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Elevate your daily beauty routine with a dressing table from Artiss. We have vanity tables to suit every kind of home, whether you enjoy the bold and glamorous Art Deco or the organic natural hues of rustic countryside furnishings...

The perfect space for essential accessories

Dressing tables are where the magic happens! They turn the rushed task of getting ready into a relaxing escape. Instead of rummaging through your hallway tables and bathroom cabinets, you can sit comfortably on an upholstered dressing stool, admire your beauty in the mirror when applying makeup, and eliminate clutter by storing your products, jewellery and trinkets in specialised drawers.

We have dressing tables of any size, shape and colour to suit your room. Do you need furniture that can pack away at a moment's notice and pull double-duty? Store everything you need in the Artiss 2-in-1 bedside table/dressing table. It's unique space saving design is just one of it's chic features. When closed, the dressing table can be used as regular beside storage with three generous drawers, a single shelf and a minimalist design. Open the table top to revel a hidden mirror, and pull out the bottom drawers for a comfortable padded stool.

The Artiss Sliding Mirror dressing table is a gorgeous addition to the bedroom that blends with your style and gives you plenty of room to organise hair and makeup products, film and photography items for influencing, and anything else you need to create the perfect look. A large mirror can be slid across to reveal three generous shelves, and a deep front drawer gives you plenty of room for other stock. There is ample room under the table for you to stretch out and the padded stool slips neatly underneath when not in use.

The Artiss Corner Dressing Table Set is the ultimate dressing suite. Three large mirrors let you view yourself at every angle. Five drawers, four shelves and a generous table top give you plenty of room to place all your beauty items. You'll have a perfect view of your entire beauty ritual, from hair to clothes.

Don't need the full set-up? We have stools and mirrors sold separately, so you can easily add to your existing furniture for an instant vanity anywhere, anytime.

Whatever you need to get ready, you'll have plenty of choice when you buy with Artiss.

Dressing tables to suit your style

Our dressing tables are not only practical but also eye-catching. They are well crafted in a range of finishes to suit any space and lend a whimsical touch to your bedroom. With multiple storage solutions on offer, you can hide away all the mess and keep your beauty solutions organised with ease.

Feel like you're backstage at a celebrity concert with the light up LED Dressing Table. Four deep drawers, a wide table and a padded stool give you comfort and space, while the LED lights illuminate your face perfectly. You can place this piece in most rooms thanks to it's simple, minimalist style.

For peak elegance, the Provincial Dressing Table set will complete your French provincial style bedroom. The rotatable mirror is held in a stylised frame, while the rest of the furniture stands on classic cabriole legs. Five drawers can store your makeup and other beauty items, or you can remove the top frame and use as a mirrorless vanity or console table.

For a high glam look to suit Art Deco, Glam or other styled homes, choose our high-gloss Mirrored Vanity. Cladded with bevelled mirror glass on an MDF frame, the table looks simply stunning at every angle and gives the illusion of a much larger bedroom. Crystal knobs add a shining touch, and each part of the table is sturdy and fitted with heavy-duty hinges and safety brackets. This impactful dressing table will add sophistication to any room and is the gold standard for affordable and stylish furniture.

Buy from Artiss today

Check out our stock of gorgeous, affordable, stylish furnishings today and create your dream bedroom with ease. As one of the top-selling online furniture retailers in Australia, we offer not only great pieces but great customer service, delivery times, and other built-in guarantees. Buy online today and experience the difference with Artiss.

Dressing table FAQ

What is the difference between a dresser and a dressing table?

A dresser or chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that comes with multiple drawers. They are large, tall, and built for storage purposes, mainly clothes. A dressing table is designed for personal grooming - they are at the perfect height to sit in front of, they may include mirrors, and their storage may vary. They are intended for small personal items like perfume, makeup or accessories. Both pieces have plenty of tabletop space that can be used for storage or décor.

What can I use instead of a dressing table?

Depending on your specific beauty needs, there are plenty of furnishings you can use in place of, or convert into, a dressing table. If storage is your issue, then a chest of drawers or a buffet/sideboard can be an ideal solution. Coming in a wide range of heights and with different storage capabilities, they also have generous tabletops that can be used to store, display and spread out your entire morning ritual.

Console tables are another flexible piece of furniture that can be converted into a dressing table, desk or other workspaces at a moment's notice. They have less storage than a dresser or sideboard, but they are more flexible in terms of floor space.

You can use these pieces as is or place a mirror on top and use a comfortable stool or ottoman to convert them into practical, multifunctional dressing tables.

Where is the best place for a dressing table in the bedroom?

Your first step when placing a dressing table should be identifying where you get the most light. Natural light is the most ideal for makeup application, but if you don't get much in your room then a soft white light is the next best thing. Dressing tables with built-in lights can help solve this problem.

Other possible placements for dressing tables include next to your bed in place of a bedside table, at the foot of your bed or sandwiched between other furnishings (such as your chest of drawers and bookcase). Your ideal position will depend on the space you have available and what you prefer to look at.

Looking for more advice before you buy? Check out our guide to buying the perfect dressing table today!

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    19 products

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    Artiss Dressing Table Stool Set Sliding Mirror ...

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