How to Choose The Perfect Chest of Drawers

Tall or short, narrow or wide, a chest of drawers makes an incredible addition to a one-bedroom apartment and a big family home. It was traditionally designed for storing clothes, especially innerwear, socks, and other items not usually hung in or stored in a closet. Nowadays, you can use a chest of drawers for storing pretty much anything, such as painting supplies, sewing essentials and fabrics, scrapbooking supplies, home office items, makeup kits, and even kitchen essentials. This flexible furniture piece can be used in place of bedside tables, sideboards, wardrobes and more, giving you easy access to all your belongings whether linens to crockery. They come in a range of different sizes suitable for children and adults. From bedroom storage to bathroom storage, no matter where you place it, you’ll have more space and a beautifully furnished room in one go.  

A simple white 3-drawer chest of drawers set against a half wood, half beige wall. On the left is a woven chair with a cushion and blanket, on the left is a pot plant in a woven basket. The drawers are holding some natural art, notebooks and a lamp.

Investing in a chest of drawers can provide you with additional space for anything and everything that you need a place to keep. It’s a go-to solution to make your space serene, tidy, and totally organised. The use of a typical chest of drawers having several drawers stacked vertically emerged in the late 17th century. But, before their popularity, the coffer chests were in use since the 13th century. These chests and cabinet pieces became popular, especially amongst nobles and others with high incomes. Nowadays, you’ll find a chest of drawers in every home.  

A bedroom covered in floral wallpaper. In the corner is a wooden cabinet with a single drawer. It has several unique carvings. To the left is a rustic white beside table, an open window with an ornately carved windowsill, and the end of a bed.

Whether you’re starved for space or looking to hide the cluttered mess, you should consider buying a chest of drawers. They’re the must-haves and deserve a place in every home due to their usefulness. A chest of drawers comes in various styles, allowing you to pick the one that complements your space. 

If you need help selecting the best chest of drawers for your space, the furniture experts at Artiss are here to help. We've created a chest of drawers buying guide that will help you choose the best chest of drawers for your space. 

Let’s get started without further delay.    

A close up of a chest of drawers in an antique furniture store. The drawers are light wood with brass handles. A price tag hangs from the top drawer.

Determine your budget

Renting your first apartment, buying a new home, or wanting to upgrade your space is an exciting rite of passage and an excuse for a few trips to furniture stores. However, along with all the excitement comes the most expensive times. Furniture is something of a big-ticket purchase. It can put pressure on your wallet, and you may start seeing your savings eaten away quickly. So the experts at Artiss suggest setting a budget before you head out for furniture shopping. 

When shopping for a chest of drawers, you may come across furniture pieces in different price ranges and features. The furniture prices vary depending on the quality of materials used in its construction, design, craftsmanship, and aesthetic value, which may complicate the furniture selection process. Making a decision on a whim can ultimately cause you to spend more than you intend to, no matter how hard you try to stay on budget.

The internet may often suggest you not to spend too much, look at second-hand furniture, or choose cheaper options. Of course, that’s certainly a piece of great advice, but practically speaking, settling on a cheaper alternative could also mean compromising its quality or aesthetics.

Expert advice: Don’t just focus on the price factor. Instead, set a realistic budget by considering the factors such as quality, design, aesthetics, and longevity. Figure out what you feel comfortable spending and can realistically save up. 

A simple chalk picture of a see-saw with the word "value" on the left and "price" on the right.

The following are some expert tips to find high-quality and aesthetically pleasing chests of drawers on a budget. 

  • Prioritise your needs first, wants second. Focus on the essentials. Don’t let your desire take over your needs. 

  • Research similar pieces from other brands and compare their prices to get an idea of how much the ideal furniture would cost you.

  • Visualise the furniture you want in your home to determine if it fits your space to avoid making incorrect purchase decisions.

  • You want good quality furniture pieces that can last a long time and prevent repeat purchases. So closely inspect the quality of the furniture you wish to purchase. 

  • Pay attention to the seasonal sales cycle. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get high-quality, beautiful furniture at a bargain price.  

Once you know your priorities, needs, and wants and have done your research, you should be able to decide what you’re aiming for and determine your budget accordingly. A word of advice, be open-minded. Although you may have a set idea of furniture you’re looking for, you may come across a bargain piece that could work well into your space if you give it a little love. Another thing to remember is don’t always assume that higher furniture prices mean higher quality products and vice versa. Sometimes, furniture stores set prices more or less to attract customers. In this case, you should take your time in determining if the product truly offers value for money. Also, don’t get tricked by interest-free payment plans. Furniture stores offer payment plans to entice customers into making big-ticket purchases. And if you don't pay the interest within the designated time frame, you can be stung with high-interest rates later. 

