How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Table

A neutral-themed bedroom featuring the Artiss one-drawer rattan bedside table embraces all-natural, earthy tones to create a relaxing ambience.

Whether it’s to store your book, put your glasses, or place a lamp, the way you use your bedroom and your bedtime routines and rituals are as important as aesthetics when choosing a bedside table. It’s a must-have piece of furniture for every bedroom that helps keep all your bedtime essentials at hand. But rather than simply being a dumping ground, your bedside table needs to stand out without losing its practicality. 

If you want to achieve bedside table nirvana, the Artiss furniture experts have got you covered with this handy bedside table buyer's guide to ensure you find a bedside table to hold all of the ephemera of life. It contains plenty of ideas to get you in the groove of planning your dream home. So, let's get started!

How many bedside tables do you need?

A beautifully-styled bedroom flaunting the low-line design, white bedside tables in high-gloss finish infuses contemporary charm into this bedroom.

One of the most important considerations when buying a bedside table is to figure out how many bedside tables you need in your bedroom. According to the Feng Shui principles, you should keep a pair of bedside tables on either side of the bed. The simple logic behind this rule is to know that your bedroom is a place for you and your partner to share. It also helps create harmony, balance, and symmetry and adds storage space in your bedroom. But there's no hard and fast rule that requires you to have two nightstands. It depends on your style and storage needs, or if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, you can settle for one nightstand. Additionally, there’s no point in getting two bedside tables if you have a single bed.           

Determine the right bedside table height

A low-line design, open-back bedside table in rich walnut shade paired with a beige fabric low bed frame achieves a visual balance and brings a sophisticated feel to this bedroom.

When selecting a bedside table, you should also consider its height. Choosing a bedside table with an ideal height will help you achieve a visual balance between your bed and bedside table. A general guideline according to the Feng Shui nightstands rules for a bedroom is to select a bedside table that’s lower than the mattress of your bed and doesn’t exceed the height of your head on the bed beside it. The table’s low height will give less exposure to the corners and prevent you from hurting your head during sleep. But make sure your bedside table isn’t too low as this can become inconvenient and uncomfortable to use.  

Consider the surface area of the bedside table

A close-up of the Artiss Casey bedside table fitted with a recessed finger-pull handle is a beautiful combination of wood and metal that provides ample space with its wide surface, single drawer, and bottom shelf.

It’s a good idea to consider the surface area on the top of the bedside table before purchasing. Start by thinking about your daily bedtime routine and the things you need within your reach. This might include a vase of fresh flowers, a bedside lamp, a place to rest your reading glasses and books, a photo frame, and a jug of water. Choose a nightstand with a surface area that can hold your bedtime essentials. If there’s not enough space on the top of the bedside table to store or display your daily nitty-gritty stuff, then that piece of furniture might not be ideal for you. According to the team at Artiss, a good bedside table will hold all your essentials neatly and without clutter.

Shelves, drawers, or compartments

The Artiss lift-up two-drawer bedside table in white styled in a contemporary bedroom stands out from the mundane.

Bedside tables offer a range of storage options - shelves, drawers, or compartments. What type of storage design you must choose depends on your personal style, preferences, storage needs, and space requirements. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. If you prefer something more enclosed or hidden, then a bedside table with drawers or a bedside table with compartments might be an ideal choice. If that’s not your style, you can choose bedside tables with exposed storage solutions. The Artiss Evermore bedside table with open shelves and a drawer makes an excellent solution for storing different-sized objects.

Consider who will be using the bedside table

A close-up image of our Artiss dual-tone Bertha bedside table flaunting Scandinavian-inspired design combines style and function to complement this bedroom.

Another crucial thing to consider when purchasing a bedside table is knowing who the bedside table is for. This will help you determine what type and style of bedside table you might need. You also need to figure out where you will be placing the bedside table - in your bedroom, guest room, or your child's room. If it’s for your kids' room, you might want to go for coloured bedside tables to complement the vibe - or those with a greater number of drawers to hide the mess! The bedside table type and the material will vary depending on the person using it.

