcases should be on your shopping list. If you prefer the presence of a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, you might create a brand new, custom built-in model rather than buying off the shop floor, although this comes with a higher price tag.

Quality materials

From wooden bookcases to glossy glass doors, the best quality shelves for you will depend on your display, the room, and your budget.

Wood is probably the most common, traditional material used for bookshelves. There is a wood type for every price point and style, from contemporary to rustic. For strong shelves with a commanding presence, you may want hardwood that has an aesthetically appealing wood grain, such as oak. If your main concern is price, you can find plenty of shelves that are made from plywood, particleboard, MDF or laminated wood with fashionable finishes that still hold up, even if they're not as durable as solid wood shelves.

Metal bookshelves are ideal for your heavier belongings and will complement industrial styles. They may be less flexible due to weight but they are incredibly durable, useful for both indoor and outdoor settings, and can be incredibly visibly striking with the right details.

Glass bookshelves are possibly the heaviest, especially when using tempered glass, and comes at a steep price. However, in terms of style and class, glass is the best option for a visually striking display. Tempered glass is designed to protect both your collection and yourself: it is tough and won't splinter if shattered. Your entire collection will be fully visible at every angle, truly highlighting whatever you decide to fill them with. Coupled with the right lighting, you can create the perfect stand for anything from books to vintage toys. For a contemporary-style display, glass is a great choice.

Buy quality bookshelves online

Artiss’ range of quality bookshelves and display furniture will make an incredible and versatile addition to any space, whether you are a heavy reader or not. Our collection can also be used for showcasing precious and noteworthy items like paintings, souvenirs, decorative artwork, CD and DVD storage and beautiful indoor plants for positive energy. We have bookcases with adjustable shelving so that even your tallest books can fit in properly without getting damaged or folded. We also have open shelves for an easy, breezy, two-way display. Our bookshelves are crafted from good quality engineered wood and metal frames that offer durability, a long lifespan, and increased stability. They feature modern, sleek designs and a sturdy, anti-scratch base. Our quality bookshelves are easy to maintain, clean and assemble with handy manuals. They come in a range of colours such as black, white, and other wood tones to perfectly match your interior style.

Buy your bookshelf online with Artiss

What separates Artiss from other online bookshelf retailers? As a top furniture brand in Australia, we provide a wide range of pieces to suit every home, at the perfect price. Providing value to our customers and a positive shopping experience is the goal of our brand. We have also partnered with reliable courier services for on-time and cost-effective delivery across Australia, so you can rest assured your purchase will be hassle-free. Find inspiration for your next home library today and shop the Artiss’ online bookshelf collection below, and visit our blog for more contemporary bookshelf styling ideas!

Bookshelves FAQ

Where should I place my brand-new bookshelf?

There are many ways to place your bookshelf for optimal design flair, but you'll be restricted by a couple of key features: size and weight capacity. Unless you deliberately chose a freestanding bookcase, you may need to anchor your shelf to a wall, and the wall you choose will largely depend on your existing furniture. Don't forget to leave room so you can open doors and easily access your most used pieces. You'll also have to consider whether the items on your shelf can be exposed to the sun, as well as the general climate of the room. Even with those taken into consideration, you still have a lot of flexibility when it comes to placement.

If you're working with a short bookcase, you can set it next to the couch, bed or desk and use it as a side table. Your books and your morning coffee, all in the same place? Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

Love entertainment units or fully stocked workstations, but didn't like what was on display when you were buying? Put your shelves on either side of your entertainment unit to show off your media collection. Have them on each side of your desk to keep your books within arms reach. They're also an excellent way to frame your windows and doors.

Finally, you can place it behind the focal point of your living room, the sofa. It is an easy way to add visual interest to the space and make use of the awkward empty space behind the couch.

Why are bookshelves so deep?

It can seem intimidating to have a lot of free space in front of your books, but it is important for bookshelves to have deeper shelves than other units. The depth helps to keep the bookcase upright and makes it harder to tip over when fully stocked. Ideally, your bookshelves should have a depth between 25-30cm.

How can I enhance the look of my bookcase?

Want to take your living room library from drab to fab? Perfectly styled shelves are easier than you think. You can start by sorting your books by size and placing the large items first, then finishing with your smaller pieces. You can vary your placement for a creative and varied experience or pair like with like for a more cohesive look. Add colour to the back of the shelves for a refreshing new look. Break up the display with different shapes, colours, or materials. Finally, you can use the rule of thirds (a common guide used by photographers) to place your important elements. Out of ideas? Check out our blog for more styling tips for the whole home!

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