How to Create Dedicated Zones for Your Home

Creating a cohesive design for your home can be hard, especially if you have a limited number of multi-purpose rooms or an open plan. You don’t always want the vibe from your living room to spill over into your kitchen or home office. So how do you distinguish the separate parts of the house without any walls?

Room dividers are a great way to separate two spaces short of actually building a new wall. Room dividers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, can include shelving, or may have a dual function as an art piece. If you don’t like the look of standing dividers, consider hanging a small curtain or canopy. 

Use colour to distinguish your zones. Whether it’s a different colour on the walls, your appliances or furniture, it’s an easy way to tell when the space has changed, as well as actually influencing your mood. If you don’t care for a solid colour change, consider wallpaper.

In a similar vein, contrasting materials from one area to the next is an obvious way to change the space. Different types of flooring or a change from wood to brick will highlight the different tones of the space.

Use unique designs on the floor or ceiling to delineate the space. Some interesting lighting or a light fixture, a rug or mat, artwork that catches the eye, and so on.

You can raise or lower the floor to make spaces stand out. A recessed lounge makes a nice, cosy nook for guests to relax into, while a raised dining space may make for an ‘elevated’ dining experience.

Use a partial wall to separate two spaces without completely closing off the area. This can be done by using bookcases as walls, making a breakfast bar, or cutting into an existing wall.

Create focal points with statement pieces. Eyes and bodies will gravitate towards statement pieces, whether it’s an interesting art piece or contrasting furniture, and they will give the space it’s own unique aura.

Organise your zones around usefulness. Have everything you need for work in an office corner, and only in an office corner. Keep all the comfortable chairs and entertainment products on the lounge room side. This is great advice for general organisation too: keeping electronics out of the bedroom has been shown to help with sleep, keeping work out of the living room helps you to relax more, and so on.

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