Pick the right type of bedside table

When you first think of bedside tables, the first thing that pops into your mind is a chunky wooden bedside table with several drawers. However, the shift in interior design trends has witnessed a drastic change in furniture design. Let’s explore some of the most popular types of bedside tables to understand which best complements your bedroom style and vibe.       

LED bedside table

Our Artiss Coley two-drawer LED bedside table in white gives this bedroom a brand new look and feel with its contemporary and linear design.

A LED bedside table has built-in lighting that can be customised to match your mood. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control enabling you to change the lighting and turn it on/off with a touch of a button. The LED bedside table helps to achieve a beautiful ambience and eliminates the need to buy extra night lights or lamps. Furthermore, it will guide your way by preventing you from fumbling for a light switch. With its futuristic design, the LED bedside table is a perfect addition to a contemporary-style bedroom. 

Bedside cabinet

 Featuring stylish curved details and metal cup handles, our Artiss three-drawer vintage bedside cabinet in blue is a perfect pairing for this retro-classic bedroom.

Having a bedside cabinet enables you to keep your bedtime essentials easily accessible. They usually come with a drawer to keep your wallets, medicines, skincare essentials and other accessories, and a large cabinet with a door to store snacks, drinks, or other larger items that need more space. You can use the surface area to place a night lamp, a glass of water, a flower vase, or books. The bedside cabinet offers more storage space and ensures your room stays organised and tidy.       

Open-shelving bedside table

The Artiss Evermore bedside table in white with open and closed storage blends style and convenience in this modern minimalist bedroom theme.

Want bedside tables with shelves, rather than a number of drawers? An open shelving bedside table will work well for you. It's a highly functional piece of furniture, featuring several open shelves and compartments for storing books, magazines, candles, small potted plants, and other big and small items. Some open-shelving bedside tables also come with a drawer that allows you to keep some items out of sight. This simple yet practical furniture piece makes a good storage organiser that's just within your arm’s reach. 

Wicker basket bedside table

The Artiss Alcott bedside table with two drawers and wicker baskets makes a charming addition to this country-style bedroom.

If you want to achieve an elegant country-style or relaxed interior look, wicker basket bedside tables may be the right option for you. Not just bedside tables, you can also use them as hallway cabinets. These bedside tables usually have a storage drawer and shelves to hold well-knit storage wicker baskets. You can get them in various sizes, materials, finishes, and styles, allowing you to fuse them into your home decor. Wicker basket bedside tables can look good in any home design, be it contemporary, classic, minimalist, or even boho. 


Boasting soft lines, clean finishes, and streamlined functionality, this Artiss chic nightstand in white makes an exceptional addition to this modern minimalist style bedroom.

Don’t want chunky bedside tables with multiple drawers and shelves, or need something simple and practical? Lamp nightstands are the best choice. They generally flaunt sleek, simple, and sophisticated designs with a drawer. You can find them in smaller and lower sizes. Some nightstands may also come with an additional shelf for more storage. They are perfect for those having small bedroom space or those who don’t need much storage space. Nightstands can be an incredible addition to a minimalist-style home.  

2-in-1 dresser bedside table

 Combining unique structural design, chic aesthetic, and maximum style, this Artiss 2-in-1 bedside dressing table makes a statement with a clean aesthetic and contemporary style.

What could be better than having a bedside table that can be used in two different ways? The 2-in-1 dresser bedside table works both ways - you can use it as a dressing table and a bedside table. A small bedside table, it features a hidden foldable mirror, and comes complete with a soft padded stool on castor wheels. The tabletop is still spacious enough to accommodate your daily bedtime essentials, from bedside lamps to the trusty alarm clock. This 2-in-1 bedside table will make a statement with a clean aesthetic and contemporary style that will blend in with all different bedroom styles.     

