6 Tips for Creating Kid Friendly Spaces in Your Home

Choosing new furniture and decor for your home is hard enough when you’re living on your own. When you have children in the mix, finding furniture that matches your aesthetic and is safe and practical for your children can be challenging. It’s not just about furniture – it’s about your child’s development, their growing needs, and their blooming desire for independence. Creating a child-friendly environment that is practical, beloved, and above all safe, is a top priority.

Children love to explore the home, so it's important that you choose furniture that is safe for growing minds and bodies.

Artiss has an extensive range of pieces for every stage of your life. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to create kid-friendly spaces in your home.

How to make your home child friendly

It’s no secret that kids can be rough on your home, especially when they are toddlers. This is a normal part of development - young children are still learning and exploring the world around them, so they don’t always understand why jumping on the couch or drawing on the dining chairs is bad. They may play rough with their belongings, and yours. Not to mention all the licking, biting, crawling and climbing they will do all over the house. For a kid-friendly space, you need furniture made from kid-friendly materials that are not just non-toxic, but durable and long-lasting.

Kid's furniture should be non-toxic, durable and long-lasting. Avoid pieces with sharp corners, slippery surfaces and flaking paint.

If you're looking to make your home child friendly, sharp corners, slippery surfaces, and cheap flaky paints are a no-go in any family space. You’ll want to avoid pieces with dangling parts, buttons, knobs that may come loose, or other hazards that pose safety challenges. You should also consider buying furniture that come with a solid frame, especially when it comes to beds or couches for any family room. When it comes to paint for those DIY projects, many hardware stores, like Bunnings, sell kid friendly paint. This way, you'll be able to know your DIY projects are not only stylish for your living spaces but child friendly as well.

You can buy kid-friendly paint to finish your DIY projects.

Make it easy on yourself by buying furniture with easy-to-clean finishes and upholstery. Wood is an easy choice, as it can usually be restored if scratched, and it can have a variety of colours and finishes. This Rock wood bedframe from Artiss features a solid pine wood frame with a strong, durable plywood slated base, reinforced by angled brackets and other heavy-duty fixings for long-term support. It also features non-toxic, eco-friendly SGS-tested paint for a smooth, easy-to-maintain finish, while your kids will love the fun house shape. You don’t have to go with solid wood either - particleboard is an affordable alternative with finishes that are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

The Rock wood bedframe from Artiss, with it's house-shaped frame, is a fun addition to your kid's bedroom.

Plastic is another affordable option that is also lightweight and convenient. Plastic stands up to rough handling and often comes in more creative designs and vibrant colours. Plenty of plastic furniture is easily stackable, so you can put it away at a moment’s notice. Compared to other materials, it is fairly low maintenance. This mushroom coffee table is a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing piece that is practical for children. It is lightweight, features smooth rounded edges, and has a tall lip that can contain any spills. Pair with the Artiss cupcake stool and you have a creative art station that kids and parents alike will love.

The Artiss Mushroom table comes in several soft colours and has a no-spill lip that is perfect for kids.

As far as fabric goes, you want a soft, plush fabric that is stain, mould and dust-mite resistant, easy to wash, and definitely not white! Microfibre and polyester are good synthetic options, while cotton, linen and bamboo are the ideal natural fibres. Some experts even recommend using leather - although it comes with a high price tag, it is incredibly durable and will withstand a wide variety of stains.

A lounge room rug will not only protect your floors, but protect little feet as they run and play.

Finally, don’t forget to keep messes in mind. A pure white shaggy carpet looks beautiful on paper, but imagine how it will look after a long day running around in the mud, or after the first time (because there will be many!) they drop a glass of pink lemonade on it. Accidents happen even if your child is a perfect angel when it comes to being clean. Choose pieces for your living spaces that are explicitly mess resistant, easy to clean and colourful enough to cover daily stains.

Cover it up from younger kids

It’s natural to want to protect your new furniture. Regardless of what materials you chose, you may want to consider getting a furniture cover. You can get covers for everything from sofas to dining chairs. For the dining table, bring back the tablecloth - start with a plastic cloth on the bottom and a colourful, washable fabric one on top. 

An Artiss couch cover is the perfect solution to protect your couch from dirt, dust, stains and even your pets.

