Photo Frames

Photo frames complete your home! They are not just a piece of mere decoration but a powerful way to evoke strong emotions and vivid autobiographical memories. Have a heap of photos sitting in an old dusty box? Why not display them on your walls so as you walk down your hallway, you nostalgically smile!

No home can ever have enough photos. Therefore, Artiss brings you a gorgeous photo frame collection for displaying your most-loved photos and mementos elegantly.

From treasured family memories of special occasions to breathtaking holiday moments, we have modern frames to highlight your photos while complimenting the rest of your interior design. Our collection includes frames in various sizes in sets of 30, 26, and 11.

You can hang them in any room you like. For optimal artistry, make sure you don’t line up from the right or left; instead, try arranging from the centre of the wall, or use the gallery-style display with frames of varying heights to show off your artistic side.

Our best-selling A3 size trio photo frames make a perfect piece for your hallway or stairway. With our two colour options, you can make a bold statement with black or go for a simple, clean, fresh look with white.

Artiss photo frames are made from durable polymer with high-transparency acrylic or polystyrene glass and moisture-resistant hardboard. They feature a smooth finish and keep your photos safe from air and decay. Furthermore, it comes with mounting hardware to hang the frames and a manual, making installation easier.

You can get our classy, stylish products delivered to your door promptly anywhere in Australia at a minimal fee. We partner with major online retailers enabling you to purchase our products on multiple platforms.

Integrate your life story into your home décor with Artiss photo frames!

    7 products

    7 products