How to Find the Perfect Armchair for Your Home

The Artiss Lansar and Ava armchair and ottoman sets are positioned near a fireplace. They add a sophisticated touch to this incredibly dark bold room.

Table of contents:


  1. What makes a comfortable armchair

1.1. Seat

1.2. Backrest

1.3. Arms

1.4. Practicality

1.5. Quality and longevity

  1. Determine your budget

  2. Pick a suitable armchair type

3.1. Different types of armchair for your space

3.1.1. Rocking armchair

3.1.2. Lounge chair with ottoman

3.1.3. Wingback armchair

3.1.4. Modern club armchair

3.1.5. Chesterfield armchair

3.1.6. Contemporary round armchair

3.1.7. Egg-shaped armchair

  1. Choose the right armchair style

  2. What colour armchairs should you choose?

5.1. Light or dark armchair

5.2. To match or not match your armchair

  1. Choose the best upholstery material

6.1. Most common types of armchair upholstery

6.1.1. Fabric armchairs

Pros of fabric upholstered armchairs

Cons of fabric upholstered armchairs

6.1.2. Velvet armchairs

Pros of velvet upholstered armchairs

Cons of velvet upholstered armchairs

6.1.3. Leather armchairs

Pros of leather upholstered armchairs

Cons of leather upholstered armchairs

  1. Smart Armchair styling tips

  2. How to conduct a quality test


Patterned or plain, classic or contemporary, occasional or frequent, an armchair is an accent chair that suits every purpose, from curling up with a book to laying cosily and chatting with guests. It's a highly versatile piece of furniture that helps create extra comfort zones in any room, from the living room to the bedroom. People love sinking into the upholstered embrace of a soft cushiony armchair. The smaller, cosier armchair seats simulate the feeling of being cuddled and secured, which makes an armchair the go-to seat in every house. 

Armchairs are the must-haves and can’t-live-without pieces of furniture that deserve a place in every home. Not only do they combine style and support, they do it whilst complementing your home decor. With so many options available, you’re likely to get lost in your thoughts, struggling to make a choice. But don’t lose hope! Artiss is here to help you in choosing the best chair for you. Our handy armchair buying guide will help you know what to look for when shopping for armchairs, enabling you to choose armchairs with confidence. 

Let’s get started.

What makes a comfortable armchair

Whether you want to create a cosy reading nook or you’re after the perfect accent chair for your living room, you should give yourself plenty of time to think about what features you need in an armchair. Yes, style matters, but you want an armchair to be comfortable too. Remember Goldilocks? She chose the Baby Bear’s chair because it felt right when sitting. As a general rule, for an armchair to be comfortable, it should have a supportive seat, ideal backrest and seat height, armrests, and be a perfect fit for your size and shape. The quality of materials used in its construction affects the comfortability of the armchair. Below, we’ve discussed some important features that you should look for when purchasing an armchair.  


The seat is the most important aspect you should consider when shopping for an armchair. It should support your weight adequately and make you feel comfortable. If the chair seat is too soft, it may be a little too inviting, where you sink in and struggle to get out of the chair. On the contrary, a hard chair seat may feel uncomfortable after sitting for a while. A seat height is critical to your comfort. While you’re seated on the chair, your thighs should be perpendicular to the floor. A higher or lower seat may put unnecessary pressure on the knees. Furthermore, you should check if the chair seat is wide enough to accommodate your body shape. 


Armchairs feature high and low backs. The armchairs with high backs are perfect for lounging. If you plan to read a book or watch TV in your armchair, you should prefer higher-back armchairs as they offer good support to your back and neck. The lower-back armchairs are good for having conversations as you tend to sit straighter in them. You can also find armchairs in tight-back and loose-back styles. You can choose tight-back armchairs that are supportive and promote a healthy posture or loose-back armchairs with loose cushions that make the armchair a little cosier. If you want something in between, pick a tight-back armchair and use additional pillows for a cosy feel and ultimate comfort. 


