How to Find the Perfect Shoe Storage for Everyday Use

An Artiss Bamboo Shoe Storage Bench holding two pairs of shoes and a leather handbag. On the left is a straw pouf holding a vase of greenery and a perfume bottle, and a brass coat rack. It is in an entryway with a light wood floor and white brick wall.

These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do! But what do they do, and where do they go, when you return home?

There are a lot of things that can ruin shoes, from humidity to old age. We’ve consulted the experts at Artiss to put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the perfect shoe storage solution. Keep your shoe collection in shipshape and enjoy a more organised lifestyle at the same time.

Key considerations for shoe storage

Featured is an Artiss White Mirrored Shoe Cabinet reflecting a living room setting. Leaning against the cabinet is a blue umbrella. It is in an entryway with a light wood floor and white brick wall.

The type of shoe storage you will need depends on the types of shoes you own. Are you an avid collector of heels? Or do you have your one dedicated pair of work boots or sneakers that you’re tired of tripping over? Are you buying for the whole family or your own personal collection? These questions will help determine the type of storage you need, whether it's shoe storage boxes, shoe cabinets, or a simple shoe organiser to keep your walkway tidy.

The materials your shoes are made of should also come into consideration as some require more care than others. Always check your shoes' care instructions for details.


Your budget will be one of the biggest factors in your shoe storage buying journey. Luckily, there is a nearly endless supply of storage types in all kinds of materials, from affordable plastic over-the-door hangers to elaborate stylish metal entryway racks. No matter the budget, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your home.

A great money-saving tip - choose a shoe storage method that is multi-functional. This might be a hanging solution that you use for more than just shoes, a shoe cabinet with the benefit of a tabletop, or other storage units such as drawers.

Types of shoe storage solutions

Over-the-door storage

A wooden over the door shoe storage frame, holding two pairs of heels in brown and beige. There is a wood clothes rack in the background holding white dresses.

Keep your clothes and shoes in the same place and off the ground with an over-the-door shoe hanger. These hangers go over the top of any door and allow you to display all your shoes in a way that saves on space and makes top-to-toe outfit planning as easy as opening your closet. Of course, you can place this anywhere that suits you, as long as there is a door with enough clearance. These storage options come in all sorts of shapes and materials. With some, you can hang your shoes on a tilted shelf, others use wires, while the most affordable options usually use plastic pockets or cubbies.

Hanging storage

An Artiss 6ft Black Metal Garment Rack holding a variety of neutral coloured clothes and a white hanging storage unit. The unit is filled with shoes and folded shirts. It is in a bedroom with a grey concrete wall.

Similar to the over-the-door options, this storage unit hangs amongst your clothes off the ground. It offers mostly the same functionality as over-the-door storage, except it sits adjacent to your clothes, rather than over your door. The most common organisers of this kind come in the form of linen pockets or cubbies built to store individual pairs.

Under-bed storage

A close up of some Artiss clear shoe box storage cases in an under bed storage container.

If you’re short on space, then you can’t go wrong with under-bed storage. Coming in a variety of styles and materials, you can purchase under-bed units made out of fabric, plastic or metal. If you’re considering under-bed storage, try a model that can be zipped or otherwise closed shut, has dividers to separate individual pairs, and is transparent so you can easily see what’s inside.

Stackable containers

A wall of stackable shoe storage containers holding various sneakers.

Whether you’re an avid collector or just obsessed with organisation, stackable containers are ideal. They're often transparent, but can also come in opaque colours, and feature either drawers or drop-down fronts to provide easy access to your shoes. With a smooth base, this type of shoe organiser is ideal for a shoe collection that's heavy on heels, especially those taking a thin stiletto shape. Most importantly, stackable containers keep shoes dirt and dust free, while ventilation holes keep the air circulating and humidity out.

Shoe rack

Left of centre is an Artiss White 6-tier Shoe Rack holding a variety of shoes, a brass vase holding greenery, and a wide ceramic plate. It is shown in a white and beige living room. In the background are two white doors leading to a living room.

The classic rack that we all know and love, shoe racks are usually two or three-tier racks that sit in your entryway, but you can certainly get racks that are taller and wider. Wire racks are not ideal for high-heeled shoes or boots, but you can avoid damage by covering the wire with foam or buying a flat shelf. You can purchase shoe racks with wheels and removable shelves, as well as others designed specifically for boots or other long shoes. 

