How to Set Up a WFH Space

Working from home? Staying focused is no easy feat. Since you'll be spending most of your time there, you should try to make it comfortable. You’re more likely to be productive when you have a dedicated, work-friendly workspace. 

We’ve listed some tips below to keep you zoned in and productive. 

Find a productive spot

Having a separate room for working is essential. It allows you to be more productive and stay motivated. If you don’t have a spare room, create physical barriers with free-standing room dividers. It will help you create a separate workstation. Ensure your workspace limits disturbances and offers enough light and space to work comfortably. Always keep your entertainment devices, including video games and television, in another room to prevent you from getting distracted. 

Opt for a standing desk

Say hello to increased productivity and beat inactivity with a sit and stand desk. It's a better way to go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. Sit and stand desks allow you to take physical breaks from sitting all day without having to look away from the tasks at hand. You can make height adjustments to match your preferences. Additionally, standing desks make you feel more energised, comfortable, and productive throughout the day. 

Pick a comfy office chair

The average Australian spends approximately 40 hours per week and 2,080 hours a year sitting on an office chair. So it's crucial to invest in a good office chair. The better the chair, the better the chance of preventing fatigue and improving productivity. Apart from regular office chairs, you can also find massage office chairs at Artiss for added comfort. 

Use a second monitor

Creating a workstation that mimics your office is essential to maintaining high levels of productivity and focus. Using a second monitor boosts efficiency. Imagine having your email inbox open on one screen while you’re working on other significant tasks on another screen. It offers an optimum level of convenience and helps to stay concentrated. Additionally, you could immediately know if something important comes up in your email. You can also install monitor arms for maximum comfort and convenience. 

Add houseplants

Decorating your workspace with plants and other unique decorative objects creates a pleasant work atmosphere that can positively affect your mood and keep you more productive throughout the day. Whether you include large houseplants, succulents, or even fake plants, it can help reduce stress, add a dash of colour, and make your workspace feel more inviting. If you're a new plant parent, just make sure you pick plants that are easy to maintain and care for. 

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