Armrests are crucial for reducing tension in the upper body and relaxing your shoulders. They provide the much-needed support to your arms and hands and guide them into a relaxed position, easing muscle tension and helping alleviate neck and shoulder pain. Choosing an armchair with or without arms is entirely a personal preference, and it depends on how you sit and for how long in a chair. An armchair with armrests may make you feel relaxed and comfortable even if you’re sitting for long periods. But if you wish to purchase an armless armchair, pick a chair with a slightly curved back for better support and relaxation. A pro tip, when selecting an armchair with armrests, pay close attention to how your arms fall on the chair arm. You shouldn’t feel awkward or weird when sitting in an armchair.  


The purpose of an armchair is not just to enhance the look of your space but to serve as a comfortable seat. It helps to create a cosy and comforting place where you can relax and sit in comfort after a long and hard-working day. When purchasing an armchair, you should consider how practical you want it to be. A statement armchair flaunting a beautiful ornate and stylish design may look stunning in your house but may be uncomfortable when seated for extended periods. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritise comfort over looks. A word of advice: Think about how you will use the armchair and how frequently. This will help you determine what type of armchair you need to purchase. 

Quality and longevity

Some armchairs may look great, but after a few uses, they may begin to show signs of wear. Construction quality determines the longevity of an armchair. If an armchair is constructed from poor quality materials, it may not be able to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Apart from that, it will also affect how it looks and its comfort level. So you should carefully inspect its framework from all angles and determine the materials used in its construction. The experts at Artiss suggest that you should prioritise the quality of the framework, cushion filling, and seat support above all to ensure your armchair lasts long and stays in good shape.

Now you know what makes a perfect chair for your space, continue reading our armchair buying guide to understand the selection process for finding a new armchair you will love for many years.      

Determine your budget

Armchairs can run from minimal to extremely expensive depending on craftsmanship, quality, design, aesthetic value, and brand, which makes the selection process quite stressful. As usual, the internet tells us the same old stuff - don’t spend too much or look for cheaper options. Of course, that’s certainly a piece of great advice, but what about furniture quality and aesthetics? Don’t they matter?

Finding armchairs that are of high quality and pleasing to the eye on a budget can be difficult, but it’s possible. A word of advice, don’t just focus on the price factor. Set a realistic budget by considering the factors such as quality, design, aesthetics, and longevity. Figure out what you feel comfortable spending and can realistically save up. The following are tips and tricks to find your dream armchair on a budget. 

  • Prioritise your needs first. Don’t let your desire take over the aspiration to have furniture that suits your needs. 

  • Research armchairs from different brands and compare their prices to get an idea of how much the ideal chair would cost you.

  • Visualise the type of armchair you want in your home to determine if it fits your space.

  • Closely inspect the quality of the sofa you wish to purchase. 

  • Consider purchasing the sofa you want during a sale to get great deals.

Once you know your priorities, needs, and wants and have done market research, you should be able to determine your budget for buying an armchair. Remember, don’t always assume that higher-priced sofas, couches or chairs mean higher quality products and vice versa. Sometimes, furniture stores set prices more or less to attract customers. In this case, you should take your time in determining if the product truly offers value for money. 

Pick a suitable armchair type 

Armchairs make an incredible addition to any home decor. With multiple options in armchairs, all different in design, types, and function, it becomes hard to decide on a particular armchair. So before you cash out on your new sofa chair, you should educate yourself about different options you have and consider your own personal preference. If you’re struggling to make a choice, we’ve put together some popular types of armchairs that will complement any home decor. 

Different types of armchair for your space

In this section, let’s explore different types of on-trend and timeless armchairs for your space. These armchairs are sure to fit in any room and can effortlessly enhance the look and feel of your space. 

Rocking armchair

Our Artiss bentwood rocking armchair in beige, styled in a corner alongside a sleek side table, helps achieve a muted, airy, and minimalist feel in this room.

A rocking armchair is a classic piece of furniture that has been around for centuries. It’s often associated with the childhood memories of lazy afternoons spent relaxing in a rocking chair. We all know how quickly it puts a baby to sleep with its gentle and repetitive cradling motion that mimics the mother’s heartbeat. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also makes for a relaxed sitting that rejuvenates and calms the entire body. The rocking movement brings greater peace of mind and improves concentration. It’s also known to reduce anxiety, tension, and depression. Its versatile design makes it suitable to put anywhere in your home. Style it in front of a window, in the lounge room, on the balcony, or on the porch. The rocking armchair is perfect for people of all ages. If you don’t have it yet in your home, choose one depending on your personal preference, budget, and style. 