Shoe cabinet

Right of centre is an Artiss Wood Shoe Cabinet with three cupboards and two drawers, in a living room with a dark wood floor and neutral toned walls. To the left are two white doors leading to a room with a black stool holding a handful of books, and a pot plant.

A shoe cabinet combines the best of a shoe rack and functional cabinet, with the addition of additional storage and a multi-purpose surface. It can act as an entryway unit, holding all your heading-out-the-door essentials, protecting your shoes and keeping them out of sight and out of the way. You can get cabinets with flat shelves/racks, and others that feature pull-out/tilted drawers. This second style is slimmer than regular cabinets, so if you have a narrow entryway or lack floor space, this option can be a great space-saver for your home.

Storage benches

An Artiss White and Grey Storage Bench holding three pairs of shoes, in a room with a light wood floor and concrete wall.

Combining seating and storage, a storage bench is great for those of us who like functional furniture. Sit down, kick off your shoes after a long day, and rest assured knowing your shoes are safe and out of the way. If practicality is key, look for a storage bench that has a cushion on top, rather than a hard surface.

Storage ottomans

An entryway with a dark wood floor and white walls. Left of centre is a grey storage ottoman holding a yellow cushion. To the right are two white doors leading to a room with a black stool holding a handful of books, and a pot plant.

While these are great functional additions to your living space, they are not the best way to store your shoes! As we mentioned, putting all your shoes into a single container without additional shoe organisation may lead to the shoes becoming disfigured, scuffed or otherwise damaged amongst other shoes.

Other shoe storage options

Can’t find the perfect set-up? Don’t worry! There are plenty of small, more affordable options that you can use to store your shoes, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current storage or need to create additional storage space. Shoe rack organisers, portable storage bags and waterproof pouches are small additions that can help you make the most of your storage options.


Shoe collectors have debated over the years whether certain materials are more or less suitable for storing your footwear. Answers vary, but the main takeaway is that breathability is an important factor.


A wall of cardboard shoe boxes in various colours.

Many people choose to simply store their shoes in the box they came in. While this is an effective and affordable solution, is it the best option? Not according to the experts at Artiss. Due to poor circulation, your shoes are likely to absorb moisture and wear out faster when left in cardboard boxes. Additionally, cardboard is not very durable, and the boxes are more likely to get dirty, break or bend under pressure. They may also deteriorate due to moisture or pests.


Left of centre is an Artiss Wood Shoe Cabinet, with two drawers. It is in a living room with light wood floors and white wood walls. To the right are two white vases, one filled with decorative grasses.

A popular material that is also strong and durable, wood will give you a lot of value for money. It is aesthetically pleasing and comes at various price points so you can choose a piece within your budget that won’t sacrifice aesthetics. Some types of wood, such as cedar and pine, won't only repel odours and moisture, but also insects, making this a long-lasting storage option.


A close up of a black metal shoe cabinet. Someone is placing a pair of white sneakers inside.

Metal shoe racks are the perfect choice for durability, especially if you choose rust and corrosion-resistant material. They are more expensive than other materials but also more durable and they have a higher weight capacity. You will often see metal shoe racks in garages and undercover outdoor areas.


A room with white wood floors and light grey walls. Featuring a plastic shoe storage rack holding a variety of shoes. To the left is a grey and black footstool and a pair of black heels.

Plastic is an affordable option that is also flexible. Plastic shoe storage often comes in individual boxes or other modular styles. However, be aware that ventilation can be a limiting factor here, as it is with cardboard.


A white fabric over the door shoe holder.

Fabric shoe storage solutions are an ideal choice especially if you’re using breathable fabrics such as cotton. Fabric is also a versatile option if you’re buying a multifunctional piece

Benefits of shoe storage solutions

There are plenty of benefits to cleaning up your shoes, beyond just keeping the house clean. Get ready for your mornings to become more manageable, your shoes cleaner, and your life easier to manage than before.

Everything in one place

An entryway with light wood floors and white brick walls. Right of centre is a black metal shoe rack holding a variety of shoes, a black leather handbag, a scarf and a belt. To the left of the rack is a pot plant and a black coat rack.

Keep your shoes in a single space where you can see them all at once. Planning an outfit is now just a matter of opening your cupboard instead of rifling through a pile. With all your shoes in one place, you don’t have to worry about whether you still have those hot red pumps… you can see them right there! With the proper organisation, you’ll never double up on shoes again.