Define your purpose

Once you’ve set your budget, the next step is defining your purpose for buying a chest of drawers. There are many reasons for buying a new drawer cabinet, such as your current one has worn-out, you want to minimise clutter, you need extra storage space, or you need a different piece to suit life changes. Sometimes, it’s not just your needs or convenience. You may also want to buy a chest of drawers that could be the centre of attraction or to express your sense of style. 

A piece of art made from drawers of varying sizes, colours, textures and styles. They are piled high and held together in a geometric wooden frame.

The home furniture market is flooded with chests of drawers in several colours, materials, and designs. So it’s obvious to get carried away. You may end up purchasing furniture that doesn’t suit your current needs. For this reason, you should know why you need a particular piece of furniture. Depending on the purpose of buying furniture, you may need a chest of drawers different in size or style because each type of furniture addresses different needs and suits different spaces. It also prevents you from making incorrect purchase decisions.    

Number of drawers you need

Another crucial thing to consider when purchasing a chest of drawers is the number of drawers you need. It’s not ideal to buy a chest of drawers with multiple storage drawers for a tiny rental space or invest in a smaller storage cabinet for a big family home. So have a think about your basic needs and shop accordingly. 

A close up of wooden drawers with various colours and fittings pressed together.

Make sure you consider how you'll be using your chest of drawers. Are you planning to use it to store clothing, art and craft supplies, dining and kitchen essentials, or as a dresser? Understanding its sole purpose will help you determine the number of drawers you need and make sensible choices. 

Expert tip:  Always visualise the furniture that you’re planning to purchase in your space before rushing to make a final decision. It ensures you don’t end up with a chest of drawers that doesn’t suit your needs.          

Pick the right type of chest of drawers

Most chests of drawers fall into one of three types: tallboy, highboy, or lowboy. They serve as storage and decor pieces but differ in size, design, and function. People often get confused with highboy and tallboy and refer to highboy as a tallboy. However, the two originally were different pieces of bedroom furniture. 

You need to understand the difference between these chests of drawers so you can pick the right one for your space. These chests of drawers are available in various styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your space and home interior style.  

Let’s jump in and explore the three popular options when you’re hunting for a perfect chest of drawers.         


Traditionally, a tallboy was a piece of furniture with a wardrobe section on top of drawers (a wardrobe on drawers). People usually used the wardrobe section to hang clothing and stored other small items in drawers. With the change in design trends, a tallboy has evolved into a slimmer piece of furniture with multiple drawers but is of the same height as a highboy. 

Two pictures of traditional tallboys with dark wood, ornate carved legs, and brass fittings.

A modern tallboy is ideal for small spaces because it consumes less floor space due to its slimmer structure. Our Artiss Kubi tallboy chest of drawers is a modern take on the classic tallboy but without a wardrobe section. Similar to the original tallboy, it features good height and multiple drawers that offer ample space to store your essentials in an organised manner. 

The Artss 5-drawer, 3 tone tallboy with white knobs and light wood grain legs. It is set in a bright bedroom with grey, blue, yellow and white tones.

Due to its narrower structure, you can use a tallboy in any room. Use it as a storage cabinet in your living room or lounge room, a bedside table or a dresser in your bedroom, or an entryway hallway table. The choice is yours. The drawers are usually generously-sized, and you can designate each drawer to store different items. You’re sure to find tallboys in various styles and designs to complement your home decor.    


A highboy was made of two separate pieces of a chest of drawers stacked on each other (a chest-on-chest). The base of a highboy was broader than that on the top. Historically, a highboy became first popular in the late 17th century, starting with the William and Mary style (named after the king and queen of England). Then, it evolved into the Queen Anne style (named after Queen Anne, Mary’s sister), and later the Chippendale style (named after the British furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, who gained fame in the mid-18th century). 

A highboy makes a great addition to a one-bedroom apartment and a big family home. Whether you’re starved for space or looking to hide away all the mess, it’s a great solution that can help you get more organised and keep your home looking neat and tidy. A highboy consumes more floor space than a tallboy but less space than a lowboy. It’s an incredible option if you want the best of both worlds. 

The Artiss 6-drawer handleless storage cabinet in the natural oak shade is just what you need to ease your storage woes without sacrificing style. Our storage cabinet flaunts a beautiful Scandinavian design. It features two shallow top drawers and four deep drawers that offer ample space to store your personal items, home essentials, or clothes in an organised way. 

An Artiss 5 drawer white provincial style tallboy with black handles, in a white room with moulded wall panels.