Lounge chair with ottoman

Our Artiss Lansar armchair and ottoman set in grey help create visual interest in this all-white room. This gorgeous grey and white colour scheme bring back the visions of a bright winter day.

What could be better than relaxing on your favourite armchair with your feet up on a comfy ottoman? Lounge chair and ottoman sets can turn your home into a relaxing haven by providing a comfortable place to unwind at the end of the day. This versatile combination of plush armchair and ottoman offers full-body relaxation and makes a perfect spot to have morning coffee and indulge in reading. Additionally, it enhances your space by adding a touch of class and sophistication. While you think of styling this beautiful ensemble in a living or family room, this versatile furniture set can work well in any space with just some creative ideas. While design trends come and go, you can rest assured that this furniture combo will dominate home interior design trends for many years. 

Wingback armchair

Introducing neutral hues in this dramatic, bold room, our Artiss Andrew wingback armchair in beige brightens this dark room and creates a sense of balance.

A wingback armchair oozes charm and poise like none other with its low height, wide and high backrest, and rolled arms. It’s one of the most comfortable armchairs where you can curl up with a book, enjoy your coffee, sit back and watch TV, or spend hours gossiping with your family and friends. A wingback armchair helps to create a focal point in any home. It boasts aristocratic style with its luxurious design, and its legs render classic vibes. Moreover, the high backrest provides ample support to your back, neck, and shoulders, and the comfy rolled armrests offer a place to rest your weary hands. Comfortable and timeless, a wingback armchair deserves a place in your home.  

Modern club armchair

Flaunting modern style with clean lines and a simple profile, the Artiss Abby modern club armchair in grey perfectly blends in this bright and airy room.

A modern club armchair with its defining characteristics adds a great deal of personality and life to any room. It features thickly upholstered and spacious seats with rounded curves that mimic the feeling of being cuddled, and the backrest and arms are comparatively lower than other armchairs. Traditionally, this cosy armchair featured luxurious leather upholstery, but nowadays, you can find it in a wide variety of fabrics, which makes them fit well into any home. With its elegant and sophisticated design, the club armchair is sure to become a statement piece in the living room, bedroom, reading room, lounge room, and even in your walk-in closet. No matter what your style, a modern club armchair is a good investment and will become a favourite seat in your home.  

Chesterfield armchair

This classic dark brown leather chesterfield armchair with castor wheels transforms this dramatic rustic-style room into a rich, soulful place you would never want to leave.

As the wine gets better with age, so do the chesterfield armchairs that actually look better as they age. Thanks to their elegant and timeless design, they suit everything from a traditional living room to a contemporary living space, maintaining their relevance with changing trends in interior design. The history of the chesterfield armchair stretches back to the 18th century when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Phillip Stanhope, commissioned it for guests to sit without creasing their outfits. The deep buttoned back with wide armrests and generous seat size makes these armchairs incredibly comfortable and a popular choice to create a cosy nook. Very few other pieces of furniture can live up to the luxury and comfort these armchairs provide. With their vintage appeal, this leather armchair will make a luxurious addition to any living space. Alongside their highly regarded aesthetics and comfort, chesterfield armchairs have gained a reputation for a sturdy build. The Artiss Lothair armchair is a modern take on the classic Chesterfield armchair, without the rolled arms. Similar to the original Chesterfield, it features deep press-buttons through the backrest.

Contemporary round armchair

Our Artiss Callista contemporary round armchair is a piece of accent furniture that adds a pop of colour to create visual interest in this neutral-themed room.

If you’re not a fan of traditional-style furniture, then a contemporary round chair might be the perfect choice for you. Round armchairs are beautiful accent chairs that provide an outlet for expressing creativity and offer a comfortable and cosy seating space. These armchairs feature thick-padded, generous-sized seats and enveloping curvature that hugs your body to provide ultimate support and keep you comfortable. Round armchairs come in various styles, designs, and patterns. You can choose an oversized round armchair or a sleek round armchair depending on your room's design and available floor space. With its soft look and elegant design, a round armchair will seamlessly blend in any setting, from traditional to contemporary interior design. 