Pick a suitable bedside table material

The materials used in bedside table construction can have a significant influence on look, feel, and durability. So you should pay special attention to the build quality of any furniture you purchase. Let’s explore some of the most common materials used for building bedside tables.  

Wooden bedside table

Finished in antique dark oak, our Artiss Barnsly wooden bedside table is a piece of understated vintage glamour that offers a sense of quiet calm and classic elegance to this mid-century bedroom.

Wooden bedside tables will never go out of style. They are classic and timeless pieces of furniture that offer optimum stability and durability due to their sturdy construction. Traditional-style bedrooms can benefit from natural wood and painted bedside tables, but they can also look good in modern, classic, boho, scandi, or coastal bedrooms.

There are many designs available in wooden bedside tables to select from, all of which can suit your existing bed and bedroom style. In the Artiss range of bedside tables, you can find bedside tables made with a combination of two different materials, such as wood and metal, giving you the flexibility to select what best suits your space.   

Pros of a wooden bedside table

The advantages of a wooden bedside table include:

  • Sturdy construction

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Timeless and classic choice

  • Elegant touch

Cons of a wooden bedside table

The disadvantages of a wooden bedside table include:

  • Heavier than other materials

  • May be hard to move

  • May look chunky

Leather bedside table

 An epitome of pure simplicity, our Artiss Moda leather bedside table in black is a nice contrast to the clean and streamlined white sofa in this room.

Looking to add a luxurious feel to your bedroom or want bedside tables to complement your leather beds? Leather bedside tables won’t disappoint you. Their luxurious upholstery will give your bedroom a soft, warm feel. Not everyone likes real leather furniture due to its care and maintenance needs, so PU leather is used in the construction of bedside tables, which makes them durable, long-lasting, and easy to care for and maintain. Leather bedside tables are a practical and chic addition to any bedroom. You can find them in various designs and colours, enabling you to find bedside tables that will go with your existing decor. 

Pros of a leather bedside table

The advantages of a leather bedside table include:

  • Luxurious look

  • Soft, warm feel

  • Practical choice

  • Sturdy and durable construction

  • Elegant build

  • Moisture and stain resistant

  • Low maintenance

Cons of a leather bedside table

The disadvantages of a leather bedside table include:

  • Poor quality leather won’t last long

Rattan bedside table

Featuring unique textures and natural tones, our Artiss one-drawer rattan bedside table immediately lends a natural and earthy feel to this neutral-themed bedroom.

Need bedside tables for your boho bedroom decor? You won’t go wrong with rattan bedside drawers. They add a beautiful ambience and bring a natural feel to your space. You can style rattan bedside drawers in multiple ways for a stylish look and maximise functionality. Additionally, their strong weave doesn’t easily tear or unravel if you follow proper care and maintenance routine. Rattan bedside tables come in various designs, and finishes. You can even mix and match them with other wooden furniture pieces to get the decor of your dreams.

Pros of a rattan bedside table

The advantages of a rattan bedside table include:

  • Natural feel and look

  • Sturdy construction

  • Durable and long-lasting 

  • Multiple design and style options available

  • Chic and eclectic setting

  • Easy to care for and maintain

Cons of a rattan bedside table

The disadvantages of a rattan bedside table include:

  • Not suitable for all other home decors

  • Weave can loosen over time  

Metal bedside table

 Taking inspiration from warehouses and industrial establishments, our Artiss Casey metal bedside table boasts a deeply distressed finish for a rugged look that complements this classic industrial-style bedroom.

Looking to achieve an industrial look for your bedroom space? You might want to consider metal bedside tables. Metal furniture takes inspiration from warehouses, factories and other industrial establishments. This style is simple yet makes a bold statement with its unique mix of classic and natural materials. Metal bedside tables are highly versatile and easy to clean and maintain. Since they’re made from robust materials, these bedside tables are durable and long-lasting. They don’t wear or tear easily and need not be replaced often.

If you want something extraordinary, you won’t be disappointed with the ArtissIn range of bedside storage cabinets. With built-in shelving, you can keep your books and tech within easy reach. Designed with artistic sensibilities, ArtissIn will enhance the overall look of your bedroom interior.

