Photo Frames

Photo Frames

Photo frames add the right level of personal touch to any home. They are not just a piece of mere decoration but a powerful way to evoke strong emotions and vivid autobiographical memories. Have a heap of photos sitting in an old dusty box? Why not display them on your walls so every time you walk down your hallway, you're reminded of a memory to smile nostalgically...

Artiss offers affordable photo frames for your favourite photos, so you can keep your cherished memories on display for all to see. From treasured family memories of special occasions to breathtaking holiday moments, we have modern frames to highlight your photos while complementing the rest of your interior design.

Perhaps you’re looking for new décor for your store, café or restaurant? Find quality picture frames to decorate your walls and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests at Artiss.

Picture frame sets for all occasions

Our Artiss picture frame collection includes frames sets of 30, 26, 11 and 3, so you have endless options for the perfect custom picture frame presentation. Our frames also come in various standard sizes including 4x6in, 5x7in, 6x8in, 8x10in and A3, giving you a frame for every occasion. Our picture frames can be hung vertically or horizontally, so you have full control over your display. Most sets come in two colours (either white or black) to perfectly match your décor, or you can mix and match for even more variety. Don't shop around for the perfect set - find a wide range of matching frames all in one online store!

Whether you're looking for a gift for someone else or a creative display for yourself, Artiss has you (and your wall) covered.

Custom picture frames at a fraction of the price

With Artiss, you can create your dream photo wall with beautiful frames at a margin of the cost. For optimal artistry, you don’t have to line up photo frames from left to right. Instead, try arranging from the centre of the wall, or go 'gallery-style' and cluster frames at varying heights to show off your artistic side.

With our easy-to-hang picture frames, you can try different ways of arranging your photos. You can arrange by theme, shape, colour, geography, or chronologically. For best results, lay out your frames on the floor in the desired configuration before hanging them up – you can quickly see if this is the vision you want to bring to life.

If you're after the perfect frame as a centrepiece, our best-selling A3 size trio photo frames make a perfect piece for your hallway or stairway. You can display individual photos in each one, or use a split print to create a gorgeous, eye-catching triptych.

For colours, our team of design experts at Artiss recommend using dark grey or black frames to make a bold statement. This will help draw the gaze of your friends and family, and create a focal point for maximum effect. These frames work well with contemporary, modern, industrial and minimalist décor.

If you're trying to cultivate a softer look in your home, or would prefer the photo to speak for itself, a natural or white frame may be more your style. These frames will best suit a room with a coastal, Scandinavian, cottage or Provincial-style theme.

Of course, at the end of the day though, the perfect picture frame will be whatever brings you most joy. Follow your senses and choose the picture frame that you think houses your precious memories the best.

Built to last

Artiss photo frames are made from durable polymer with high-transparency acrylic or polystyrene glass and moisture-resistant, eco-friendly solid density hardboard at the back. Our acrylic and polystyrene glass is crystal clear, robust and scratch resistant, and it won't shatter and break like a glass frame in case of an accident. They feature a smooth finish and keep your photos safe from air and decay. Frames also contain a removable photograph mat that provides a clean and clear border around your print. Mounting hardware is included with each purchase as well as your product and installation manual for easy installation. You can have your favourite memories or art prints up and on display in 3-5 business days - just jump online and start ordering with Artiss.

Picture it with Artiss!

Photo frames are one of our most popular categories, and there's good reason why. Offering a huge range of products, you can easily find the perfect frame.

Our picture frames will be ready for your photos, images and artwork in no time at all. We deliver quickly and efficiently Australia-wide. You can also easily contact our customer service team at any time for help with tracking, shipping, or any other concerns.

Integrate your life story into your home décor with Artiss photo frames. Shop today!

Photo frames FAQ

How do I know what frame size I need?

The standard photo frame sizes are based on common photo printing sizes.

4"x6" is the most commonly used photo size for pictures and albums.

5"x7" is the next most common size, often used for professional prints or cards.

Picture frames for paper (such as certificates or posters) are based on standard A-style paper sizes. A4 frames will fit a standard piece of letter paper, while A1 is commonly used for posters.

For an exact fit, you should measure your piece before purchasing a frame. However, depending on the piece, you may want to allow space for a border.

What do I need to mount my frames?

Artiss provides you with everything you need for mounting your brand-new artwork. Ready to gift or purchase for your own use, your package will come with hanging accessories for each frame. Our larger packages also include a spirit level instrument to help align your picture frame at the perfect level.

    7 products

    7 products