Egg-shaped armchair

This cosy and comfy egg-shaped armchair in the olive green shade is like a breath of fresh air in this all-grey room.

If you like being enveloped by an armchair, an egg-shaped armchair might be a great choice. Featuring a unique and modern design, the egg-shaped armchair has a cocoon-like shape and seat, which provides a cosy and comfortable sitting space, puts your mind at ease and soothes the body. This armchair fits perfectly in modern interior design, thanks to its sublime blend of form and function. Egg-shaped armchairs come in various designs, such as those with a stable base and hanging egg chairs, which are also commonly found outdoors.

Choose the right armchair style

Our Artiss Skane 2-seater sofa and armchair in a beautiful beige shade perfectly match this modern, neutral-themed roo

Just what chair you choose should above all reflect your personality and style. There are no rules for choosing a particular furniture style for your home, but you should consider how all the furniture pieces will work together. This includes your sofa, coffee table, side tables, rug, and other decorative artworks if you’re styling armchairs in your living room. If you already have a dominant style, it’s better not to change your style for the sake of adding an accent armchair. Instead, you could use an armchair to accentuate your current home style or color scheme. For instance, if your home sports a Scandinavian-style sofa, you could think about adding neutral tone furniture that flaunts soft, comfy fabrics and natural textures like wood. Our Artiss Skane armchair upholstered in beige soft-touch fabric is a perfect match for a Scandinavian-inspired home. At Artiss, we’ve multiple options in armchairs that can go with any home style, such as boho, mid-century modern, contemporary, classic, even easy-breezy Aussie beach house style.   

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle when choosing an armchair is not being able to describe what you’re looking for. Luckily the furniture styling experts at Artiss have created an interior styling guide to help you define your style. You'll want to make sure you thoroughly read our guide before you start hunting for armchairs!

What colour armchairs should you choose? 

Colour schemes play a crucial role in interior design. No matter what style armchair you choose, the colour of the furniture can determine the feel of the living space and influence mood. If you choose calming hues such as white, grey, blue, or green, they can make you feel relaxed and help create a calm and serene ambience. On the other hand, bold, vibrant colours such as red, orange, maroon, and yellow create a mood of vibrancy and make you feel energetic. You can use a bright colour palette to bring a 'colour pop’ to your home design. Remember, there’s no wrong or right colour. It’s up to you what colour armchairs you choose for your space. However, we suggest you ensure everything fits together perfectly and complements each other. 

Learn how to choose the perfect colour for your armchair that fits your home style with our expert tips. 

Light or dark armchair

The Artiss Anne armchair in gorgeous beige, styled alongside a glass-top side table, is a good choice for this lighter-coloured room.

As a general rule of thumb, whether you pick a light or dark colour armchair, consider accessorising your space with pillows, rugs, drapes, and artwork in tones that complement your dominant colour in a room. While darker colours may be an option for more formal-looking rooms, lighter colours are perfect for family rooms and bedrooms. Choose dark colours if you want to create drama. Dark hues are compelling and meet the eye, but they may not be a good choice for smaller rooms as they can make the room feel suffocating and overcrowded. Light-coloured sofas can make the room feel spacious, bright, and airy. But, a bigger room with a lighter-toned sofa may not be pleasing as it can make the room feel too open. So choose the colours for your furniture wisely by considering your home design. There are no strict rules in colour selection. You can literally select what appeals to you the most. Both light and dark furniture pieces can work well in your space if you style them in the right way. Expert tip: Use Pinterest as a guide for interior design inspiration to design your home like a professional.  

To match or not match your armchair

This living room is a perfect example of a mix-and-match style that incorporates different types of armchairs in various shades and yet looks pulled together.

It’s a common misconception that your armchairs and other furniture pieces need to match in a perfect set. However, there’s no hard and fast rule that you must obey. You can have fun exploring the different looks by mixing and matching varying designs to achieve an attractive aesthetic. Subtle contrasts create visual interest, so don’t be afraid to introduce contrasting colours in your living room as long as you're not overdoing it. You could also consider incorporating some elements of your living room furniture in your armchairs with accent pillows and throws or through patterns and designs. This will help you achieve a pulled-together look. 