Pros of a metal bedside table

The advantages of a metal bedside table include:

  • Strong and sturdy construction

  • Durable and long-lasting 

  • Industrial touch

  • Suits various bedroom decors

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Multiple design and style options

  • Choice of colours

  • Combines different materials for maximum durability and ease of use

Cons of a metal bedside table

The disadvantages of a metal bedside table include:

  • Can scratch your floors due to poor construction

  • Can be quite heavy and difficult to move around

Mirror bedside table

Cladded with bevelled mirror glass, our Artiss Quenn mirror bedside table is a glamorous addition to this bright, breezy bedroom that gets lots of natural light.

With scintillating crystal knobs and reflective elegance, a mirror bedside table is all about grandeur living. If uniqueness is your style, this out-of-ordinary bedside table is for you. Perfect for displaying knick knacks, mirrored bedside tables are great for bringing light into the bedroom and will reflect the colours of the room for extra depth. They are a unique combination of style and function and can be suitable for all interior décor. Additionally, the use of modern technology in the production of durable mirrored glass panels makes them break-proof. With mirrored bedside tables, you can achieve a brighter room as the mirrors throw off light. It's the perfect way to complete a glamorous home interior.

Pros of a mirror bedside table

The advantages of a mirror bedside table include:

  • Reflective elegance

  • High quality materials

  • Break-proof material

  • Robust construction

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Unique and out-of-ordinary design

Cons of a mirror bedside table

The disadvantages of a mirror bedside table include:

  • Can catch fingerprints

  • Attracts dust

  • Need regular cleaning

Fabric bedside table

For a cosy and elegant look, our Artiss Moda bedside table paired with a well-composed bed keeps things simple with its faux linen fabric upholstery.

Looking for something that adds a touch of warmth to team with modern décor? You might like to consider premium fabric upholstered bedside tables. They're a perfect pairing for fabric upholstered beds and help create a well-coordinated bedroom. Fabric bedside tables are made from a combination of quality plywood and MDF frame with a premium fabric exterior, which makes them strong and durable. You can find them in different colours and with multiple storage drawers. They are stylish and help to achieve a warm, cosy bedroom. However, fabric bedside tables require regular cleaning to keep them looking clean and new-like. 

Pros of a fabric bedside table

The advantages of a fabric bedside table include:

  • Softer look

  • Cosy bedroom ambience

  • Sturdy construction 

  • Elegant build

  • Perfectly complements fabric upholstered beds

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Choice of colours

  • Several design options

  • Extremely versatile

  • Offers maximum stability

  • Doesn’t scratch floors

Cons of a fabric bedside table

The disadvantages of a fabric bedside table include:

  • Requires regular cleaning

  • Can stain

  • Hard to clean

  • Attracts dust particles

Match or mix-and-match - how to get the style right?

A perfect example of mix-and-match bedroom design, this bedroom blends contemporary and industrial with our Artiss Anders bedside table and Artiss Lars bedside table.

Selecting bedside tables for your bed is similar to picking earrings for your outfit. While matching furniture is still in style, the concept of mixing and matching furniture is also becoming quite popular. Whether you want a matchy-matchy look or a mix-and-match look, make sure the bedside tables go with your bedroom and enhance its overall look. With so many styles and themes to select from, it can become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, the Artiss furniture styling expert team is here to your rescue. We’ve shared some valuable tips to help you pick the right set of bedside tables that will suit your bedroom style.  

  • The interior design world is seeing a shift towards natural materials and finishes. Wooden bedside tables and rattan bedside tables will make a perfect addition to your bedroom decor if you decide to go with this trend. They are sure to pair with boho, scandi, minimalist, or modern rustic interior styles. 

  • Less is more. Consider streamlined bedside tables to keep things clean and simple. If you're after rustic, vintage, farmhouse, and even glamorous bedroom styles, clean, streamlined bedside tables will work well for you. 

