Floor Lounges

A sofa, a chaise longue, a bed. The space-saving adjustable and
foldable formfactor is ideal for homes with limited space.

    22 products

    22 products

    Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed 2-seater Floor Folding F...

    Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed Floor Recliner Chaise Fo...

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    Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner Leather...

    Artiss Lounge Sofa Armchair Floor Recliner Chai...

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    Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Recliner Futon Chaise ...

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    Artiss Adjustable Lounge Sofa Chair - Charcoal

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    Artiss Adjustable Beach Sun Pool Lounger - Grey

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    Artiss Foldable Beach Sun Picnic Seat - Black