Choose the best upholstery material 

One of the most important decisions when deciding to buy furniture is what fabric to choose. You might be attracted to a particular upholstery because of its texture, feel, or look. However, it's essential to consider the characteristics of the upholstery material used for making furniture to ensure that it looks excellent and lasts a long time. One of the biggest mistakes customers make is not considering how a fabric or leather will look in five years. Since your armchair will receive varying degrees of use depending on its placement and purpose, you should choose upholstery material that stands up well against the rigours of everyday use. Your furniture can sport any upholstery material if it’s not meant for frequent use. 

Another important thing you should think about is how much effort you’re prepared to put in to protect and maintain your selection. Always check the label and ask questions about the material's content and cleaning needs. 

To help you make the best selection, we’ve discussed different upholstery materials and their pros and cons. Weighing the pros and cons can speed up decision-making and help you avoid a big disappointing surprise.  

Most common types of armchair upholstery

Here are the most common materials used on upholstered sofas. Use this guide to identify the best upholstery material for your armchair.  

Fabric armchairs

Our Lansar armchair and ottoman set upholstered in a soft grey linen fabric adds elegance and charm to this Scandinavian-style room.

Looking to achieve a softer look or want to create a cosy living room ambience? You won’t go wrong with fabric upholstered armchairs. They add a touch of warmth to your modern living room decor and help you achieve a warm, cosy ambience. You’ll love how comfortable a fabric upholstered armchair will feel when you sit on it. Whether you want to achieve a Scandinavian-inspired look, boho style, or Aussie beach-inspired living room decor, you can get the desired look and feel with the right fabric armchairs.     

At Artiss, we offer armchairs upholstered in different fabrics, such as 100% cotton armchairs, quality faux linen armchairs, and 100% polyester armchairs. The comfort, style, look, feel, and luxury that armchairs offer varies depending on the fabric type. Every fabric upholstery type has its own charm and unique benefits.  

Pros of fabric upholstered armchairs
  • Warm and cosy ambience

  • Softer look

  • Comfortable 

  • Multiple choices in colours and fabric types

  • Match your decor

  • Various designs and styles

  • Trendy choice

  • Hypoallergenic and breathable

  • Generally cheaper

Cons of fabric upholstered armchairs
  • Not suitable if you own pets or have small children

  • May need regular cleaning

  • Easily stains and absorbs spills

Velvet armchairs

Our Artiss Lois velvet armchair in navy blue is the most desirable piece of furniture that looks breathtakingly beautiful and adds a pop of colour to this all-white room.

Luxuriously soft and regal, an accent chair upholstered in velvet can be breathtakingly beautiful. It's essentially the perfect armchair, consistently ranking among the hottest interior design trends. A velvet sofa or chair can instantly add a luxurious touch to your living room with its sheen and two tones. Velvet upholstered armchairs are an incredibly popular choice, thanks to their luxe, silky feel and texture. 

Velvet is made in the pile weave of rayon, cotton, silk, and polyester. The quality of velvet depends on the backing of the fabric. Make sure you choose an armchair with a densely woven fabric backing for durability and longlasting use. If you’re concerned about cleaning and maintaining a clean look, following the proper care and maintenance regime is enough to keep it in good condition.

Pros of velvet upholstered armchairs
  • Soft, rich texture

  • Breathtakingly beautiful

  • Illustrious sheen and gorgeous two tones

  • Various colour options

  • Contemporary and stylish

  • Elegant and outstanding aesthetic value

  • Durable and longlasting (depending on the quality)

Cons of velvet upholstered armchairs
  • Not suitable if you own pets or have small children

  • Need to be vacuumed regularly

  • Attracts dust and dirt particles

  • Direct exposure to sunlight weakens the fibres

Leather armchairs

The iconic Artiss Ava leather upholstered armchair adds a sophisticated and luxurious feel to this mid-century modern room.

