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Kick back in style, take off the load and fall into the perfect position of comfort with recliner chairs! They are so comfy that you will wish you had gotten them sooner...

Rejuvenating both mind and body, Artiss' recliner chairs are designed for laidback lounging. They are a beautiful combination of modern conveniences and aesthetics ideal for your reading nook, game station, bedroom, living, and lounge room. Kick back in style, take off the load and fall into the perfect position of comfort with recliner chairs! Cultivate the ultimate relaxing space - continue reading and check out our collection of stylish reclining chairs below!

What's the difference between a recliner and a normal lounge chair?

Why would you want a recliner when you've established the perfect position for your favorite sofa bed, lounge chair, or any other seating? The biggest difference between regular seating and recliner chairs is that a recliner has the ability to lift your feet and lower the backrest, so you can sit back and relax after a long day. There are a million ways you can sit in a recliner, while you can only sit so many ways on a couch without adding an ottoman or moving around your cushions. Recliner chairs can provide additional lumbar support, relief from circulation issues and joint pain, and plenty of room for your loved ones to have their own space. Some recliners even have rising features that can help you exit the chair more easily, perfect for guests with mobility issues.

Artiss recliner chairs come with a wide variety of special features and come in a range of different colours, materials and styles. More than just a stylish addition to your home, you'll wonder how you ever did without one. Deck out your office, bedroom or living space and prepare for ultimate relaxation anywhere, anytime.

Choosing recliner chairs for you

Choosing the right recliner chair for you will depend on what you're using it for. Is it mainly for you, family, or guests? Do you usually need assistance getting out of chairs? Do you want a fully adjustable backrest, headrest, or both? Do you want something stylish or something practical? How will you be using it most - do you want a cosy corner to read a book, or a comfortable vantage point to watch tv?

Two of the biggest concerns will be your space and budget. These chairs need plenty of space in the front and back to properly recline, and some models need additional space to spin, rise, or rock. Electric recliners and manual recliners have very different price points in exchange for a whole host of features. Recliners are also heavier than other pieces of living room furniture, thanks to the various mechanisms involved

Finally, you should be comfortable with the actual seat. Do you prefer the stylish glam of premium PU leather or the soft comfort of wool? Do you prefer high-resilience foam padding, memory foam, or a down blend? Shop around and try out different seats - you're going to be in this chair for a while, and you should enjoy it to the fullest!

What recliner chair should I buy?

Lever handle/pull handle recliner

A manual type of recliner, this chair has a lever or pull mechanism that can be pulled to recline the chair. This is a very affordable option, but keep in mind that manual operation may be harder for older users to manage.

Wall hugger recliner

Specially designed for smaller spaces, this recliner has a sliding track that moves both the seat and the footrest forward, allowing the recliner to 'hug' the wall.

Push-back recliner

Designed to be easy to use, you simply need to sit back and relax and the push-back recliner will do the rest. Since may don't have a visible mechanism, they're also easy to fit into your existing style.

Swivel recliner

Set on a circular base, these chairs are designed to recline backwards and swivel 360 degrees for a full range of movement. If you struggle from back or neck pain, these chairs reduce the need to twist around. They're also one of the lightest types of recliners.

Rocking recliner

Gentle rocking has been shown to have therapeutic benefits, and can help calm you down after a long day. Far from being old-fashioned, these types of recliner chairs are available in a wide range of contemporary styles for the modern home or office.

Lift recliner

The first of our electric recliners, the lift recliner can go from flat to upright using an electric motor, making it easy to get out of the chair with minimal effort. Get into the perfect position quickly and easily, and get out of it even faster.

Massage recliner

The ultimate relaxation station, a massage chair is a luxury you can't refuse! This kind of recliner chair is the perfect investment if you have a little extra to spend and want to treat your body in and sore muscles style.

Look for the extra features

If you love watching tv while you recline, you'll love the Artiss recliner chair with rotatable tray table and added storage pockets for your books, magazines, and the elusive remote control. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer while watching the game? Choose your recliner with added cup holders. You can find recliner chairs that heat you up or tone it down. Whether you're playing games or watching them, you'll find the utmost comfort in an Artiss recliner.