  • Open-plan bedside tables are highly preferred over those with several drawers and cabinets by interior stylists.

  • This no-clutter approach keeps your bedroom looking clean and tidy and helps achieve a minimalist style. 

  • Consider your preexisting bedroom interior style and any dominant colour scheme to avoid visual confusion. 

  • When mixing-and-matching furniture, limit your colour palette. By adding a piece of classic artwork in a contemporary-style space or repeating similar patterns, your bedroom will look refined and feel unique and personal even if you’re mixing different styles.

Looking for more style inspiration? Our style guide, The ABCs of Interior Design, will help you to design your own interior like a professional and pick the furniture style that best represents you.                 

Bedside table styling tips

A chic and cosy country-style bedroom featuring our Artiss classic bedside tables with a plush headboard and comfy bed layered with soft fabrics.

Bedside table styling may become a little bamboozled. To help you achieve a beautifully styled bedside table, the Artiss team has shared some insights and tips, enabling you to get the best look with minimal effort. 

  • When styling your bedside table, one of the most important things you should do is avoid overcrowding. A cluttered bedside table will ruin the appearance of your bedroom. The experts at Artiss advise you to stick to a rule of three items on each table. This will also leave you with extra space to keep your phone or a glass of water. 

  • Make sure you stay on theme. The decorative items you place on your bedside table should reflect the vibe and style of your bedroom. We advise you to stick to a colour palette when decorating your bedside table. 

  • Don't leave the bedside table on the other side of the bed empty. You must achieve a harmonious look. We suggest you add a pile of books, hardy house plants, or even a trinket dish to hold a watch, scented candle, and other miscellaneous items. 

  • Another interior styling expert tip is to layer your bedside table. Layering adds depth and creates visual interest. You could go for items of similar texture and colour but of varying heights. 

  • If you’re a book lover, why not pile up a few beautiful books to build height and interest. You can even add a sleek, delicate flower vase on the top of the books. 

  • Aiming for a minimalist style? You can do a pretty good job at styling your bedside tables with just a bunch of real and fake long-stem flowers. It will help inject colour into your space and add delicateness.  

  • Finally, stand back and assess if everything looks smooth and refined. See if there’s anything you think you need to re-do. Remember, simplicity is the key, so don’t go overboard with your decoration. The Artiss furniture styling experts recommend that you have a look at the bedside tables from all angles, or if not, at least from the predominant angle for a better view.  

Check the reliability of the bedside table

Last but not least, you must check the reliability of the bedside table because you don’t change them often. To check the reliability, assess the quality of materials used for its construction and the structure. The use of good-quality materials and a well-constructed sturdy frame ensures that the bedside table will last longer and stay in good shape even after years of use. The Artiss furniture experts recommend that you check if the seller offers any warranty to cover any damages. You can go ahead to inspect further how reliable the seller is. A genuine seller will provide good after-sales service. Another tip is to read the customer reviews. This will give you a better understanding of the product quality, seller reliability, and other important information you might want to know before making a purchase. 

Happy bedside table hunting!

Are you looking to replace your existing bedside tables? Australia, we’ve got you covered. With an excellent collection of bedside tables for sale, Artiss brings you bright, breezy, coastal style bedside tables in addition to elegant and classic style bedside tables. You can even select from our wide range of Scandinavian, boho, or industrial bedside tables to achieve a coordinated look or mix and match different designs to get a one-of-a-kind look. Our bedside tables have ample storage space in the form of drawers, shelves, cabinets, and wicker baskets, both stylish and functional. 

Furniture shopping can get tiring. Rather than browse the stores, with our advanced 3D and AR technology, you can shop our range of bedside tables from the comfort of your home. This service allows you to view our furniture pieces from every angle, so you can check their finer details and build quality, while getting a closer look into the design and materials used in construction. It's good for getting ideas, as well as a sense of whether the furniture complements your space before purchasing.

Browse our Artiss collection of bedside tables online today.