Leather armchairs are a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Whether you're after a mid-century modern look or a luxurious contemporary living room, you can get the desired style and look with leather upholstered armchairs. These larger pieces are not only comfortable but also look luxurious to create a bold accent. You can find them in a variety of colours and styles. Leather armchairs are typically crafted from PU leather, faux leather, or bonded leather, which makes them more resilient to wear and tear and durable. Their upholstery makes them a top choice for families with kids. In case of spills, it won’t absorb fluids, which makes them easy to maintain and keep clean.  

At Artiss, we also have a wide range of stylish and contemporary leather recliner armchairs that offer a comfortable sitting space with ultimate support. Choose what best suits your needs and style preferences. 

Pros of leather upholstered armchairs
  • Timeless choice

  • Looks luxurious and feels regal

  • Variety of colours and styles

  • Water-repellent

  • Match your decor

  • Resilient to wear and tear

  • Durable 

  • Provides a comfy seat

  • Top choice for families with kids

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Cons of leather upholstered armchairs
  • Poor quality leather won't last long

  • May feel sticky or make you sweat

Smart armchair styling tips

The expert team at Artiss has shared some top tips to effortlessly style armchairs in your space. 

  • Create a cosy reading nook with a modern club armchair and ottoman set. Its plush, soft padded seats with rounded curves mimic the feeling of being cuddled, which means you'll always enjoy your time sitting in this chair.

  • Pair wingback armchairs with a large sofa. Its spacious, thickly upholstered seat with high backrest and plush armrests helps create a sense of balance and consistency in your living room when you team it with your living room sofa.

  • If your home sports a Scandinavian look, you should think about adding an armchair or accent chair in keeping in a neutral tone, going for natural textures like wood. 

  • Create an inviting corner zone to relax and unwind by pairing chairs with side tables and floor lamps. You can further add a soft, plush throw to soften the look. 

  • Even it's meant to be a focal piece, make sure you position the armchair in a way that allows you to move around it without difficulty.

  • If you have a smaller living room, you could opt for a sleek and stylish armchair with slim legs to maximise the sense of space.  Also, consider how your armchair might look in a different room, such as a bedroom, if you ever need to move items around to maximise space.

  • You could choose armchairs in a material that contrasts your sofa to create a sense of uniqueness and for visual interest. For example, if your sofa is a neutral-toned fabric, you may like to choose a jewel-toned chair to contrast and complement.

  • Choose an accent armchair in a bold tone to add an eye catching pop of colour to your living room.     

How to conduct a quality test

What’s the use of an armchair flaunting impressive design and style if it’s not quality-made? The expert team at Artiss shares some tips to spot a high-quality armchair that will stand the test of time and enhance the look of your space. 

  • The armchair frame features timber construction, but its quality can vary. The use of poor-quality materials can affect the durability of armchairs. If you plan to use them for a long time, ensure that you choose armchairs made from solid timber frames. 

  • Choose the best upholstery fabric material for durability. Verify if the materials are certified and tested to ensure longlasting use. High-quality materials will last longer and keep your furniture looking new even after many years of use. 

  • If you choose leather armchairs, check what type of leather is used in its construction. Thoroughly read its care instructions to understand how to clean and protect your investment. 

  • The materials used in the armchair seat can affect the comfort and breathability of your armchair. Armchairs with low-density foam will flatten and lose their cushiony feeling within 1-3 years. Choose armchairs featuring high-resiliency and high-density foam padding for excellent back and seat support.  

The perfect armchair will serve its purpose, while seamlessly blending into your decor as if it’s made for your house. It should instantly enhance the look and feel of the overall space. 

If you’re hunting for armchairs to suit your home style, rest assured that you'll find them when you shop with Artiss. We have a wide range of armchairs featuring different designs, upholstery materials, styles, and colours. Our armchair collection is sure to impress you. We focus on every detail and ensure that our armchairs are solid and sturdy for longlasting use. 

Artiss makes it easy to shop online with 3D and AR viewing technology that allows you to rotate and view our high-quality armchairs from any angle. This enables you to get a better view of materials, structure, and textures from the comfort of your home. We’ve also partnered with reliable courier companies to ensure the timely delivery of your package.

Shop high-quality and beautifully crafted Artiss armchairs today.