Designed to provide a theatre-like experience, our leather electric recliner chair with its contemporary design, abundant customisation options, powerful mechanism, storage pockets, and cup holders transports you into an oasis of comfort with a touch of a button.

Our lift and recline chair in faux linen fabric comes with modern functionalities including four storage pockets, two remote controls, two cup holders and smooth castor wheels. It makes an ideal choice for those looking for something with an innovative design and a simple silhouette. At such low prices, an affordable electric recliner is not out of reach!

Whatever you need to sit down and relax in front of the tv or fireplace, we have the right chair for you!

Quality construction

Our recliner chairs are SAA-approved and SGS-tested for your peace of mind. They have adjustable reclining angles between 100˚ to 160˚, allowing for a wide range of sitting positions for all comfort levels. In our electric lift recliners, the easy-lift function helps transition from sitting to standing and can lift up to 150kg at a 45-degree angle.

Artiss' recliner chairs are not just about functionality but also luxury and comfortable living. With adjustable backrests, built-in footrests, armrests, multi-angle tilting, heated massage, and contoured seats, our recliner chairs promote good posture, aid recovery, and alleviate fatigue.

Our recliner chairs are upholstered in suede fabric, faux linen, polyester, and PU leather and come in grey, brown, and black shades. The high-resilience foam padding gives you a plush, soft cushion so you can sit for long hours without experiencing any discomfort. Our chairs boast a sturdy frame and base that looks and feels good. They are smooth and noise-free and can be assembled quickly with our easy-to-understand manuals. Give the gift of the perfect seat - relax in style with Artiss.

Shop with Artiss for furniture

You can shop our recliners on multiple online marketplaces offering fast dispatch and hassle-free delivery all over Australia. Our friendly customer service team is here to ensure your delivery arrives where it should, in one piece, and right on time. Buy today and you'll be sitting in bliss in no time!

Heaven isn't just a place on earth - it's a chair! Create a cosy haven with Artiss’ recliner chairs!

Recliners FAQ

What's the right material for my recliner?

Since recliners come upholstered, your biggest choice will be whether you choose fabric, leather, or synthetic material.

If your priority is a soft seat to relax and unwind in, you'll probably enjoy a fabric seat. Choose cotton for an easy, breezy, hypoallergenic surface, linen for a hearty and durable material, or wool for the ultimate cosy, soft, warm armchair.

If your goal is style and you have some extra room in the budget, a leather chair is a great investment. Leather only gets better with age, and it's tough enough for the whole family (though we recommend keeping stray claws away!).

If you're looking for the best of both worlds but at a lower price point, look no further than synthetic materials. Microfibre, polyester and other synthetic fabrics are not only affordable, but they're extra resistant to stains, fading, and scratching. If you prefer the leather look, PU leather has the same sleek, shiny texture at a fraction of the price. Tired of the plain black and brown? PU leather also comes in a wider variety of colours! perfect for kids and adults furniture alike.

Are recliners actually bad for your back?

The simple answer: no. They're specifically designed to be the opposite! Slouching, hunching and other bad posture habits can cause back pain. Most recliner chairs are designed with lumbar support for your lower back to prevent poor posture. However, if your recliner is not the right fit, it can cause or worsen back pain over time. When sitting in your recliner, you should feel like your back is supported, your arms are at a comfortable height, and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. When reclined, the highest point of the chair should be just below your kneecaps, you should feel comfortable and relaxed, and your lower back should feel fine after 5 minutes or more.

There are many health benefits to recliner chairs, but you won't make the best of them without a chair that fits.

Is a recliner safe for children and pets?

Recliner chairs come with all kinds of magical mechanisms to help you recline and unwind, but those mechanisms can be a hazard when it comes to small children and pets! If you have little feet running around your home, you may need to be a little extra vigilant when it comes to your recliner. Make it clear that the recliner chair is not a toy - don't let small children operate it by themselves, whether you have an electric recliner or a manual recliner. Before using the chair, double check no small hands or claws are hiding under the chair or exploring the gap. While it's tempting to cuddle up with our furry friends in our favourite chair, you may want to redirect them by putting a pet bed close by with their favourite toys.

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    20 products

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