How to Choose the Right Dining Table Set for Your Home

Our Artiss industrial design 6-seater dining table flaunting hollow honeycomb board with woodgrain melamine finish tabletop a

The dining room holds a special place in our lives. It’s the heart of the home and ought to be warm, inviting, and comfortable. Whether it's a girls’ night in or a romantic candlelit dinner with your better half, having a beautiful table setting makes mealtime more enjoyable and memorable. If your dining table set doesn’t seem right for your space, it might be time for an upgrade.

Selecting a dining table set is an important decision. You want to choose a dining set that you’ll love for years to come. Started to browse and wondering where to start? We’re here to help. We’ve put together our best tips for you to consider before making the investment. From the type of dining table to its sizes and materials, our detailed guide will help you make the right choice.

Determine your budget 

Plan and determine your budget before you start looking for dining room furniture. If you don’t set an upper limit to the price you're willing to pay, you might end up getting carried away with something unnecessarily expensive. Setting a price will also help narrow your options, which is a proven way to make better purchase decisions. This doesn’t mean you should buy products that are poorly made; there won’t always be a price to quality trade-off.

Consider your space and needs

It’s easy to come down with a case of analysis paralysis given the seemingly endless selection of home furniture products. Much like shopping for jeans, this can make furniture shopping a challenging task.

If you know what you need and how much space you have to accommodate the new furniture, you'll be in a better state of mind. It'll help you make better furniture choices for your home that will suit your needs. If you’ve got a growing family, you might consider a larger and sturdier dining table set to cater to your changing lifestyle. If it’s just you, or only two, you might purchase a smaller dining set and focus more on the design than the functional aspect. 

Choose the right size 

You should choose appropriately-sized dining tables and dining chairs for your home. A large dining set can make a space feel overcrowded, while a dining furniture set that's too small for your dining room may look off-balance. To figure out what size will match your dining room, think of how many people you want to fit around the dining table. This will help you understand how large or small of a dining furniture set that you may need for your space. Then, the next step is to measure your dining room and your doorways. Also, don't forget to check your corners so that you can slide in your furniture easily. At Artiss, we recommend leaving at least 60cm of space around your dining table so that people can move around the room.   

Decide on the dining table shape 

Dining sets come in rectangular, round, square, and oval shapes. You may feel drawn to a particular shape, but you also need to consider the functionality, how dining chairs may fit into the picture, and how the set will complement your space in general. Here’s how to select the right dining set for your dining room to complement the size and needs of your family.

Rectangular dining settings

Flaunting natural woodgrain finish, the Artiss Natu 4-seater rectangular dining table with two soft-padded dining benches makes a perfect ensemble for a country-style dining room.

Enjoy good food with good friends? Rectangular dining tables are the most common option, and they’re the first choice of many customers for a reason. Rectangular-shaped dining sets are ideal for large groups of families and friends, as well as narrow rooms, where bench seats can be tucked underneath to create a more casual look. It gives you the flexibility to seat more guests with minor adjustments. As most of our dining rooms are square or rectangular, this table shape is the most befitting. 

Round dining settings

Combining style, durability, and function, the Artiss replica Eiffel round dining table paired with our Artiss DSW black dining chairs enhances this contemporary dining room décor.

A round dining table is perfect for smaller spaces or square-shaped rooms. They are a great choice for small gatherings, where everyone around the table can see everyone else without any obstructions. This type of setting makes it easier to carry out conversations with family and friends. If comfort is key, round dining settings can also work well with small armchairs tucked underneath. Word of advice, while this type of table setting feels more intimate for small groups, it’s not ideal for larger groups, as in these cases it will create more distance. 

Oval dining settings

A round dining table is perfect for smaller spaces or square-shaped rooms. They are a great choice for small gatherings, where everyone around the table can see everyone else without any obstructions. This type of setting makes it easier to carry out conversations with family and friends. If comfort is key, round dining settings can also work well with small armchairs tucked underneath. Word of advice, while this type of table setting feels more intimate for small groups, it’s not ideal for larger groups, as in these cases it will create more distance.   Oval dining settings

Larger oval tables can become a focal point in spacious everyday or formal dining rooms. But, they also work well in small and narrow dining spaces. Oval-shaped dining sets have rounded corners, creating an illusion of spaciousness, while curving in to promote feelings of togetherness and intimacy. Your best bet is to buy oval dining tables if you've got a big family or if you often host large gatherings, so you can easily make space for more people when you need. 

Square dining settings

The Artiss Machal square dining table and chair set with its on-trend industrial design adds a touch of industrial finesse to this dining room.