You can style a highboy in any corner of your home. Use it in your bedroom to store clothes and other items, in the kitchen to store cutlery, napkins, and small utensils, and in your living room to store home essentials. You can use a highboy as hallway furniture if you’ve got a large entryway.     


A lowboy differs mainly in size and height from a tallboy and a highboy. It usually sits at a table height and has drawers beneath the surface. Lowboys first originated in Europe around the early 17th century. They emerged as pieces of versatile furniture that can be used for storing clothes or as a vanity dresser. Since its origin, lowboys have been changing in design to adapt to the changing times and styles and suit the ever-changing needs. 

A traditional style lowboy with two cabinets and two drawers. It uses dark wood with shaped legs, 5 woven panels and brass fittings.

The Artiss simple and chic 6-drawer lowboy in the natural wood shade is meticulously designed to suit any home style. Its six spacious drawers offer ample storage space to accommodate all your essentials. It features a gorgeous wood grain finish and sleek aluminium handles, which make it a timeless piece of furniture. 

An Artiss 6-drawer white provincial style lowboy set in a white room with moulded wall panels.

You can use a lowboy as a dressing table or storage cabinet in the bedroom, entryway hallway table, storage cabinet in the dining room, and even as an entertainment unit in the living room. Style the way you like. You can also find lowboys in various styles, designs, and finishes, which enables you to incorporate them into any home style.

A 6-drawer white chest of drawers with silver handles, set in the corner of a room between a window and a pot plant.


Hopefully, with our in-depth comparison, you’re more confident in your abilities to differentiate between a tallboy, highboy, and lowboy and determine which is best for your space. While you won’t go wrong with any of these chests of drawers, the experts at Artiss recommend you choose a chest of drawers considering how you intend to use it and the size of your space.  

Choose your style

A chest of drawers plays a critical role in modern bedrooms. It provides ample storage space that can help you stay organised and clutter-free, make things easily accessible, and help you achieve the style you desire for your bedroom. 

Chic or eclectic, modern or classic, or industrial or country style, Artiss has chests of drawers in beautiful styles and designs designed to suit all bedroom styles. So, which style chest of drawers will you fall for?   

French provincial-style chest of drawers

Elegant, timeless, and sophisticated, the French provincial furniture style is inspired by 17th and 18th-century Paris. It’s all about ornamentation and grandeur. The French provincial furniture typically features intricate, ornate carvings, cabriole legs, and a subtle, neutral colour palette that will transport you directly to the southern French countryside. 

A rustic provincial style chest of drawers. It is white with distressed paint and has a solid wood top and has decorative black metal handles. It is set between two cream coloured curtains.

The perfect example of this furniture style is the Artiss Kubi French provincial style chest of drawers. This timeless aesthetic in white flaunts beautiful French provincial design, decorative cabriole legs, and vintage-inspired twisted ornate metal handles. It takes inspiration from the luxe decor and furnishings of the French court.   

A lounge room outfitted with matching Artiss white provincial style furniture. It features a tallboy, a lowboy, a bedside table, an entertainment unit, and an Artiss blue patterned rug. They are decorated with various green plants and black and white artworks.

Industrial-style chest of drawers

Industrial style is all about raw, edgy, and unfinished look inspired by the charm of warehouses and factories. Most importantly, it’s free from any patterns. With its unique mix of classic, natural, and modern, this style combines the simplicity of wood and metal and yet makes a bold statement. Some may find industrial-style furniture rough and cold, while for others, it may appear cosy, warm, and more natural.  

The Artiss Barnsly 4-drawer chest of drawers in black and dark oak resembles the industrial style and can complement modern or rustic home decor. The metal tube legs, metal handles, and the roughness of the wooden frame make this an out-of-ordinary piece and add a rugged look to your space.  

An Artiss 4 drawer Barnsly tallboy in black metal and wood. It is set around the corner from a light bedroom setting, with a large green pot plant directly on the right.

Bohemian-style chest of drawers

Eclectic, unconventional, and chaotic, the Bohemian style is a melting pot of colour and life, blending elements from different cultures and eras. It’s perfect for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and colour. The Bohemian style expresses individuality and uniqueness and embraces creative, carefree, and unconventional decor. A typical Bohemian-style home features eclectic colour palettes, rattan or wood furniture, mismatched textiles and patterns, and hanging plants or macrame. 

Nail the Bohemian style in your home with the Artiss rattan chest of drawers. Featuring beautiful and creative construction, this chest of drawers flaunts a real-like rattan design that enables you to achieve the coastal Bohemian look effortlessly. Its sleek, elegant handles and smooth, solid wood legs add to its overall charm and appeal.     