Additionally, we encourage you to buy sofa's or beds with lift up storage. Not only are you adding savvy storage solutions, but it will also add extra piece of mind when you're wanting to hide away belongings from prying hands. Check out some of our gas lift beds for some extra space in your kids rooms.

We also encourage you to embrace child-friendly rugs. Not only do they protect your floorboards, but they also provide a soft surface for your kids to run and play on. Use rugs with non-slip bases for added safety.

Artiss rugs feature a non-slip base to keep your rug in place even when your kids won't stand still.

Secure your furniture from young kids

Where you see a stylish bookshelf or bar stool, your curious child sees a ladder to reach their favourite toys and snacks. According to statistics from the Royal Children’s Hospital, two children die per year from toppling furniture and televisions, with more than half of these deaths involving children under 4 years old. Make sure all your bookshelves, chests of drawers and shelves are properly secured to a wall or otherwise secured with locks or barriers that prevent them from climbing.

Always secure your furniture to the wall where applicable to prevent accidents.

Other solutions include mounting your shelving and furniture high and out of the way. You can mount your television to the wall and use open shelving installed up high to show off your favourite decor without risk.

If your kids love reaching for door and cupboard handles, you can choose minimalist pieces that are handleless or push-to-open, or even replace your existing handles with a little DIY.

Multifunctional furniture for a family friendly space

Your kid’s needs are always changing, so they should have furniture that reflects that. The best furniture is the kind that can grow with your kid, whether aesthetically (like pieces that are unisex and appeal to both adults and children) or functionally (like adjustable shelves, desks and chairs). Choose pieces that are versatile, multifunctional, and can be easily reconfigured as needed. Think trundle beds, loft beds that you can place a desk or a sofa underneath, modular pieces, pieces with hidden storage, and anything that can be easily folded or stacked away.

An Artiss trundle bed is an elegant solution that saves space and gives you an extra bed for those last-minute sleepovers.

Don’t be too sentimental

It can be very tempting to keep everything your child has touched - every painting, childhood toy and blanket has special memories attached. But we can’t keep everything! Studies have shown that decluttering has a positive effect on your mental health, and the same goes for your children. It also has an effect on air quality, as clutter around the house is the perfect place for dust and other contaminants to gather and multiply. While it can seem like a monumental task, it can be easy to get children involved with cleaning and decluttering.

Getting your kids involved with the decluttering process can help them learn the importance of tidying up.


Make cleaning fun by making a game out of the process or playing music.

Rotate toys by putting unused or seasonal toys away and swapping them out every few weeks.

Regularly donate unused toys. To prevent tantrums, you can implement a “one toy in, one toy out” rule - for every new toy they get, they can choose to donate one they don’t play with anymore.

Create a routine. Children thrive on routine and habits. Set aside specific days and times for cleaning and putting away toys, clothes or books.

Involve your kids

Choosing a theme with your child and asking what they need can help them get excited for their new room.

Ask your children about what furniture they want. Get them involved in the process, from choosing the furniture to opening the package at home. If you're looking to add some kid friendly décor to your stylish space then make sure to ask your kids. Choose a theme with them that get's them excited. It could be as simple as a soft blanket, some toy baskets for the fun things and colourful area rugs. Show them interior magazines so they can point out things they like. Ask them what they need – do they want more space for toys, a bigger bookcase, or something with enough space to play with their friends? Take them shopping with you, let them try out any demonstration models, and make the process fun! The more excited they are about their new room, the better the transition will be and the more likely they are to use, and take care of, what they have. Don’t forget – it’s their space too!

Artiss cupcake stools don't only look good, but they are multifunctional - use as a seat or as storage.


At Artiss, we have a wide range of furniture to suit everyone, from singles to new families. If you’re looking for great kids' furniture that will stand the test of time, we have what you need. Our Mesh Door Lockers will store anything from diapers all the way up to electronic devices, and their timeless design will never look out of place. Our Cupcake Stools can be used as both a chair or a storage bin with a single flip, and they look adorable to boot. Our Mushroom Coffee Tables have rounded edges and a concave lip that not only look great but are super practical. All of our products are made from durable, non-toxic materials that are made to last. Best of all, you’ll experience prompt and supportive customer service from purchase to delivery.

Sit back and relax knowing your Artiss products are safe for children and adults alike.