Foldable beds

One of the first, biggest problems you have when choosing a new home, new décor or furniture is always space.

As our needs are getting bigger (bigger televisions, bigger computers, bigger beds, and that’s all before you think of starting a family!), it seems like our houses are getting smaller! Between the cost of living and the availability of land, it can be hard to find a property that will fit everything you need without feeling cluttered. The room that suffers the most? Your bedroom. You can make kitchens and loungerooms work with smaller appliances, smart cupboard organisation and a little bit of creativity, but you can’t live without a bed. So why do you do when you’re out of space but you need to sleep?

Luckily, Artiss has a solution for you.

What are foldable beds?

Foldable beds are made of strong reinforced metal frames that can be folded inwards and outwards to create a bedframe when required. Most models are also high enough for added underbed storage, so you don’t have to worry about taking up extra closet space if a guest comes to town. Some come with foldable mattresses included, others can use any standard size mattresses. A good foldable bed is stable, has no sharp edges or poorly welded points, has a high weight capacity, has plenty of contact points with the floor, and has protectors to protect your floors.

What are the benefits?

There are a variety of benefits to having a foldable bed frame in your home:

  • Perfect for unexpected guests: You can grab it out of the closet, set it up anywhere in the house, then put it away at the end of their visit. No sleeping on uncomfortable couches, no fighting over the bed, no hassle.
  • You don’t need a dedicated bedroom: If you live in a tiny apartment or an open plan space, you can set up your bed anywhere and then move it out of the way when necessary. If you don’t spend a lot of time in bed, this will leave you plenty of space for other, more important zones.
  • Ultimate portability: Take your bed with you wherever you go! Need a bed for travelling, camping, sleepovers or other overnight activities? Bring your own from home! Also perfect for renters who aren’t dedicated to a full bed set just yet.
  • Save your sleep and your mattress: Sleeping on a mattress on the floor is definitely an option, but why would you choose that when a foldable bed is far more comfortable? Bed frames provide airflow under the mattress, keep it away from dust and dirt, and extreme temperature changes from the floor.

Artiss is here to help

Foldable beds used to have a bad rap for being cheap, creaky and poorly designed. Not so at Artiss. Our Duoclev Folding Bed base is the perfect space solution, with its reinforced power-coated metal frame, 150kg weight capacity, curved edges, and plastic floor protectors. It’s easy to assemble – not tools required – and fits any standard size mattresses. Whether you need a temporary bed for special occasions or a permanent solution to your space problems, the Duoclev Folding Base is your ideal foldable bed. Buy today!