How to Make A Small Room Look Bigger

A living room with muted green walls. There is a white couch with a wood coffee table holding a rattan vase and grasses to the right, and a glass coffee table in front holding a book and glass vase with leaves inside. There is a windowsill with a pile of white books and a wood grain lamp, and there is a rattan armchair and ottoman in the forefront.

No matter how small or large your home is, space can be a concern. Not having enough space to fit in everything you need to make your home feel inviting can be frustrating. If you attempt to put too many pieces of furniture in a room, it could make your space feel cramped and cluttered. A crowded room can also affect your mood overall, making you feel anxious and stressed. So achieving the right balance is crucial to your well-being and reaching a certain level of motivation. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to knock down walls, get stuck into painting walls, or even know interior design to make a room look homey and inviting. With the right furniture choices and a few creative techniques, such as reconfiguring your rooms, using space-saving, multifunctional furniture and choosing folding furniture pieces, you can give your small room depth and make the proportions feel bigger. If you're wondering how to make a small room look bigger, a little effort goes a long way.

If creating the feeling of space is high on your priority list, here’s a list of small room ideas offered by the design experts at Artiss to help you create the optimum effect and make your small room look bigger.

  1. Use double-duty furniture

A close up of an Artiss grey fabric storage ottoman with a yellow pillow.

Make the most of a small space with multi functional furniture. It’s a solution for when you need more space in your home as you can use double-duty furniture in more than one way. Investing in this type of furniture can also help reduce clutter and free up space, whether it's in an entry way, bedroom, or even at the edge of a dining area. A great example is Artiss storage ottomans and benches. You can use these multi-purpose furniture pieces as footstools, extra seats, or storage furniture. 

  1. Get a sofa bed to create more space

A lounge room with pale blue walls, featuring an Artiss 3-seater Sofa Bed. The sofa bed has PU leather exterior and rich wooden legs. There is a wood coffee table in front holding tea, and a brown pillow on the floor. The sofa is on top of a dark and light grey rug.

A sofa bed is a clever, space-saving piece of furniture for your living room, spare bedroom or study. Unlike traditional couches, sofa beds are great for a small living room or a tiny space, giving you the luxury of relaxed lounging and catering to your needs.

Artiss sofa beds go a long way, when it comes to comfort and design, making a perfect solution when guests come to stay. With a multifunctional sofa bed, you don’t need to have an extra guest bedroom. Choose sofa beds in dark colors if you frequently have guests coming to stay as this will be easier to maintain, especially in living rooms. For extra comfort, you can also add a mattress topper over your sofa bed when required. 

  1. Choose foldable furniture in a small room

A white room with a white and wood dresser holding various household objects. In the middle of the photo is a fully made Artiss foldable bedframe, set up in front of a bay window.

Foldable furniture works best in small spaces. Rather than chunky, heavy furniture pieces making your home look cluttered and dark, investing in good quality foldable furniture can transform your space visually.

When choosing furniture for a small space, if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional bed, Artiss Duoclev sofa bed is a great solution. Available in single, double, queen and king sizes, it’s the epitome of flexibility and functionality, suitable for most rooms in your home. 

  1. Use clothes racks and stands 

A photo of an Artiss white metal and wood grain clothes rack, stocked with various clothes, a handbag, a pot plant and some towels. The walls are grey and there is an open section to the left showing some tall outdoor plants.

Another space-efficient storage solution is to keep your garments organised and easily accessible. Ditch your tall, chunky wardrobes and bring home portable clothes racks and stands. Artiss clothes racks are available in different styles and materials.

Depending on the style of your small space, pick from eco-friendly bamboo frames, or sturdy metal frame racks and stands with exposed legs. The choice is yours. They have ample storage space with an optimum weight holding capacity, 360-degree rotatable castor wheels for easy movement, and an anti-slip design to prevent hangers from slipping off the hanging bar. 

  1. Add shelving and work with natural light

A grey wall featuring a set of industrial style pipe shelves from Artiss. The shelves are holding a small hexagonal frame with a pot plant and a black vase. There are some books below and a houseplant in the foreground.

It’s no surprise that wall racks and shelves save floor space and turn an empty wall into usable space. This directs the eye upward, creating an optical illusion of more floor space. It can also help enhance the overall appearance of the entire room. You could use this additional space to show off your interests and hobbies, fixing the shelving to walls in such a way with things neatly arranged and your trinkets capturing natural light.

It's important to keep to the same color palette when styling shelving so your floors and walls are in keeping. When styled correctly, wall shelves can also be a great accompaniment to hanging mirrors and artwork, especially in the dining room where guests come to gather. At Artiss, you can find a wide range of wall shelves perfect for small rooms, right from pipe shelves to floating shelves.

  1. Optimise your small space with smart storage

A room with cream coloured walls and two differently styled chests of drawers: an Artiss 6 drawer handless tallboy with the drawers open, and a 6 drawer white chest of drawers with a pot plant on top. On the windowsill is a glass vase holding decorative grasses and a ceramic table lamp.

No one likes to live in a cluttered space with too much stuff. Whether you’re starved for space or looking to hide away visual clutter, a chest of drawers is a go-to solution to keep your home tidy, organised and serene.

Artiss chests of drawers are an incredible addition to any home, boasting the right mix of aesthetics and function, so you don’t have to sacrifice your style or precious space to get a piece that works for you. Coming in lighter colors, such as white and oak, they also blend harmoniously with most interior styles.

You don’t need to be a master home designer when working out how to make a small room look bigger or make any room brighter. These easy tips and tricks can make a small space feel more comfortable and create the optical illusion of space instantly.

If you're looking to buy beautiful, practical and versatile furniture pieces for your small space, Artiss has got you covered. Whether it’s a multifunctional sofa bed that you’re after or a portable clothing rack, we provide a wide range of furniture for your small space and any other corner of your home. Our furniture is specially designed for modern Australian homes using quality materials for long-lasting use.