Want a more intimate dining setting? A square-shaped dining table could work well for you. It’s perfect for smaller groups and helps achieve a sense of closeness and intimacy. Square dining sets are ideal for square dining rooms or small spaces. You can even purchase extendable square dining tables. You can use this type of table to create extra space to accommodate more people and fold it back when not required. 

Pick the material of your choice

Selecting the right material and finish for your dining set can be difficult. Generally speaking, the best dining set would offer the right balance between style and functionality, complementing your interior style, and suiting your lifestyle. Here are the most common materials and what you should consider before purchasing based on style.   


Inviting nature indoors, this solid walnut rustic live edge dining table with smooth yet unfinished edges draws attention to its meticulous craftsmanship.

From the age of Pharaohs to the present day, wood has always been a material of choice for crafting furniture. It's a durable material and typically looks good in any style of home. If you're after a rustic dining décor, wooden dining sets are the perfect choice. One downside is that wood expands and contracts due to sensitivity to heat and humidity. At Artiss, we recommend using a table cloth or mats when dining to avoid discolouration. It can also show scratches and signs of wear and tear, but with the right materials, quite easily this can be buffed down. 


Elegant and sophisticated, this timeless glass dining table featuring a wooden base paired with plush and comfortable dining chairs lends a light and airy touch to this dining room.

There’s no match for the elegance and sophistication of a glass-top dining table. It blends in any home style and exudes a level of finesse that enhances the look of your dining room furniture. Glass dining tables today are tough and come in tempered glass versions. With improving technology, most modern glass tables produced today are more shatterproof. Due to their transparency, the light reflecting from a glass dining table lends an airy vibe to your space. As with anything, but glass or mirrored surfaces especially, at Artiss we recommend sticking to a regular cleaning routine to maintain the beauty of a glass dining table.  


This matt-black metal dining table with clean, smooth lines and white curved dining chairs fuses modern and industrial styles that perfectly complement this modern contemporary dining room.

For a modern dining room, metal dining table sets can help create a contemporary look. This gives you ample options for choosing the type of furniture you want for your space. It’s also a number one choice for many customers due to its resiliency to everyday wear and tear, especially if it’s powder-coated. It’s more durable than other materials and can last a lifetime in your dining room if looked after correctly. One thing to note, some metals are vulnerable to corrosion and rust, which is why you’ll want to wipe down any liquids immediately. If the metal has a shiny finish, it will also show fingerprints more easily, which while easy to clean, can be frustrating. 

Wood veneer

Our Artiss wood veneer Alex bar table and bar stool set certainly stands out in this classic-style dining room with its retro industrial-inspired design.

A popular choice among customers, a wood veneer dining table is usually made up of a thin layer of natural hardwood, then attached to a plywood or other composite base material. A wood veneer dining table is more affordable than solid timber, while the base can provide the same level of stability. Another advantage is that a wood veneer dining table will suit a range of decor, from vintage to modern, looks great with plenty of seating options, and tends to last a long time. You can find wood veneer dining sets with a rustic charm, or more streamlined and modern in appearance, at varying levels of quality. From our team at Artiss, a pro tip for identifying a cheap wood veneer table is to look underneath the table –  if the top and bottom material look different, buyer beware. 


A natural aesthetic, this stone-top dining table paired with thick-padded leather chairs makes a stylish display piece and adds a sense of individuality to this dining room.

Stone-top dining tables are becoming increasingly popular for their timeless design. They also make a stylish display piece and add a sense of individuality to a home. You'll find a wide range of dining sets in natural stone material, such as travertine or marble, offering you timeless design choices. But, they aren't always the right choice for everyone. Stone-top dining room furniture is durable, but it can be porous and absorb stains. While stylish, stone-top dining suites also tend towards the upper end on price. It's rare to find special offers on these settings. They can also chip or crack, depending on the quality of their construction.     

Select the style you love 

Another important thing to consider when you're shopping for furniture is the vibe and style you want to bring into your space. Dining furniture comes in extensive selection of styles to match different decor, including French Provincial, rustic, boho, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian. Our Artiss blog, The Alphabet of Interior Design, will give you an in-depth understanding of a huge range of furniture styles, enabling you to make better furniture choices. 

Know if it’s sturdy and comfortable 

Before making any furniture purchase decision, you should ensure that it's well-made and sturdy. It should also be comfortable and able to withstand heavy use. Our top tip at Artiss for finding good quality dining room furniture is to look underneath the table and check its construction. Also, look at the connection points and corners. Often, if a piece of furniture has many different hooks and attachments, this can suggest a weaker construction. Ensure that there are no gaps at the corners and the furniture is steady. 

Visualise the furniture in your space 

Once you've found the furniture for your space, head to your nearest store to browse or buy, or shop online.

When searching for dining suites, use these tips to choose the perfect set for your home. Remember, it’s your home and your choice, so buy what feels right for you. 

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