Protected shoes last longer

Two Artiss Wood Shoe Racks with Black Handles, presented in front of a concrete wall. To the left in the background is a pot plant in a rattan pot and two grey gumboots.

Your shoes put up with a lot: dirt, wind, rain, dust, even damage from the sun. And then they come home, get kicked into a corner and have to deal with trampling, theft by pets, and the potential tragedy of being lost under a chair somewhere. Properly stored shoes remain protected from most things that life throws their way. You know where they are at all times, and they won’t collect dust or fall prey to disfigurement. 

Walk to the bank

Did you know that out of the 24 billion shoes that are made globally, 90 per cent will end up in landfill? I’m sure we’re all guilty of having thrown out a pair of shoes prematurely because they were misshapen. Proper shoe storage stops shoes from falling apart before their time, which means you won’t have to go through the pain of buying them so often. Shoes that stay together, save together: both your wallet and the planet.

How to correctly store shoes

Always clean your shoes before putting them away

A picture of someone getting ready to clean their white fabric shoes. they are holding a black bristled brush in one hand. To the right is a can of neutral shoe polish.

We know what it’s like to be tired after a long day, but you should take the time to clean your shoes before putting them into storage. Whatever dirt and other gunk have built up on your shoes will wear away at your shoe and make things worse over time, especially if they have attracted moisture. 

Don’t just let them pile up

A pile of random shoes, placed in front of a green wall and light wood floor.

If you’re in the habit of throwing off your boots and piling them against the wall, you’re doing your shoes a massive disservice. If you pile them on top of each other, over time they will become misshapen, and materials might be permanently damaged. Keep a small shoe storage unit by your door for your everyday shoes. 

Fill your shoes for long-term storage

If you’re not planning on wearing your shoes for a long period of time, you should fill them to prevent sagging or reshaping. This can be with the help of a shoehorn, moisture-wicking fabric, or acid-free tissue paper. Avoid newspaper, dyed fabric or anything else with inks or dyes.

Pick the right storage for the right shoes

An Artiss Black 2-door Shoe Cabinet, open and showing a variety of colourful shoes. To the left, the room opens onto an outdoor patio.

Depending on your shoes, you may need a particular way to store them. For instance, wire shelves are cheap and easy to install, which may give them an edge over flat shelves. However, heels are more likely to get stuck and scuffed on wire shelves. Using baskets, bins or containers are also not ideal, as shoes are more likely to be damaged or deformed every time you rummage through them. You also cannot see all your shoes laid out and once, making it harder to sort.

Keep shoes in a climate-controlled environment

An Artiss White 6 Drawer Storage Bench with 6 woven fabric baskets in white, brown and light brown. It is in a room against a white wall and light wood floor. To the right is a cast iron window.

Nothing can ruin a shoe’s value more than the weather. Extreme temperatures and humidity can ruin the fabric of the shoe and loosen any glue holding it together. The easiest way to prevent this is to keep the shoes in a place you can control the temperature, but if you’re not lucky enough to have an exact thermostat, just keeping them in a cool, dry place should be enough. 

Use silica packets to keep away moisture

A close up of two silica gel packets on a wood floor.

We’ve all seen those tiny packets in shoe boxes, new lunchboxes or any other packaging that says ‘DO NOT EAT: SILICA’. Now, you have a use for them! Silica packets are used to keep products moisture free. You can collect and reuse silica packets you receive when you purchase a new item, or you can easily purchase silica packets in bulk online. Put them in your shoes while they’re sitting in storage and sit back knowing your shoes are being protected.

Artiss can help you keep your shoes under control

A white shoe storage bench with metal racks, holding five pairs of various shoe types. Featured against a yellow wall and light wood floor. There is a pot plant in the far left, and photo frames leaning on the far right.

Need some help getting organised? Get your shoes under control with Artiss. We're one of Australia's leading furniture brands across a range of marketplaces. Shop our wide range of shoe storage options, from cabinets with ample storage to boxes that stack. Even better, Artiss storage comes in all sorts of materials to suit your existing décor, whether you want a natural wood grain or you’re trying to cultivate a Scandinavian vibe.

Shoes are made for walking, and Artiss pieces were made for easy storage. Shop the Artiss collection today and experience our competitive prices, prompt shipping and friendly, Australia-based customer service.