An Artiss 6-drawer rattan chest of drawers set in a plain room with white walls and a light wood floor.

Contemporary-style chest of drawers

Modest appearance, neutral palette, sleek lines and smooth textures are the hallmarks of contemporary-style furniture. You’ll come across furniture finishes in all tones, from light to dark. Contemporary-style furniture is highly functional and allows much flexibility. It incorporates features from art deco and mid-century modern and blends them together and favours simplicity and minimalism. 

The perfect example of this furniture style is the Artiss 6-drawer chest of drawers in white. Made from high-density particle board with a melamine finish, this chest of drawers features a sleek and gorgeous contemporary design perfect for a modern home. It features air-gap handles and smooth drawer runners for maximum functionality. With uncluttered, clean lines, no ornamentation, and a white tone, this chest of drawers makes an incredible addition to any contemporary and modern home.        

An Artiss simple 4-drawer white chest of drawers, set in a light living room. The drawers are each pulled out slightly.

Rustic-style of chest of drawers

Rustic furniture infuses natural elements into home design. The furniture surfaces don't have to be smooth; they can be weathered or distressed or flaunt a natural, rough, and aged look. A typical rustic-style home includes natural textures, solid wood, and simple patterns. You can integrate sandstone, forest green and sage, greys, and rich browns and tans to bring the serenity of nature into your home. 

The Artiss 4-drawer storage cabinet in grey is the best example of rustic-style furniture. With its curved accents, retro appeal, and timeless elegance, this chest of drawers can help you achieve a chic rustic countryside space. It features solid paulownia wood and MDF board construction and comes with vintage metal cup handles that add to the overall charm and appeal.  

Two Artiss grey vintage chests of drawers, one 3-drawer and one 4-drawer, with brass fittings. They are set against a concrete wall around the corner from an industrial style bedroom

Scandinavian-style chest of drawers

Known for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature, Scandinavian-style furniture has an understated elegance and minimalist appearance. It combines modern design with natural elements to create a cosy, balanced feeling in your space. The Scandinavian style offers plenty of room for self-expression and helps create bright, airy interiors. This style is characterised by muted colours, natural lighting, modern furniture design, decluttered space, wood accents, greenery, and a minimalist approach. 

The Artiss 6-drawer chest of drawers in the oak shade is a perfect example of Scandinavian-style furniture design. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this piece of furniture features high-density particle board construction with a melamine finish. With its simple and elegant design, woodgrain appeal, and natural wood tone, our chest of drawers will suit modern and Scandinavian-inspired spaces.    

An Artiss 4-drawer white and wood tallboy. It is set against a beige wall around the corner from a grey living room setting that extends into a bedroom.

Looking for more style inspiration? Our style guide, The ABCs of Interior Design, will help you to design your own interior like a professional and pick the furniture style that best represents you.

Select the right materials

It’s not just the durability and sturdiness of the chests of drawers that you should be concerned about, the type of materials and finishes you choose can also have a considerable impact on the vibe and look of your space. Depending on the materials, your chests of drawers can vary in colour. You may find them in darker tones and washed-out hues. The darker shade chests of drawers help create drama in minimalist-style and traditional-style homes, while the lighter hues work well in Scandi, Aussie beach-style, and Hampton-style homes.

With so many different materials and finishes, how do you choose a chest of drawers that complements your home interior style and provides long-term durability and versatility? In this section, we’ll walk you through the differences between the various materials, the kind of decor each works well with, and the pros and cons of each material. So when you’re ready to order your next chest of drawers, you’ll be able to choose it confidently.   

Rattan chest of drawers

An Artiss 4-drawer ratten chest of drawers. It is set between a white bed and a woven basket with a plant. The chest of drawers has a candle, candle holder and vase set on top.

Need a chest of drawers to complement your boho bedroom decor? You can't go wrong with a rattan chest of drawers. Rattan furniture pieces are highly sought-after due to their unique aesthetics and durable construction. They help create a beautiful ambience and bring a natural feel to your space. Additionally, their strong weave doesn’t easily tear or unravel if you follow proper care and maintenance routine. The Artiss Rattan chests of drawers come in various styles and designs and have varying storage capacities. They’re meticulously crafted to suit modern lifestyles and homes. You can mix and match them with other wooden furniture pieces to get the decor of your dreams.

Pros of a rattan chest of drawers

The advantages of a rattan chest of drawers include:

  • Natural feel and look

  • Sturdy construction

  • Durable and longlasting 

  • Stylish and functional 

  • Multiple design and style options available

  • Can mix and match with other wooden furniture pieces

  • Chic and eclectic setting

  • Easy to care for and maintain

Cons of a rattan chest of drawers

The disadvantages of a rattan chest of drawers include:

  • Not suitable for all other home decors

  • Weave can loosen over time 

Wooden chest of drawers

An Artiss 6-drawer handle-less tallboy. It is holding a variety of household ceramics and is set in a bright living space.

