How to Choose the Right TV Unit

A living room featuring the Artiss Kathy entertainment unit. The three open shelves are holding two DVD/CD players, a router, some CDs and two stacks of decorative bowls. On top of the unit is a stack of books, a brass lamp and a vase of decorative graThere are two rattan baskets in the forefront.

For the perfect night of entertainment at home, you need the perfect TV unit. More than just another item of furniture, the TV entertainment unit often becomes the focal point of a lounge room. Around the living room furniture is where you gather for music, games and movies. A TV cabinet can also be used as a display shelf or storage unit for your favourite personal effects and trinkets.

If your TV cabinet is going to do all of that, then it should also suit your space in terms of colour, décor and storage options. A powerhouse of furniture in Australia, Artiss has everything you need to know about choosing the right TV unit for your living space.

Tips for buying a TV unit 

The TV unit is a key piece in your living space. What are you planning on highlighting? Do you want your television front and centre, or do you want to feature your music collection? Do you have gaming consoles you want to highlight, or would you rather keep them out of sight? There are plenty of options to suit your individual needs. 

Another consideration specifically for televisions is the height, weight and length of the television screen and the unit. It not only needs to be the right size for the unit, but there’s an optimal height for a TV to be placed that will prevent eye strain. Unless you’re mounting the TV to a wall, this will depend on the height of the unit. Ideally, you want the middle of the screen to be at or below eye level while sitting on the couch, or whatever your regular seating will be. 

Types of TV units

TV stand

A white and wood grain entertainment unit with two closed cabinets in the centre and two open shelves on either side. The shelves are holding stacks of books and there is one open magazine on top. The unit is holding a large plasma TV, off.

Simple console TV stands or TV cabinets are built for holding your TV and include a minimum amount of storage space. This may work for you if there’s only one major household item you want to display along with a few smaller décor items.

TV entertainment unit

A dark wood grain and glass entertainment centre. The glass cabinets are holding several books on the left, and a set of drinking glasses on the right. The open shelves contain books, picture frames and other household decorations, as well as a medium sized plasma TV. The room features a matching cabinet in the right corner, and a black coffee table holding a tea set and white table runner.

Perfect for the person with retro game consoles, vintage vinyl records, and the latest in technology, entertainment centre units come packed with storage. Some may have floor-to-ceiling storage, designed to take up the entire wall, while others might simply have extra space for other appliances such as soundbars and speakers. With cabinet doors you can ensure any mess stays out of the way, while you're favourite techie items remain on display.

Wall-mounted units

A living room with wood grain walls and floors. In the centre of the wall is a black floating TV unit with two closed cabinets and one open shelf. The shelf holds a pile of black and white books, and the top holds various black and white home decor items including a vase and large empty picture frame. There is a wood coffee table holding an empty, open journal, and a black and gold rattan wastebasket in the forefront.

If you want to clear the way for floor space, a wall-mounted unit might be right for your living room space. The floating quality is both stylish and practical, with the added benefit of making vacuuming a breeze. It will help you create enough room for a rug and extra furniture, such as a coffee table or two, as well as space for activities.

Location of TV unit

When looking for the right space to put your new TV unit, there are a few things you’ll need to consider first. 

Physical space

A white living room with grey couches, a multi-shade rug and wood floors. A set of grey and wood nesting coffee tables sit in the middle. There is a fireplace on the right wall, and a white and wood floating TV unit on the left wall. The unit is holding a silver plasma TV, two stacks of books and a fruit bowl.

Where will it fit in your living room in comparison to the other furniture?

Powerpoint access

A close up image of a full power board. One of the sockets is a USB port with two USB chargers plugged in.

Not only will you need easy access to a powerpoint close to the TV unit if you want to avoid tripping over extension cables, but you might also need more than one powerpoint if you have a variety of devices. Note that stacking multiple power boards or additional sockets can be a hazard, so you'll want to tailor your set up accordingly.

Distance from seating

A living room with a light wood grain floor, featuring the Artiss Moris entertainment unit. There are four open shelves, two are holding a rattan basket and a soundbar. On top is a stack of magazines and two vases. There is a light wood grain coffee table and grey couch in the forefront.

You’ve already determined the perfect height of your unit if your TV is at eye level, but now you need to determine the best distance from the TV.

You may have heard from your parents that sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes. There’s some truth to this: while your eyes won’t go square, you’ll probably experience some eye strain, irritation or headaches, especially if you’re watching in a dark room. 

The optimal distance according to Sony for 4K televisions is 1.5x the vertical screen size. For example, if you have a 43-inch TV, you should sit approximately 90cm away from the screen. This number grows as the definition drops – for example, a standard definition TV has an optimal viewing distance at 6x the vertical screen size.

Style and colour

A living room with a wood grain floor, featuring all rattan furniture pieces. The feature piece is an Artiss Rattan wood entertainment unit, with two closed cabinets on either side and two open shelves in the centre, holding a variety of books and vases. To the left is a rattan closed bookshelf. In the forefront is a rattan armchair and decorative wood coffee table.

What is your interior style? Do you have a look in mind, such as mid-century modern, traditional or Scandinavian? Then you’ll want to find something to complement your style. Don’t have a preferred style, or consider your style a little eclectic? Pick something that matches your existing pieces or the colours of the room.


A living room featuring the Artiss Kathy entertainment unit. The three open shelves are holding two DVD/CD players, a router, some CDs and two stacks of decorative bowls. On top of the unit is a houseplant and a picture frame of fish.

As well as choosing materials that match your style, you’ll want your TV unit to be easy to clean and maintain. High gloss or glass units may look stylish, but if you have children or pets, the surface will show fingerprints and marks much more easily. Meanwhile, wood and rattan have a timeless appeal, however, they may catch more dust.

Other features of entertainment units

Here are some additional features you might want in your TV unit:

  • Feature lights: Depending on what you’re displaying, you may want to highlight your pieces with LED lights.

An Artiss Black Gloss RGB LED entertainment unit, holding a DVD player, two decorative bowls and the letters WM. On top is a stack of books and two vases. Above the unit is a wall mounted plasma TV. There is a houseplant dangling over the unit from the left corner.

Cable management: If you have a lot of items that need power, then you need a unit that makes cable management easy. This might mean you choose an open unit, or there are plenty with special holes in the back.

A close up of the Artiss Larin entertainment unit. The centre of the unit is holding a DVD player. The base of a plasma TV and two open magazines are just visible on the top of the unit, and the cable management hole is visible.

Handle-free cupboards: Pure, smooth finish, handle-less cupboards are on-trend, especially in minimalist circles. They make it easier to move around without knocking into door handles, which also makes them safer.

The Artiss Jason entertainment unit is featured in a living room with a concrete floor and white rug. The centre shelves are holding a stack of books and a soundbar, while on top are a remote and two decorative vases. Above can be seen a wall mounted plasma TV.


Artiss knows entertainment units

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