Open racks vs closets

Choosing an outfit for the week is a struggle, even for the most fashion-forward of us. So many outfits with so little time! It’s no wonder that people have begun opting for open storage.

You may have seen this first on Instagram, but the trend of open wardrobes has been a staple of tiny houses for many years. Clothes racks are no longer just for theatre dressing rooms or temporary stores. They are also a viable and stylish option for people living in small spaces, needing more storage, or committing to minimalism. Thanks to Instagram, they are also making their mark as integrated décor, turning your boring storage unit into a piece of art.

So, what are the benefits of using an open wardrobe or clothes rack over your traditional unit?

  • It frees up space.

Maybe you’ve been using an already installed closet or a closed wardrobe. Either way, you now have more room to put other items you might need to hideaway. Move it to another room, convert it to a display cabinet, or completely remove it; the choice is yours. You can use a closed wardrobe to store linens, spare mattresses, or just a place for things you need but not immediately, like clothes for the opposing season, sentimental keepsakes, certain appliances, etc.

  • It helps with pre-planning your outfits.

Quickly and easily being able to access your wardrobe helps you to pre-plan any outfit you may need for the week. Depending on the layout of your rack, you can also organise your clothes and pair them with shoes, accessories, or undergarments for easy access.

  • You can always see your clothes.

Never forget which outfits you own ever again. You have immediate access to everything, and you can immediately see when something is missing, clashing, or perfect for a night out. It also makes it a lot easier to know when you need to do the laundry.

  • It helps with making more conscientious fashion choices.

Out of sight is out of mind, and out of mind means you’re more likely to either double up on clothes you already have or hold onto clothes you’ve long outgrown. Since clothing racks are often smaller than a wardrobe, they also encourage you to really think about what clothes you can fit and embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

  • Your clothes will thank you.

Clothing racks generally rely on the hanging area for the bulk of your clothes. There are so many reasons these are good for your clothes. The air circulation outside a closet will prevent your clothes from growing mould, developing that ‘old wood mothball’ smell, or getting damaged from insects. You may have to wipe down the racks more often due to the accumulated dust, but if you use each of the outfits regularly, it will be much less of an issue than you think. Hanging will also prevent static cling and wrinkles, so less ironing for you!

If you’re reconsidering your wardrobe choices, consider purchasing an Artiss clothes storage rack. We have clothes racks to suit every need and décor and are available in several sizes to suit your storage needs. Their versatility makes them perfect for any room, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, hallways, kitchen, or office.

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