Wooden chests of drawers will never go out of style. They are classic and timeless furniture pieces that offer optimum stability and durability due to their sturdy and durable construction. Traditional-style bedrooms can benefit from natural wood chests of drawers, but they can also look good in modern, classic, boho, scandi, industrial, and coastal bedroom styles. The Artiss chests of drawers come in a wide range of styles, designs, colours, finishes, and materials, all of which can suit your existing bedroom style. They’re constructed from solid paulownia wood, durable MDF board, and solid particle board, which makes them robust and longlasting. They can withstand the rigours of everyday use. You can also find chests of drawers made with a combination of two different materials, such as wood and metal chest of drawers, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your space.   

An Artiss 6-drawer wood lowboy with silver handles, set in the corner of a room between a window and a pot plant.

Pros of a wooden chest of drawers

The advantages of a wooden chest of drawers include:

  • Sturdy construction

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Multiple options to choose from

  • Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere

  • Timeless and classic choice

  • Elegant touch

  • Suits various home styles

Cons of a wooden chest of drawers

The disadvantages of a wooden chest of drawers include:

  • Heavier than other materials

  • May be hard to move

  • May look chunky

Do a quality check

Home furniture is a massive investment, so you want to ensure it meets the quality, durability, and safety requirements. What’s the use of a beautiful and stylish chest of drawers if it’s not sturdy and durable? Inspecting furniture pieces and checking materials and the quality of construction is vital to ensure that your furniture will last longer. And the longer the lifespan of your furniture, the better value for money. Furthermore, furnishing your home with high-quality furniture pieces will give you a sense of satisfaction and save you from spending money on them again. 

In this section, our furniture experts share a few tips to spot a high-quality chest of drawers that will stand the test of time and enhance the look of your space. 

  • The construction material of the furniture should be your key consideration when choosing a chest of drawers for your space. From solid hardwood to metal, laminate, MDF board, and everything in between, chests of drawers are available in a wide range of materials. Since your chest of drawers can get regular ongoing use, you may want to choose something that provides a sturdy and durable build for long-lasting use. Look at material thickness because it can help you determine its quality. Good quality furniture has a thicker frame that indicates a sturdier build, and lower quality furniture may have a relatively thinner frame that can affect its durability. The weight of a material doesn’t always determine its quality. Some wood materials, such as paulownia wood, are durable yet lightweight.

  • It goes without saying that a good-quality finish enhances the beauty of furniture and its quality. It serves as a protective layer and ensures that your furniture will withstand the rigours of everyday use and last longer. Both hand and eye can catch flaws in finishes. A high-quality finish will feel smooth and free from rough spots, dust specks, and bubbles.   

  • Another thing that you should look at is the drawer opening system. You'll be opening and closing the drawers frequently, so its handles should be solid and durable. A chest of drawers can either have drawer handles made of wood, metal, or plastic or come with grooves and air-gap handles to open. Check if the drawer opening mechanism is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and won’t break. The drawer runners should also be smooth and have an anti-rust coating for better performance.  

  • The stability of your furniture is also crucial. So we recommend you choose a chest of drawers with a broad, solid base and wide, strong feet for optimum stability.

A chest of drawers can be one of the best investments for your home. It’s a great space-saver and helps to establish your interior style. The best chest of drawers will fit well in your space, look good, and serve its purpose. It will seamlessly blend in your home decor as if it’s made for your home and instantly enhance the overall look and feel of the room. 

Are you looking for a chest of drawers to suit your home style? Rest assured that you will find it at Artiss. We have a wide range of chests of drawers featuring different designs, styles, colours, and materials. Our chest of drawers collection is sure to impress you. We focus on every detail and ensure that our chests of drawers are solid and sturdy for long-lasting use. 

A set of white open metal shelves against a white wall, next to a blue 3-drawer tallboy against a blue wall. Each is holding various household objects such as glass vases, books, decorative boxes and artwork of plants.

Artiss makes online shopping easy with the new 3D and AR technology that allows you to rotate and view our high-quality chests of drawers from any angle you desire. It enables you to get a better view of materials, structure, fixings, and textures from the comfort of your home. We’ve also partnered with reliable shipping companies to ensure the timely delivery of your package.

A person taking a picture of their living room setting, which is decorated in a costal style with white and wood furniture.

View Artiss’ high-quality and beautifully crafted chests of drawers and shop online today.