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A sofa, a chaise longue, a bed. The space-saving adjustable and foldable formfactor is ideal for homes with limited space.....

Chair vs floor: which is better?

When you're at a casual party or home board game night, do you naturally gravitate to a chair, couch, or the floor? It sounds like a simple decision, but the results may surprise you! On the one hand, the floor is an easy option when you're out of space and can help put everyone on equal low footing. On the other hand, unless you have a comfortable rug to sit on, you're not going to enjoy the feeling of a hardwood floor.

Humans have been sitting on the floor for thousands of years, and it is still one of the most popular sitting positions in many cultures. In Japan, for example, it is still very popular (and even customary) to sit and kneel on the floor during meals and tea ceremonies. There are plenty of furniture pieces dedicated to this way of sitting, such as the tatami mat or the cosy and warm kotatsu.

Science has surprisingly little to say about the benefits or drawbacks to sitting on the floor. The different ways we sit place different physical strains on our bodies. Sitting on the floor can naturally encourage you to fix your posture and helps to strengthen core muscles, but it can also exacerbate lower back pain, reduce circulation and make standing up harder.

There are plenty of ways you can learn to sit on the floor for maximum fitness, but if you want the best of both worlds, read on! With the Artiss floor lounge collection of products, we'll ensure you have seating fit for everyone, regardless of their preferences.

Artiss floor lounges for everyone

We have a floor lounge for everyone, every day, every occasion.

Do you love lounging by the pool or relaxing in the garden over the summer? Soak up some sun with our foldable picnic seats. Whether you're grazing in the garden or basking on the beach, this seat will keep your back clean and comfortable. Made of a durable 300D Oxford fabric cover that zips for easy removal and filled with high-density foam, the seat is as comfortable as it is practical. It can also lay flat for a quick sleep under the stars. Finally, it's so easy to carry and store you'll wonder how you did without it. Convenience does come in small packages!

Extend your stay with the Artiss adjustable lounger. A super cool sofa that can travel, you can form it into 125 different positions for your perfect poolside seat. All the benefits of the foldable picnic seats with additional leg room and a handy carry bag. Stretch out your legs, sit back and relax with the extra long seat and sturdy steel frame. Your summer isn't complete without that gorgeous tan - lay your lounger flat and take a moment for yourself.

Do you remember moving out for the first time and having to deal with the lack of furniture? It's a pain! That's why you should invest in a floor lounge sofa bed. A comfortable, stylish, and unobtrusive addition to your relaxing space, this sofa bed is fully adjustable and has a high weight capacity so you can enjoy it with your friends and family. The high-resilience cushions are ultra-comfortable and the oxford fabric is water and wear-resistant as well as easy to remove for cleaning. Its sturdy steel frame can be adjusted to the perfect position and easily folded for storage. Whether it's date night, game night or lights out, this chair will be with you through it all.

For a premium, solo armchair experience, we have the lounge armchair bed of your dreams. The stylish grey suits almost every kind of interior style. It can be adjusted at numerous angles for the perfect position to watch TV, play games, and take a quick nap. The deluxe flocked fabric feels oh-so-good, coupled with the generous cushioning. The handy armrest provides support for you in every way, and unlike a traditional armchair, it can fold away for storage.

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You don't have to be a lounge lizard to enjoy our range of floor lounges. Shop the look today!

    15 products

    15 products

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