6 Incredible Tips for selecting the Perfect Sofa

What would a living room be without a place to sit, snuggle, or recline? 

Sofas make a warm addition to any home, making your space feel cosier and inviting. Your life centres around this piece of furniture - watching TV, taking a nap, hosting parties for friends and family, and relaxing after work or on weekends. All of these activities happen while you’re resting on a sofa, so you need to pay careful attention when selecting a sofa for your home.  

Here is the full rundown on all the things you need to consider when choosing a sofa for your home. 

Choose a style that suits your space.

No matter what you desire, there’s always something for you. Sofas come in many varieties, including modular, convertible, tufted, rolled arm, mid-century, low-seated, sleeper, and loveseat. When selecting a sofa, consider the existing furniture in your space. Choose a sofa that will complement the rest of the furniture pieces. This will make your living room look in total harmony.  

Pick the colour that works for your home.

The pros say you may first want to choose a sofa and then design your space around it. But, if that’s not the case with you, you could look for a sofa that complements your space. With hundreds of varieties, the question is whether to go for a more neutral colour that matches other furniture or a bright one that stands out in every aspect. 

A neutral sofa is easy to work with. You can add throws, accent pillows, and other decorative pieces in bold prints and colours to match your home decor.     

Get the right upholstery.

Not sure which fabric to choose for your sofa? With so many upholstery options, such as leather, polyester, acrylic, linen, and velvet, you have multiple options to choose from. Each type of upholstery has its own unique charm, style, and impact. Before you decide, be sure to understand the vibe you would want to achieve for your space. Having enough knowledge about different types of upholstery fabric and understanding what you want your home to look like could help you make the right decision. 

A pro tip: Consider all the possibilities of how you'll use a sofa, the traffic it will receive, and if pets would hop on it.     

Choose the right size.

The size of the sofa is also one of the essential considerations when choosing a sofa for your space. If it doesn’t fit your living room, meet your needs, or make your living space look smaller and cluttered, what’s the point then? So, the best tip would be to measure and then measure again to be sure of how large or small the sofa you need to accommodate your space. Another tip, measure your hallway and front door, so you can easily slide your sofa through these spaces without damaging any of them.   

Don’t skip on the functionality and comfort.

The most important thing is don’t ever compromise on the functionality or comfort of your sofa for style. Sofas make your space look stylish and also are designed for relaxation and having quality time with your friends and family. Make sure that your sofas are comfortable and don’t put a strain on your body. Since they take up a lot of room in your home, it makes sense to check their suitability for other practical uses. 

Invest in a quality frame.

Quality goes deeper than looks. The two identical sofas could vary so much in price and durability. Investing in a quality sofa frame will ensure that your sofa is solid, sturdy and withstands the test of time. Additionally, it determines the comfort level of your sofa and its ability to retain its shape and stability in many years to come.    

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