5 Chic Ways to Decorate Your Space With Floor Lamps

A classic metal tripod floor lamp positioned near a comfy warm, earthy-tone sofa gives the interior an inviting and cosy feeling.

Floor lamps are a source of ambient lighting, lending a unique decorative element to any space. Whether you want to decorate your living room, bedroom, dining room, or your entryway, these elegant showpieces are the perfect accent pieces to create atmosphere and keep your guests talking. You can style floor lamps in many different ways. 

Let’s explore popular types of floor lamps, before getting into unique ways you can use a floor lamp to decorate your space.

Floor lamp types

From modern floor lamps, to more traditional floor lamps harkening back to the heydays of mid-century Danish or Italian design, there's a wide range of different types of floor lamps trending in Australia at the moment. As a first order, you should determine your ideal lamp shape, materials used in construction, and the atmosphere you want to create in your space.

Arc floor lamps

This gorgeous arc floor lamp creates a focused light with its dramatic pole shape that stretches up and bends over to hang above a neutral shade sofa.

Arc floor lamps typically come in modern and vintage mid-century styles. Popularised by the iconic Arco floor lamp, launched by Flos Lighting in Italy around 1960, this particular type of design can elevate any kind of home. Often made of brass metal or chrome, positioned on a marble or stone base, arc floor lamps help make a statement in a minimalist home by creating a dramatic silhouette. The heavy marble base ensures the lamp holds its own in any part of the home, whether it’s a busy room with children, or an entryway with continuous traffic. In a fixed position over a couch or armchair in a living room, arc floor lamps can also provide adequate task lighting. Naturally, arc floor lamps look right at home with retro or eclectic decor, adding an upscale feel and becoming a fixed point of interest.

Modern floor lamps

Flaunting sleek structure with clean, strong lines, these modern floor lamps placed on both sides of the sofa provide good light coverage without overwhelming the space.

Modern floor lamps typically have a wood base following a straight shape, with a more dramatic or exaggerated fabric lampshade. The lampshade, otherwise known as the drum, will typically come in a monochromatic or neutral colours, such as grey, beige or black.

Modern floor lamp stands may also come in powdercoated iron or a metallic finish. These types of lamps blend against most backdrops, but pair perfectly with industrial homes in particular, especially those of the LED floor lamp variety with a metal base. With a streamlined design, they add a sense of refined class to contemporary homes.

When it comes to contemporary floor lamps, they’re typically height adjustable with a flexible body. This clever design saves space in smaller Aussie homes and apartments, and doubles in offering sufficient task lighting.

Tripod floor lamp

Flaunting eye-catching accents, this gorgeous black lampshade tripod floor lamp dims the light to create a warm and cosy ambience that perfectly matches this room's interior.

With the lamp stand taking a similar shape to a tripod camera stand, albeit with a fabric drum on top, a tripod floor lamp is a practical and modern lighting solution. Popular at Australian marketplaces including Catch, MyDeal and Kogan, the tripod floor lamp has become the go-to for modern Aussie living rooms. It blends seamlessly with almost any décor, from relaxed coastal, to light industrial. Creating a soft, ambient vibe, tripod floor lamps illuminate a room in a warm, natural kind of way. 

How to decorate your space

Once you've found the right lighting, it's time to make sure your new lamp is up to the specific task. Remember, you want a lamp that's made for the interior of your home, not a design shop or showroom. What might work in the store won't always work on your living room floor. Here are some of the use cases of a floor or table lamps that you might want to consider before you make your purchase.

Cosy up your reading nook

This neutral-tone lampshade with a sleek metal structure creates a cosy reading corner and provides ample illumination to read.

It can be hard to concentrate if you’re not feeling cosy. Do you already have the perfect sofa or armchair but need something extra to make it the ideal reading nook? Incorporating the right kind of lighting is the key. It plays a crucial role in defining the ambience of the space. Floor lamps are a popular choice and the perfect addition to the reading nook. It will transform your space into a more functional and aesthetic space. Make sure you keep it simple, avoiding cluttering the space with unnecessary decor. 

Shine light on your artwork

Featuring a beautiful wooden tripod design with a black drum-shaped lampshade, this tripod floor lamp is perfectly positioned near the wall to highlight the artworks and paintings.

Whether it’s your most precious family portrait or favourite original artwork, you want it to stand out and wow your visitors. You can bring your treasured moments and possessions to the limelight using the right kind of lighting. Floor lamps are a perfect example of accent lighting. They will highlight your artwork and portraits by focusing light directly on them. Make sure you position your floor lamps in your direction to avoid shadow reflection. Avoid placing your floor lamps very close to the paintings as their heat might affect the colour or other elements of your artwork. 

Brighten up your corners, walls and ceiling

The Artiss vintage tall-standing floor lamp with 3-tier open shelves delivers a soft, warm glow to create a relaxed and laid-back vibe.

Have a sad and empty corner in your space? No matter which room it is, think of ways to spice it up. A pro tip is to place a floor lamp in a corner. It will fill that space and transform it into an inviting spot. A floor lamp with shelves is the perfect solution if you need something extra. It will brighten up your corners and provide ample storage space. Floor lamps with shelves come in different finishes and styles. Pick the one that complements the theme of your home and enhances its overall look. 

Illuminate your workspace

This tall-standing floor lamp with a sleek pole slightly bending at the top creates focused lighting that's perfect for any workspace and study room.

Your workspace doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a place where you spend most of your time. So it should be welcoming and motivating. Good lighting is a must for any workspace, without which it can hamper your productivity. Floor lamps are perfect for adding sophistication, style, and personality. They are not just a piece of decoration but practical, too. Make sure you choose warm lighting for your home office space. It will make your office feel warm, relaxing, and inviting. The placement of your floor lamp can also affect the feel and mood of the room. Position the lamp in such a way that it provides a lot of direct light. 

Decorate your makeup desk

This adjustable floor lamp flaunts a beautiful sleek structure in gold metallic, and the bell-shaped lampshade provides good and focused lighting for a flawless makeup finish.

Having a floor lamp next to your makeup desk is the easiest way to add a little bit of luxury. Pick a floor lamp that goes with your style and personality. So every time you sit down to get ready, you will feel inspired and empowered. A floor lamp with shelves is a great option, especially if you've limited storage space. It will provide good lighting for a flawless makeup finish and ample space to store your makeup essentials. A pro tip is to ensure that the floor lamp blends seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom furniture for a more cohesive look. 

Light up your home with Artiss

Let the décor do the talking for you! What do you think of these floor lamp ideas?

Floor lamps provide the task lighting you need to complete jobs more efficiently, help to balance out a room, and can even create the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. At Artiss, we offer floor lamps in different styles.

Our most popular type of floor lamp at Artiss assumes a vintage-inspired classic design, made from durable MDF board structure. With its three-shelf design, this stylish floor lamp even doubles as a mantle, becoming a place where you can put your showpieces and trinkets on display. 

Give our tall-standing floor lamps a try and explore our Artiss collection of floor lamps today.